Birt 18 jún 2016
thank y o u for w a t c h i n g
Full gummy bottle tutorial:
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Content cop is joke show. lot's of comedy and fun times here. I'm just trying to clean up the streets.



  • You fucking eight the bleach Jell-O

  • 6:08 shit impact


  • 6:10 well my chocolate puddings ruined

  • Education is a fancy word for explotation of the young

  • Da fake pop part though

  • Just imagine seeing them casually walk of set together after fighting and attempting to drown one another

  • I wont comment anymore but I do watch every content cop evrey day but please I need more... to live on like fwuel

  • Welcome back to another idubbbz legiiiiiiiiiit suicide review

  • Pregnant spidermen!

  • Another talent gone too soon. When are people gonna realize erotic affiliation isn't a joke.

  • spider man did not deserve this grim dark fate. poor man is now crying in bed emotionally scared of what he became and I would be too. there is no coming back from were that man has gone.....

  • I love the outro, so accurate

  • I was eating dinner during this. I'm not hungry anymore.

  • The ending made me depressed

  • 5:00

  • Ian got bullid in the intro when he was thrown

  • Something give me joy at the end not because idubbz kills him self

  • 5:05 OOOoooo that is why we watch Idubbz because he has cancer like the Toy channels

  • Looking good bro! Keep up the good work and you’ll be at the top in no time!

  • Mans spun like a beyblade

  • God, can you imagine being in your 30's and eating "fake" shit of a toilet and smearing it all over your face.

  • 3:12 was that lucas

  • The poop is fake , (and gross) but the video is real poop

  • Literally 10 seconds in and there is blood evrywhr , lmao

  • The outros song is pretty epic

  • Idubz: spitting facts ISchats : um I still don’t care

  • Whats This Song? 0:01

  • 4:32

  • 5:41 5:42

  • I thought I would never see idubbbz getting beat to shit with meat

  • This man needs help after hanging himself over youtube videos

  • Imagine a kid accidentally clicked on this

  • The fact that the video cover looks like it is suppose to appeal to kids under 10 years old. Lol, imagine their reaction

  • 4:08 mmm morty

  • Damn Willy wonka changed

  • After watching this: hey I’m gonna subscribe to this simp

  • I swear to god I have been laughing at the intro for the past 10 minutes I can't get past it H E L P

  • im reporting some off dem chanesl

  • 4:32

  • 1:16

  • Ian: fake poop=gross Also Ian: I'm going to eat bleach in a gelatinous form

  • You still have some bleach gummy left over

  • 1:17

  • 1:18

  • You ACTUALLY ate glue and bleach jellified

  • nice

  • 1:38 last of us part 2

  • 7:00 2 girls 1 cup but cursed?

  • Mortys worst project hes ever made without rick

  • E

  • Bastd

  • In the old times I don't care Idubbbz 1:36

  • Man the amount of terrible videos Mr. droopy buds had to watch for this video prob almost killed him. He seems legit angry

  • 4:32 i swore he spit that out when I watched this last time

  • That intro made no sense

  • god i was thiking this was a child vidio

  • 6:53 I cringed so hard to the point when I nearly threw up

  • Toy channels basically ruined youtube

  • If you look up Spider-Man now the first result is a ISchats kids video

  • I'm really glad more and more people realize these "Family Friendly" kids video

  • no u dumb they make good tv show i watch fun

  • anyone questioning how he just dumped some pills into his mouth ngl they do look scrumbdiddlydonches

  • No how to basic

  • Who else almost threw up at the cringe

  • 1:20 men fighting with their meat

  • IK this is late but why did Ian look ripped when he got hit with the ham

  • You found amber green and that is wrought millions

  • what makes me laugh the most is 7:05

  • Anyone else recognize the beach? (It’s Carlsbad)

  • That ending tho lol

  • Idubbbz low key needs to be a world ruler for the soul reason of he is very good at arguing

  • bruh

  • When he was talking about the poo I vomited

  • Why did the bleach jello voice sound kinda like Morty from Rick & Morty

  • that's it I'm going to remove the human race

  • 0:22 idubbz, fuck you for putting that sound, it fuckin hurts my ears

  • But thats two girls one cup tho

  • Is my man ok

  • 7:54

  • Lmao I’ve got the same fishing rod

  • i bet he got domonitised for this video

  • Everybody gangsta till you calculate and realize idubbbz be 53 dawg

  • "Its not real but its still disgusting" Quote - The man who ate hair, ciggarettes, vomit, spit, bleach and spraypaint.

  • new bioshock intro?

  • Lol.

  • Lmfao willy wonka hung himself 😂😂 I laughed way too hard

  • Oh oh oh oh wait okay number

  • Wait a little kids channel the whole time

  • That is realistic blood

  • i just realized this came out on my birthday!

  • Feisty little thang

  • “Pregnant Spider-woman mermaid.” I’ll have what they’re having.

  • the lady with the shit doll has a random black child there just checking it out, i guess.

  • Idubbbz does a really good adt impression

  • Cancer

  • Fyck furries


  • Wait so I never really understood is idubz gay?

  • Imagine one kid comes across the end of the video