GOAT MUG - Where are they NOW?

Birt 18 júl 2017
Ya'll remember this bit of junk? Yeah, I know you do. You sent them to me. I appreciate that. We are examine the INS and the OUTS of these puppies. If you read this, type 'get me my coffee, woman!' in the comments. Yeah. You feel me?
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  • Holy shit I found someone else that favorite old town drinks (>;-;)>

  • they allready invented them in africa, they use them for donger covers

  • Anyone catch at 6:21 he spelled boobies upside down and with numbers

  • Oh i love drinks, so if i could i would buy a travel mug with a handbag strap. So i can have water with me at all times.( Without a stupid backpack)

  • Get me my coffee, WOMAN!

  • Micro A more like micro anus

  • Mead and pp

  • get me my coffee, woman!

  • Parajogging

  • I still don't understand how this dumb shit got funded. How do even hipsters find this practical?

  • Region: Asia Class: Soldier,Demoman,Heavy,Engineer,Medic,Sniper,Spy Team leader: Me

  • Who calls their house “my building”

  • how come you look like that?

  • Damn that coffee Horn suit you well grilz

  • Meadhead..

  • Ian seems like a fun person to be around

  • Doctor: s serously

  • I googled the “experimental helicopter number” when this video came out. I’ve only just now realised I was gotten.

  • It isn't even made of something ceramic? Wtf is this

  • my asshole makes the same sound as the coffee machine

  • fuck you.

  • Thats shirt is dope af

  • Cylender fits better in vag, easier to smuggle stuff

  • Boobeis

  • I miss when idubbbz didn't suck

  • My substitute teacher had one of these

  • Fuck you, I googled 5138008 to see that helicopter.

  • 7:08

  • "5138008" damn idubbbz be looking in the future

  • 10:05 "We're going backwards, armed with new technology. Going backwards, to a caveman mentality." - DM, Going Backwards

  • His hair is so fucking greasy

  • Holy shit I just realized this is why that one dude sent a blue crab.

  • 📱⌚️💻🖥📲

  • damn this coffee maker has the same name as my dog and she chases balls and hits walls and ain't making no coffee

  • I really can’t believe this is three years ago

  • 6:22 😄😄 Haven't seen that since high school.

  • Snaw Wee

  • when an aircraft shows up to make sure youve got the right horn to film with

  • when he has hair but no beard and has hair but no no hair

  • This is the only thing you’ve covered I’ve actually wanted

  • Not your uncles diddle stick

  • SIMP

    • holy shit you’re funny as hell, A+ comedy

  • “Wanna know why I have an injured tailbone” *i broke my ass*

  • Only use for those is for a midieval fair costume or sum shit like that

  • Get me my coffee woman!

  • I think it would have been better if it was a rhino horn and it's used to recycle and get rid of them so the poachers cant do the stuff they are

  • Got any ale or mead?

  • 6:20 did anyone notice “5138008” boobies

  • (2:58) Her name is Anya Bowin It would be cool if you learned how to read it :)

  • Get me coffee, woman¡

  • I'd love to be called *Beautiful* by Idubbbz

  • Food grade pp

  • Wait a sec, is the gag of this episode that hes like filming a game show or a TV show, cuz like he starts off with like a "wheel of fortune" like intro, and then finishes by doing the whole, unload baggage to the cameraman schtick.

  • Still not a goat horn. It's a cow horn.

  • stepmom bought me this 7 or so years ago and i loved it. then it got mold in it so i had to throw it away

  • I have an injured tailbone too, going to the doctor tomorrow to see what the fuck is going on with my ass

  • 5138008 I see

  • I dubbz girlfriends boyfriend can use the goat horn on idubbz hiney

  • the numbers he said were on plan is 5138008 and dat speel boobies backward in numbr

  • Get me coffee, woman!

  • Hey! My names Jeffrey!

  • i just watched a full ad bc it's rare to get them on edups's shit

  • May Thor strike you down, for your words of blasphemy!

  • I’m two years late to the party but um google assistant doesn’t have a gender

  • The photo sesh gave me a lot to think about

  • these are the best glasses

  • Your IQ is literally 201

    • @Milbruh nigga he never was against sluts he even included some old ass clip in which he stated that there is the market for it and he accepts it on that idubbbz complains video

    • @Lex_424 he has the most fanboy fanbase second only to keemstar, when he has been all against sluts in the past, he is now all for them and he expects us to instantly like them? Yeah idk Le big *BRUH*

    • @Milbruh bro he simp amirite simp funny xDDDdDD

    • Was*

  • I just found this gem of a channel. Props idubbbz you a funny mug fug


  • The only people who would use this lives in California

  • I know a porno that uses that music

  • 8:32 thats a sweet bug eye (second car related comment oh boy look at me am I cool now?)

  • 8:01 you really have that crackle tune down

  • 7:08 that fucking scream gets me every time

  • who ever was piloting that craft had some massive 5138008

  • How did I know a horn wasn't good for coffee? Because it cant sit and its difficult to make coffe with a coffe maker like this!.

  • Did anyone else spot the original Ds or just me

  • Shoulda got that standing desk sooner

  • Re rah re rah

  • Why the fuck do you drink out of the large end, I figured the whole point would be to drink from the pointed end.

  • get me my coffee, woman!

  • 8:32 Subaru WRX Impreza!

  • 7:08 When you are playing siege and shoot bandit in the toe

  • I bought the GINA, (unfortunately) Biggest waste of money ever. Total garbage hipster shit

  • 8:31 that bugeye wrx thoo

  • It makes me mad that he spelled 5318008 wrong

  • Ian: It's all about the journey to making the coffee Me:

  • 4:45 we burped at the same time lol

  • No other product says “I’m an annoying asshole” like this mug

  • It’s just a Viking mug

  • When it spilled I cried

  • Admittedly im that community college guy

  • 8:40 I saw that subbie vid like 3 yrs ago

  • All in all, great product

  • Can I marry you

  • Simp !!!! Your a simp !!! And watching your videos gave me corona virus 🦠

  • the weird thing is that all these kickstart's scammers "investers" have an eastern accent

  • I was today years old when I learned idubbbz cant spell boobies in leet speak

  • Paté te te te te te pate te te te te te pate

  • I have the same shirt that he’s wearing