I Tried Starting A Roadkill Removal Business (What Happened)

Birt 2 maí 2020
Thanks to my friends, @maxmoefoePokemon @I did a thing @Boyinaband @William Osman for helping me start this Roadkill Removal Business.
I'm truly sorry for not paying you. Once we run the ads, maybe some money will start coming in..I hope...
Thanks to the bunnings employees and the baby bunting employees for being very cool people.

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  • And to think in a global pandemic Ian only got the flu

  • U reckon he had COVID?

  • Ian's face when max laughs is priceless

  • Alternative title: 3 year olds go to a big boy shop

  • I wont do anymore comments or even screenshot this wholesome stuff but Dave vented halfway through the video

  • That tool is for drilling holes in the ground, you might use it to put new plants in, or a pole.

  • I like how a guy who crawled through a sewer in search of pickles is wearing protective gear when picking up roadkill

  • Idubbbz hates hypebeasts but max is wearing yeezys

  • max misses the old days

  • Literally Ian: Eats moldy strawberry from trashcan, hair cake, vomit cake and human cake. pickles from sewers, and pigs feet from the soil. gets sick from going to Australia.

  • It’s funny because where my grandparents live where there actually is a roadkill clean up place. They take them and does somthing weird with them idk

  • There’s a teacher out there that presents this “informational” video to students. Cool teacher.

  • If you really wanna pick up dead animals, come to the rural US. The drive to my grandma's house looks like someone was hunting deer and possums with their car

  • Bunny: here i am! Car: here i am...

  • No goddamn way, I live in Geelong, only a dozen kilometres away from Melbourne! **click** 𝓷 𝓸 𝓲 𝓬 𝓮

  • I can’t believe Idubbbz became a simp. I lost all hope in humanity.

  • That FF7 edit on max had me rolling

  • All you need to do is go to Minnesota and there’s about 20 raccoons and deer on the side of the road every mile

  • sim

  • Hi☠️😵

  • This is quite a crew

  • It’s weird how you can see them all slowly getting sick until the end

  • Say hello to your bull for me icuckkk

  • Ill invest

  • if this video doesnt get 1mil likes mannnnn ima go kill some animals and burn down vaca ville

  • why th efuck is max so femine in the intro

  • Imagine if the animals were paralyzed and not dead

  • this video didn’t go well, it farted out so badly ian got shit disease

  • dude max REALLY sits like hes ian's wife

  • Is this hotline Miami 3?

  • SIMP

  • Be careful on armadillos because they could give you leprosy.

  • Dude max is fucking wide.

  • this was in may, He actually came to my city, I hate how I didn't realise this till now ;(

  • Hey I think I saw that red hair guys rap video about how the education system failed us all. That makes perfect sense you’d guys be friends! 💕

  • I wish Ian was cold ones

  • Max literally looks like Patrick Stump here

  • I'm happy I did a thing is there

  • australians: spends everyday in australia and doesnt die ian after spending 1 day in australia: Gets heat stroke, threatened with organ failure, gets the flu.

  • If you made a video with Max to make me forget your girlfriend had an OnlyFans it worked.

  • Why does the bunny speak English instead of Australian?

  • Krispy Koala Kleanup? That doesn't sound right, in fact it is completely nonsense. If we were to speak in a scientific way, koalas are composed of the same genetic makeup of any other animal aka DNA and RNA. Both of these are, believe me or not, extremely non-Krispy. Your arguement may be "what the fuck? I thought koalas were closely related to Krispy things such as plants, trees and eucalyptus leaves!". Well, brother, I must say at you are an absolute asshole for not doing two Google searches like I just did now. Ben Shapiro out!

  • Y'all look like fuckin aliens

  • Krispy Koala Kleanup The K.K.K.

  • i believe this is more fucked than anything that these guys have pulled ever

  • Osmon is the most painfully unfunny guy, it's depressing to watch him attempt to be funny.

  • didnt work your gf is still half dead

  • Hey guys, I've got a job for you, if your still in business. My "car" repeatedly hit a "kangaroo" in my basement. I need the body gone asap. You said you burn them, right?

  • wo i am a fan but holy shit dog that is soooo fucked up to just throw the birds body on the floor

  • youtube leave idubz alone

  • fuckin bitch got the bird flu for scooping up a decomposing dead bird, what did he expect to happen

  • It's fucking weird seeing Idubbbz and Maxmoefoe begin calm as shit together.

  • Is no one else gonna take into account that how Ian caught the “flu” when COVID was starting

  • 🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠 And then there was Covid 🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠

  • This the real reason Ian doesn't post as much now. He's making bank cleaning up dead stuff.

  • Damn max is getting fat

  • wait,.. how do you get paid by doing this?

  • we’re not made of money *buys ticket to and from australia*

  • Is that max moe for thing a girl, the hair the socks, the posture

  • Why is Idubba dressed for the winer

  • Thats a very pretty girl with dyed hair

  • Damn, seeing Ian here in Australia is so... *cringey*

  • Nooooooooooo. He's fat, noooo.

  • When did max become so fat like homie workout

  • Max is so fat


  • like all the big ISchatsrs know each other on a personal level, or is it just me?

  • dave is alive yay

  • Ian, I challenge your existence. I'm also called ian irl

  • I have AIDS too mate AIDS music downloader xdddd

  • White suits and their name being KKK... Ian you fucking troll

  • Simp.

  • Man these guys lost their edge. I remember when I was younger id wait in anticipation for Max, Ian, or George to upload a video because I knew some edgy, hilarious, idontgiveafuck type of video to make my day. Then the adpocalypse came, and one day, George quit, and max went to Pokémon. Ian, literally one of the edgiest people on ISchats, got himself a girlfriend that shows coochie for money (the type of shit ian would DESTROY a creator for 2 years ago) and now he cleans up dead animals for money. I mean I get that they're older now, and that stuff isn't acceptable anymore, but it'd be nice to see the 3 of them get together, one last time and make something incredible. For old times sake

  • My boy def had coronaVIRUS

  • Ima show my kids this and tell them this is what our tax money goes to.

  • This was nice just a couple guys chillin and flu high Wanted to see the carcass but now that's inhumane of me...

  • "I cant smell anything, I'm all plugged up" 😳😳😳

  • Your the meme man im gay I have crippling depression fuck you

  • I feel as if this is what started covid

  • Filthy frank would make it 100x better

  • Simp

  • Ian had corona virus 🦠

  • S I M P

  • This just in masks don’t work😂

  • Alternate title: Some guys predict the pandemic and abuse a stuffed rabbit

  • do you guys clean big bodies? preferably humans. asking for a friend.

  • "I have the flu" But was it just the flu? Corona!

  • Is that i did a thing

  • they're wearing white, the Krispy Koala Kleanup = KKK, fuck i miss Idubbbz, that sly shit reminds me of the old days

  • There logo is literlay the basspro logo with a koala instead of a bass lmao

  • : Australian wildfire ian: "i can milk you"


  • Omg I love I did a thing, he is amazing

  • that ad was so much shittier than about every kickstarter crap you reviewed, but edupes, i got 6 animals down where i am.

  • He’s like the opposite of Mr Beast

  • "Animals are dying? Let's make some dosh!"

  • franku...

  • Love the Earthbound music.

  • aaay! it'sa Dave 😔👌

  • i drove by them, i just noticed