Puppet Show - Bad Unboxing

Birt 26 júl 2016
Next Week I'm returning with more videos. Be on the lookout for max vids and francis of the filth vids.
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  • I wish he would do more of these, screw you cancel culture!

  • Why is there a booty biscuit in the background

  • Blows his nose in a paper I've done that shit

  • Why are his veins popping out so much

  • 2020-co19 anyone

  • We need you back Ian please

  • Sml

  • the fuck

  • Why is this not dimonotished

  • 2:48

  • Bro fist

  • 4 years ago feels like yesterday. I hope we had more Bad Unboxing videos

  • Watching this 4 years ago was hilarious and cool. But nowadays it’s just depressing and scary

    • it is amusing how your perception of things changes as you grow up

  • Hi

  • Dude I sent the lose stuff and it had shit that you can sell and get $100000000000000

  • 2:52, oh boi oh boi do I love semen-

  • Music at end?

  • The Bible is never a waste.

  • -•••-

  • I may be late but his forearms are fucking built

  • It's nice to watch the good old content, before all the simpery and bitching started.

  • 2020 here. This isn’t Ian. This is the dude playing the dude disguised as another dude

  • Heyy, Göteborgs Rape, that's what I rape.. snus.


  • The Land before simp

  • I got an ad before this video. Wtf

  • For funny videos subscribe to my channel

  • I like when you say I am gay

  • Ha

  • Liposuction is the EA of exercise

  • Ian is just mood

  • 真情像草原广阔 层层风雨不能阻隔 总有云开 日出时候 万丈阳光照亮你我 真情像梅花开遍 冷冷冰雪不能掩没 就在最冷 枝头绽放 看见春天走向你我 雪花飘飘北风啸啸 天地一片苍茫 一剪寒梅 傲立雪中 只为伊人飘香 爱我所爱无怨无悔 此情长留 心间 雪花飘飘北风啸啸 天地一片苍茫 一剪寒梅 傲立雪中 只为伊人飘香 爱我所爱无怨无悔 此情长留 心间 Here is the full Chinese Egg head meme song kids.

  • I thought I was going to hate the puppetry, but I liked it and actually want more. Ian deserves a Dunnie for this video.

  • 2:52 oh boy oh boy do I love semen

  • I love the fact that the puppet is holding a knife like it's about to stab a bitch. The puppet is awesome.

  • I sent u a live mouse in 2015 and u never unboxxed it

    • he might at some point. i bet he is gonna like it

    • 😳

  • S I M P

  • Thought it was cocaine. It was probably anthrax though.

  • We gonna ignore that hate crime?

    • What hate crime?

  • "Boy oh boy do I love semen"

  • goltonborgs rapr

  • The blu pack he got vas snus and its nicati

  • 3:37 Sounds like Link from GMM

  • Stoppa upp i läppen. Nice.

  • I love how badly structured an idubzzz video is!

  • p

  • 2:11 who tf puts smegma on they’re gums?

  • 6:38 I looked away for a second

  • I’m using that fortune cookie as my new wallpaper

  • u dum mo fuk

    • wat de fuk

  • I lost my shit when he took out the puppet

  • I got that Xbox 360 for you my homie

  • Wouldn't mind seeing bad unboxing come back

  • he actually just called it Harry Potter;s Snatch ._.

  • As soon as I saw the thumb nail there wa s no going back

  • Fortune cookie + cat = Fortune Pussy!

  • The good moments of iddubz rip the simps take over sadly

  • The puppet looks like quafean

  • Once a legend now a simp

  • That fake twenty dollar bill aged well

  • Whos the rapper

  • Fuck Idubbz

  • Simp

  • 5:35 when ur mum macke kale in ur lunche

  • dat puppet wiz en mi nitmayre scary. dat pupett aso loked lake it wonted to kil itself

  • Been waitin 3 years for that Book of Eli parody

  • 2:52 hhhmmmm

  • S i m p

    • Ok

    • Romeo Gaming Weeb

    • @Romeo Gaming damn so many 12 year olds with Internet access

    • Kronos, Zeus’s Dad lol you funny man

    • Romeo Gaming Curse you, perry the platypus.

  • Cum Cup

  • I would give anything to see what he has to cut out so that way other people don’t try it

  • fucking bagg of crunchy leaves lets be honesy there where probaply bugs insidr

  • what if that one box he threw in the trash was old coins, worth thousands

  • This nigga opened my package bro

  • make a chontepchop

  • Wow Sesame Street Sure Has Changed

  • Fam, I'll ship you an xbox

  • That puppet has to be something SML would use

  • SIMP

  • You think idubbz ever used the dildos he got in the mail?

  • Lös snus loooll hahahahahah

  • Shmegma?!🤣

  • 4:49 I just could not not laugh 😂😂😂

  • Ettan lööös

  • I love hentai, i'm jewish!

  • Simp

  • Simp

  • s1^^p

  • L.a

  • pre simp

  • Simp

  • 0:56 looks like a fucking pokemon

  • Damn wtf!

  • I miss bad unboxing so much

  • He ended up as a SIMP

  • The sound of the rubber band ball dropping is wet

  • Oh where have the good days go..?

  • Pimp

  • Congrats to the man who got his stacks of fake cash in the RiceGum Distrack!

  • Simp

  • where does he buy his knifes? they are really nice