Just more trash - Bad Unboxing [Fan Mail]

Birt 24 maí 2016
More trash. I'll be unboxing more trash. Dont send me anymore though. i have enough, plus the po box is out of commission.
Thanks 4 watchin
dick size: who cares
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  • Dog bone

  • 4 years ago. Wow

  • I think it’s a dog bone

  • Hi I Duddz

  • This is just depressing

  • 6:46

  • Stink

  • its a minon at 3:28

  • Why was this age restricted? I would show this to a toddler!

  • it’s crazy how every body just comes back to watch his old videos if only he brought back the bad unboxing videos

  • Its a dino bone

  • Bruh

  • Bruh

  • Bruh

  • it's a tyrannosaurus Rex my guy

  • 0:25 imagine if there was a bunch of $100 bills in one if them.

  • Dogbone

  • Dog bone

  • I've been denied All the best Ultra Sex

  • dog bone

  • Why tf is youtube ok with showing dildos but not fake pussys...

  • fuck

  • dog bone


  • 5:05 nigga predicted covid19

  • 5:34

  • Idubbbz was preparing 4 years ago

  • “You know when you have the shits, every fucking fart that you take is like questionable

  • A PS4 that comes with a dildo! It’s exactly what the PS players need!!!

  • 5:12

  • I reckon it's gonna be an arrow

  • People that skip time in bad un boxing should be executed

  • Nice

  • That hazmat suit would find a whole new purpose in 2020

  • It’s pp

  • I haveosteoporosis

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ian’s cough at the beginning is what started COVID19

  • Some guy in china: 0:33

  • probably a dog bone knowing your show and your modern edgy humor

  • Is the PO box still open?

  • 11:16

  • Everyone: Its an arrow Me: where's the uncensored photo at the end of the video?

  • 1:52 it's a Zatnikitel from Stargate

  • I think its a dog bone

  • Lmao that hulk hogan part

  • dog bone as

  • “These are the words that grant me the kush.”

  • Dog bone

  • 5:26 another “i wanna die” gag, let’s laugh out loud guys

  • Yeet

  • Press the like button on this comment twice.

  • Just re-watching some old stuff... realized that 8" dildo is the same one I got an ex of mine a while ago.. hmm.

  • These are the words that grant me the kuush

  • Did 9/11

  • This man was preparing for cv19 4 years in advance

  • coming back to these to remember the good old days

  • They don't allow those packages because of Mail Bombs, anthrax, Death threats and that sort of thing.

  • it is pp

  • The PS4 one made me have a seizure from laughing

  • K

  • Imagine not getting age restricted for showing dildos on cam... but you get age restricted for playing the 50 cent autobiography

  • 10:10 famous last words...

  • i think it is a dogbone, ps. love u

  • ian after getting brain cancer surgery 8:45

  • 3:30 I don't like that he moaned

  • But your a 26 year old man.. I don’t get that your a 26 year old man like a 26 year old man would not act like this, he would act like a 26 year old man. (funny joke)

  • Reagan and bush reagan and bush. They both put a cucumber in my tush

  • I can only imagine how shitty that room smells

  • Parents: you become what you make fun of Idubbbz: this is cancer 😳

  • COCK

  • Dog bone?

  • If he sold all the crap he received to an adult shop, he'd probably actually make a decent amount of money.

  • Anyone else hear in 2020


  • that shit cost me allot let me tell you.

  • I think it's a dog bone

  • Idubbbz: Homer Simpson Movie Every one in the world: the simpsons Movie

  • its a dog bone i think

  • it's a dog bone *bites*

  • Hes allowed to say the word

  • Still waiting for gay 4 to release

  • he knew the quarantine was coming... the fan did at least

  • Can someone tell me which one he keeps getting wooden cubes in the bags? I've watched these all I swear and cant refind them

  • I think I watch these videos because they're mentally palate cleansing

  • give me the power to grant me the kush.

  • Never mind

  • someone predicted covid-19 outbreak and gifted him a hazmat suit 4 years in advance

  • I am on a goal to memorise every word Ian says verbatim in this series verbatim while I try to get the world record for sleep deprivation

    • @Big Yoshi Somebody robbed me while I was doing it but I was 8 days in so I just screamed and babbled and they just left without saying a word

    • Good luck my guy

  • I‘m Gay

  • im so bored in 2020 that i'm watching this gay boy

  • Simp

  • When he does this again someone is just gonna send him an anthrax letter

    • @Jake Egan if you ever find the video please let me know

    • Pretty sure someone did

  • That outro still gets me

  • Holy cow Idubbbz has predicted corona virus

  • It’s a Minecraft hunger bar

  • Dog bobe

  • 0:00 ahead of his time

  • Another restricted, can i have $10

  • Ree