Birt 23 des 2015
LET ME KNOW WHO I SHOULD BUST NEXT. There are a lot of obvious targets out there, but I don't want to be an obvious boy. ya feel me? Thanks for watching! BROOOFEEEISTTT
SnackDubbbz Food Review:
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Content cop is a satirical series that has memes and jokes. I'm like 75% serious most of the time. I'm just trying to clean up the streets.


  • The only good food reviewer is the guy that represents taco bell dorito shell taco

  • I would pay to see snack dubz

  • Rip content cop

  • "Have you seen chef" - still waiting for league of filth to reunite.

  • Imagine the people who heard the screams when from the picklestar sewer

  • I wont comment anymore but I do watch every content cop every day but I gotta say I do need another one another one another one

  • nerdecrafter joe messi

  • 7:55 just got me out of nowhere.... Still laughing

  • going 30 fps in a 60 2:49

  • C snacks looks like a broke jamie Foxx

  • The only good food reviewer is THEFOODREVIEWER

  • 1:05 mans ankles broken

  • That’s so wholesome seeing IDubbz give those milks away.

  • 7:02 had me fucking kickin' and shit

  • That is the most wholesome thing idubbbz has ever done

  • 05:22 👍

  • "His porn music, not mine" -idubbbz 2015

  • First time viewer and by the way other creators go on about your content cop, i was thinking they were going to more cut throat and come off as career enders, this is more like “content advisor”

  • the image of idubbbz slurping canned peaches half-naked in a sewer has scarred me for life

  • "Have you seen chef?" Im fucking dead thats a cold ones joke

  • I mean my grandpa and great great grandoa died while having cancer. But neither of em died to cancer. One to drug use. And the other at the age of 81. Nagural causes apperently.

  • 5:33 imagine going into the sewers to just chill and do some graffiti and just hearing this

  • Notice how Reviewbrah isn’t in this video.

  • 7:09 imagine being an official police officer searching the nearby sewers and coming across a real goblin

  • iDubbbz orders Travy patty???!!!

  • Notice how he didn’t touch The Report of the Week

  • sounds like a dude that would make a documentary about a fat dude who likes star wars

  • 5:31 *You're going to Brazil*

  • Why does content cop keep me content?

  • Another one

  • bilk

  • 7:00 I can’t

  • damn dubz was gettin thic 5 years back damn this shit hell fucked up man

  • “You boys want some milk”!!!

  • I vote Content Cop returns for Onisian

  • killing my entire family? lets peep this out

  • Can I get the cactus jack

  • 1:32

  • Dank Rishu ki copy

  • 2020 corvette

  • missin 2016 rn ngl

    • Everything was much better then. Admittedly we gave 2016 too much shit.

  • S&M Peaches... Can says S&W

  • I never saluted so hard in my god damn life. You did a good thing idubbbz

  • Travis Scott raped me Sicko mode earrape

  • luisfonsi zawarudo moonlight ketodiet

  • This is so good

  • Idubbbz getting dragged down the sewers just hits the funny bone everytime

  • was filthy frank the camera guy at mcdonalds? Ian said frank give these kids milk.

  • The good old days

  • How ya doin mate

  • 4:45 after 5 years of watching the same video i just realised that someone sat in the back of the car.

  • I lost it at the camera zooming out on him talking in his car lmfao

  • Happy that he never mentioned my boy reviewbrah

  • 5:32 idubbbz was taken to Brazil

  • The one man who doesn’t get cancelled for saying slurs lol

  • You know yo boi dont fuck with no pickles

  • Wait till he discovers mukbang

  • 3:51 he seriously just trolled irl

    • ?

  • 7:09

  • It took me 4 years to realize that him talking about jinx saying cancer a lot is a joke

  • 5:31 Top 10 photos taken before disaster

  • Snack dubbbz sounds cool

  • Who is the Asian ISchats guy that eats on the beach?

  • Mc gang bang? Whats a gang bang?

  • fucking iDubbz just gave a bunch of random kids milk

  • Here after dank rishu

  • 7:52

  • 5:33 Yea i can just imagine bunch of douche teenagers, exploring the sewer and then piss their pants as they run outside when they hear that scream

    • I think I'd freak out and laugh at once

  • Lol who's watching this in 2020

  • What's up comrades it's Bill Nye the Russian spy coming out you with a communist food review Our food from all the hard equal labor You know I don't do no middle or top bun on my big Mac You know I don't do no pickles or big Mac sauce on it Now, we dine on our food Yvbgtrghcgyuthf6fg75 Over all I give the communist big Mac a 4/5 stinky butt holes I hated it, it gave me cancer and aids, don't eat this disgusting crap

  • Idubbz doing his part to help the community 1 milk bottle at a time

  • 6:56-7:15

  • *Another one!*

  • Can you imagine being a 10-12 year old and Idubbbz calls you over and gives you milk?

  • another one

  • Simp

  • You bite the peach the peach bites back literally the entire premise of cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2

  • ... did you shave youre head bald and pretend to have cancer for the hair cake vid tho? not saying it wasnt funny but :P

  • I love how we're memeing on Ian giving some random kids milk, but it was super wholesome

  • Dude u joke about whatwver the fuck u want i feel like u should just like chill

  • OOOOO you bite the peach the peach bites back *fuckin drowns in peaches+

  • Man... Getting close to 5 years.

  • I dubs should collab with danny mullen lol

  • that part when you get draged and just scream in total darckens is sooooo funny

  • You kids want some milk?

  • I miss these days

  • Remember kids if a strange man is offering you free milk take it cause its probably Idubbbz

  • How the mighty have fallen

  • Pls continue the legit food reviews

  • I never seen a kid so excited to receive milk before

  • he forgot hair cake whe he sais every time "i have cancer" :|

  • if the kids in the beginning are around 13 they would be 18 today

  • how tf dose he not have hepatitis c

  • You need a lint roller for your clothes and a duster for your desktop.

  • You forgot Review Brah

  • Joeysworldtour is the worst out of all of them

  • 7:05 omg could not stop laughing

  • Plz don’t diss KBD he’s my dad

  • Man time flies. Feels like it was uploaded only a year ago