MARIO TOY SURPRISE - Samurai Buyer Unboxing

Birt 26 feb 2017
In this video I unbox a package sent my the asian man. He continues to baffle me. This time we got so many unfortunate items. Horray!
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  • did anyone notice the Nazi band on the cat's arm??

  • 2:27 Idk who that is, but that's definitely not Chairman Mao xD

  • The kitty piggy bank has a nazi armband 🤣

  • I only just notest that the cat coin thing is hitler.

  • Til this day there are still remenants of the hair cake in his mouth

  • Ian you have a five head

  • At 3:39 when Ian is showing the cat, it has a nazi band on its arm!!!

  • anyone else miss Mr. massageme? I miss these...

  • The cat has a natzi symbol on its hand

  • 2:05

  • Just not gonna talk about how the cat bank had a svatztika on its wrist 😂

  • Mr miogukidio was scared

  • 3:38 nazi cat wants your money

  • 1:55 Ian be like 👁👄👁

  • 3:39 the cat has a swastka

  • Uhh its Ronald Reagan.....

  • Did anyone see the cats natzi sign

  • mogu shan warden

  • 3:35 did you put a Nazi band on the cat?

  • That is Shinzo Abe on your mask

  • We gonna ignore the cat bank the cat had a swastika band on his hand

  • '

  • Uh did anybody else see the swastika

  • 3:36 are we going to ignore the swatztaca on his wrist iam retarded so i dont know how to spell it

  • At first I thought the Hillary mask was an ET mask 😂

  • 3:05 I believe that’s called a bonzai bill

  • i like the fact that the cat has a nazi logo on its arm

  • Did anyone notice the swactica on the cat

  • Anybody else notice the first kitty bank was cat Hitler

  • What if misaki was pulling the biggest meme on i-dubbz

    • What if though

  • Why does the cat coin box thing have a swastica I don't know how to spell the word though

  • Lol wtf

  • So racist

  • Why this series ended?

    • @Yankovah oh

    • Miasaki is not a good person, I couldn't type it all out but the most I will tell is that he is not asian and he is faking everything and is rude to his employees and rips off his costumers

  • Mr. Mesothelioma seems like a nice guy.

  • 3:39 the cat is a nazi

  • 3:40 THE CAT IS A NAZI

  • It took me three years to realize the cat had a swastika on his wrist

  • 1:56 he gave snapchat an idea for that face filter lmao


  • When he put that Hillary mask on I thought he was Casey neistat

  • 1:54 ah. aaah. ah aAaah

  • Pewdiepie did nothing wrong

  • why the fuck is he playing the mr resetti song during the montage at the beginning

    • oka bruh i’m not mad its just funny why r u so pressed

    • Why are you so mad at the fact that he’s playing the resetti theme is the question we should be asking

  • Super Mario is something so beautiful he didn't even profaned or broke anything


  • 7:29

  • its 2020 and i just realized that the cat at 3:39 has a swastika wristband that is actually hilarious

  • 3 years later and just realized the nazi cat

  • The cat in the box is a nazi

  • hey, that 'stache pokemon looks pretty good!

  • These videos are priceless😂

  • Haha pikachu

  • Why does the cat have a nazi armband

  • Bring back samurai buyer Ian, I'll send you feet pics 😔

  • 3:37 was the nazi band always there?

  • the animal crossing music ily edup

  • I feel like Ian just made up misaki as one of his clever jokes

  • 3:39 the cat is wearing a swatstica

  • The cat is u nutsz

  • Oh lord the cat has the armband and the mustache

  • Does he realise that the cat penny box has a swastika arm band

  • 3:39 ummm....

  • What's up guys Mr. Menstrual cycle here

  • Casually has jungle set cards chilling in the back 1:20

  • You make me so happy when I’m going through a hard time.

  • mogushan vaults bad raid

  • 3:38 uh kitty whats on your arm

  • 3:36 EXCUSE ME. I saw that little nazi band

  • Anyone else see the nazi arm band on the cat bank at 3:39

  • Natzi kat lit

  • Penis Jackson

  • 3:35 CAT HITLER

  • It’s a fucking nazi cat

  • The cat had a swastika on it. Great now cats are becoming nazis.

  • Bro the cat coin thing has a nazi symbol on it.😂 Can't believe I've watched this vid like 5 times and never noticed that

  • Remember that super Mario show it was fuckin amazing and after that they have a legend of Zelda show after me and my sister watched all of it twice

  • The cats wrist at 3:40

  • misaki is my personal hero.

  • Did the cat have a swastika on its arm?

  • Fucking hitler cat 3:38

  • stud XD

  • Did that cat had a nazi flag sign on it 😂😂 look at 3:36

  • The cat in the box is fucking Hitler 😂

  • This bit him in the ass. 1:27

  • Why did The cat have a swat sticker on its arm ???? 7:30

  • Did he actually have a gastro-intestinal deisease?

  • That cat has a fucking Swastika on it!

  • The cat had a fucking swatstika sign on his hand

  • pokemon go to the polls

  • I’m praying

  • go to 3:39 the cat has a Nazi band on

  • 1:52 TO 2:05 IS SO FUNNY HAHA

  • I'm cuck

  • 5:13

  • 5:22

  • 2:09

  • mogushan warden

  • 3:39 What’s on the cats wrist lmao

  • 3:37 did you guys see the cats Gucci band