STOP DOING THIS - Strange Asian Holes

Birt 24 des 2019
In this video I talk about the strange phenomenon of asian people 'fishing' with mentos, coke, and eggs. They are able to catch catfish, hedgehogs, porcupines, alligators, and turtles out of small holes. It's very cool, but also kinda cronge. stop


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  • OH, i forgot to mention how this works. u could either stuff fish in a small hole where they dont belong...or you could dig a tunnel and have your buddy stuff fish from the other side of the tunnel. P. STRAIGHT FORWARD BROS

    • The title up triggering for me for chinese how DARE YOU CALL IT STRANGE

    • Simp

    • Hey man , mind if i ask you a question , at the end of the video , you made a parody , your friend that helped you do it , is the voice of Morty from Rick and Morty ?

    • "I THINK I'VE BEEN CATFISHED," - the catfish

    • Hmm

  • so i looked it up: idubbz is a weezer fan

  • Before it all went wrong

  • I’m gay

  • My name did not pay taxes

  • 4:42 now that would make for a badass bass drop!

  • i bet they fucking dug 2 holes conected and a guy in the other and threw an animal lol

  • If you were to do this and not Fake it you need to put it near a lake that will flood make a hole in when the water drain the fish will be in the hole

  • That isn’t a chicken XD that’s a guinie foul


  • idubbz where do you live? only cause i wanna punch you out k, bye👋lmao jj

  • It Has to be Diet Coke

  • idubbbz looking like he's the danger

  • All these fishing holes videos prove is that too many people have cell phones and people are easily surprised/duped

  • Everyone is just dealing with the einstellung effect.

  • Ian looks like my uncle in this video

  • 5:05 us the cringiest shit I've ever seen K Y S

  • I hate aesthetic trend, just so stupid.

  • People r fucking retarded how do they see this and “oh yeah it’s sport”

    • The last but where he comes out from that hole Legit made me crack up Lmao 😂😂😂😂😂

  • They said it was a crocodile but they are idiots cause that’s an alligator and you can tell by it’s snout

  • This is animal abuse, who in the living hell would force animals to God damn go through a h0lE, bruh

  • Ahhh yes. A random muddy tunnel in Asia, the natural environment of a guinea chicken.

  • I get iv bin telling peps

  • I thought it was DIET coke too, which makes its even more bs.

  • me: literally 99% won’t see this but if you do, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day My dream is to reach 200 subscribers. Any support is appreciated thank you all.

  • Well in South Africa it floods often but doesn’t destroy houses it’s just like look honey there are a shit ton of mud in the back yard And 2 days later you see 100 dead fish and your friend Timmy floating in water having fun but had to crap him self twice I should know I live in South Africa not in the areas that flood but I saw the floods a lot

  • Ok this guys smart. I looked this up and approximately 10% of all all water type life froms live in strange holes in nowhere. let me explain. By him making a sarcastic video were he can pretned to not know how this works he is suficating all the dumb people with sarcastic knowledge. I’m smart too. Only level 600 IQ brains can understand this content.

  • IDubbbz at 7:05 for me it's not what the fuck it's why the fuck

  • this guys a ducking joke

    • based on my knowledge

  • 2:43

  • Si tienes el dinero para coca y Mentos creo que alcance para un pescado

  • "There's a mentos on my asshole" -iDubz 2019

  • What’s next for this guy. Epic incredible fantastic trick to get parokeet out of mother’s bullet hole

  • Just how fucking funny this is fishing a chicken that lives in a hole

  • terrible fucking content

  • Ita fucking animal abuse

  • 5:05

  • 4:40

  • Strange Asian Holes 🕳 👩🏻

  • why does every animal dig holes

  • 4:44

  • Bruh the turtle one is the most fake cuz turtles DONT stay with their eggs.

  • 🤣 this is that guy who talks mad shit at the bar and then has a fat bigger girlfriend who has to push him and tell him to get out before he gets his ass whooped.

  • I love the anger

  • I don't even know catfishes eat chicken eggs. Like, how is that possible?

  • this is also how to get the imposter out of the vents

  • ur basically the same as the ppl in the comments but just putting it in a video hypocrite

    • This is not the same ... he is giving an opinion while they just say shit they do not know, just like you.

  • Don't do that catfish are cultist fish

  • They just put a catfish in a hole and they put random things and then he took it out

  • My man out here looking like a young Walter white

  • this vid was kinda ass

  • Ian you look like a young Walter white

  • Oh if you wonder what song was playing in the intro was guiles theme

  • Torturing animals for ISchats $$$ | Amazing Technology

  • I just love how genuinely pissed off Ian gets over stupid shit like this

  • adding carbon dioxide to the water would not decrease the level of oxygen, i might sound like a dumbass and i might be wrong but in an aquarium/pond setting you can have high levels of O2 and CO2 at the same time.

  • Simpdubbs

  • He put a fucking fish in a whole

  • animal abuse

  • This guy is smart. I really am not happy with myself and I don’t see a future.

  • 0:01 what my keyboard sees before I destroy it

  • This is how my Daddy caught my Mommy and den they falled in love

  • "Why is every reaction gif a goddamn black person!"

  • Did i just land on another website?

  • Yo dumb ass crocodiles do dig holes certain ones do anyway but most do for egg laying search it up before being a dick lmao jk

    • And chickens dig holes to put dirt on them selves to cool of in warm seasons and also to lay eggs safely if they feel the need

    • But they do dig holes and those fish in those holes r lungfish they dig holes ro survive in dry season in like Africa

  • You look like prof bro. I like it😁

  • southeast asian youtube section is the true retardation of humanity

  • Well...this guy is obviously racist.

  • sO i LoOkEd tHiS uP

  • 4:42 to 4:45 is just.. yessss😂😂😂😭😂

  • Catch a shark with bloodpacks.

  • Poosay

  • Jesse we need to sell the methe

  • 7:59 would make Michael Reeves proud

  • He looks so young but so old

  • my ancestors actually uses this fishing technique. the explanation here is the egg is like food for fish, then mentos and coca cola makes a ton of carbon dioxide making the fish go up to the surface for oxygen

  • You're getting old man! I wish you get your youth back

  • But isn't the whole coke thing have to be used with diet? What's the point of them even using it then? Explain that one Twitter scientists?

  • You need to get off twitter edups

  • This guys smart u see he put headphones on so he could hear the video more closely so he knew the exact moment the fish died

  • Drown the turtle that sounds weird for some reson

  • And this video is the precursor to the abuse of animals how strange

  • 7:04 he made a funny impression of us

  • soil acidity increased by coke soil alkalinity increased by toothpaste..... perfectly balanced

  • Why does Ian look like a whole dad now

  • Me watches videos me see the likes and dislikes I sees 6000 retards

  • how come you look like that?

  • Looks like logic

  • oF cOuRsE iT dO dA tInG tHe HoLe AnD mAkE tHe FiSh Go fffwwrrrp

  • 0:01 Bangladesh fight scene

  • Twitter is filled with stupid people. That is why the only social media i use are youtube and Hentai Haven.

    • @riki. I once read a comment section where they re-enacted “How to Climb a Tree (SFM)”

    • And is the browser internet explorer?

    • @Flower 34 youtube??? Full of dumbasses???!!!? Naaaah you're trippin'

    • Mine is Netflix WEBTOON and hanime also ISchats

    • nah, pornhub comments is the true gathering of intellectuals

  • The way he talks when reading out what the people say makes me so pissed for some reason

  • 2:35 imagine your girl moans this

  • Ian looks like eminem's cousin skittles

  • How they actually did it 1. Dug a hole 2. Filled it up with mud water 3. put a dead fish in it 4. Got mentos and coke from the store 5. Record it and open the mentos and toss the coke in that hole with the dead fish 6. Pulled the fish out 7. **Cringey Asian noise** 8. posted it That’s how they did it Don’t believe stupid thing LIke that.

  • *C R O N G E*

  • It’s not even fucking mentos in the original video it’s mentos fun so their shouldn’t be a reaction with the coke or egg

  • Poured coke doesnť foam nearly as much.

  • The fish are a type of catfish that can walk on land for about 1 hour and live in holes and eat the moss.

  • I googled this, turns out: unga bunga boonga, ooga babooga shashooga bababooey