Birt 19 maí 2016
Let's fill this ass up. Thanks for watching (This is not a 1mil subs video.)
Art by: KokoroDroid

Primitive tattoo:
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  • @0:46 that was a really nice effect

  • 2:01 Was it my phone or is the video like that?😅😂

  • Hey thats pretty good

  • Wtf

  • how come I never saw this video

  • 1:21

  • Can't wait for ISchats to take this one down too. BECAUSE APPARENTLY THEY LIKE TO SUCK THE FUN AND JOY OUT OF ALL OF US, BECAUSE THEY PROBABLY GET OFF ON IT OR SOMETHING. Susan's probably like "man killing fun gets my crusty ass pussy tingling, I like it. I like it a lot

  • 1:20 yep...

  • Just Found this video wish I never did lmao 😂 chad why-

  • 0:04 human evolution

  • There's the pewdiepie tattoo xd

  • The cake videos are all gone, and yet this is okay by ISchats's standards. x-D

  • I wonder how drunk they had to be to make these videos

    • Aussie levels

  • Itachi is just vibin these days


  • hey that pretty mildly adequate

  • 0:45 always fucking makes me cry so tragic.

  • The shit they got Chad to do man..

  • Bruh

  • Those were the days bois.

  • Where can I buy that jet fuel meme shirt 😂

  • Fuck youtube now.

  • 😂😂🤣🤣 legendary

  • why there is other memes youtuber?

  • Max do be offering a log doe

  • It's really fucking hard to find this video goddamn

  • *rare footage of Modern Van Der Lin gang hunting an O'Driscoll in the woods of Blackwater*

    • That damn Colm O’Driscoll

  • 0:46

  • It’s 2020 and this is a million times better than anything sensitive ass ISchats is releasing now

  • It’s so hard to find this

  • Is no one gonna talk about how hot the tattoo girl is??

  • They should make an adding tattoos to chad series.

  • This aged like a fine wine.

  • How did i not know this video existed? I’ve seen all the other shit but I just found this

  • 2:51 it was funny at that time but he has the most subs now

  • The less spoken about horror ft. Tattoo parlours

  • Coincidentally watching this on May 20th...

  • "700,000 subscribers"

  • 1:26 did anyone hear like isis arabic music

  • U can see the burn from trash bros

  • How do u have your face tattooed on a mans ass AND NOT GO ON HIS PODCAST

  • wait? is that joji whaaaattt???

  • Can i have $10

  • Why the tat look more like Stephen Suptic than Idubbbz

  • 0:45 damn that log exploded

  • It’s annoying to know that there was a 3rd video... forever lost in time

  • 1:20 You're welcome

  • The poor person who had to censor this

  • 1:20 Holy shit, dude's actually naked, I thought he's wearing some skin colored tights or something

  • Damn, iDubbbz lost another 10k subs...

  • That log just shattered in to peacie

  • Gets a simp tattooed*

  • 1:20

  • Girls: let's get bff tattos together Boys: 4:36

  • when max got belted by that log and it exploded i felt that

  • Wait.....he was really naked

  • This be kinky doe😳

  • 1:26 idubbbz say allah Akbar

  • the good days

  • 0:43 Chad: Nazi Germany Max: France Ian: USA Frank: Soviet Union

  • 1:40 I'm kinda upset they didn't stick there fingers up his ass

  • 1:20 Hey, That's pretty good.

  • That didn't age well

  • The special afects are next level

  • 1:41( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Me: sees tat Also me: 5:15

  • Wtf

  • Isn't there a Behind The Scenes video of this? I feel like I've seen it but I can't find it.

  • 1:20

  • When we got to the hey it's pretty good remix part and felt like I was on acid we're heavily trunk which was the best feeling ever

  • 5:13 SAY IT

  • This video is shadow banned

  • 5:16 when ur using the urinal next to someone

    • Underrated

  • Why is this age restricted? There is so much other content that's way more fucked up than this here on ISchats. I don't understand.

    • content that's not age restricted

  • i guess ian really was a pain in the ass

  • Big respect to Ian for using cow chop’s clip

  • 5:15 okay how the fuck is frank saying “hey, that’s mildly adequate” not a meme, i’m generally so angry that nobody has made memes about this unless they have and i’m just stupid

  • 1:21

  • max lookin kinda fresh doe

  • Piggy, Ralph, Jack, and Simon.

  • I’m surprised that this has ads

  • 5:15

  • 5:14😂

  • 0:42 looks like a family fleeing from Islamic terrorism

  • Who else didn’t think this vid existed anymore until now lol

  • Chad is built like a bear

  • Pause at 1:19👅

  • 1:20

  • me likey

  • 0:04 here we have a wild Anything4views in his natural habitat

  • 0:42 Max helping Idubbbz it's the sweetest

  • Really sad to watch this video

  • I miss vids like this.

  • Literally bare ass on ISchats

  • I’ll never forget how blueballed I felt when the first time I watched this Ian actually didn’t say the line

  • I feel bad for CHAD

  • Anything4Views is HTB

  • this age of youtube is unbeatable

  • 2019 :c

  • No way this video is still monetized