Naruto-Midoriya-Shipuden Attack!!! - Bad unboxing

Birt 29 sep 2019
Ok, next time I'm gonna have to open a lot more packages, and get more crazy with it. I gotta be just a bit scared of what I might find. My gag-reflex is at an all time high....just sayin'
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  • s i m p

  • Communist manifesto?

  • coming back to these a year later and that mustache really makes him look like hes not allowed within 40 feet of any school

  • Man I love Sceance!!!

  • What do you think I should send him I have a balance of two thousand dollars

  • No bad unboxing for a year..

  • The mask you got is foreshadowing the future

  • Kratom's effects are similar to those of opioids, it binds to the opioid receptors in the brain. You can theoretically use it anyway you want; chew it, smoke it, make a tea and drink it. I am not advising anyone take kratom. Just saying what it does.

  • "the legal name for weed"

  • 4:06

  • Little did idubbbz know that mask would become handy in 2020

  • Is it just me or is he now Ned Flanders

  • Idubbbz is 6’2

  • daym

  • I’m sorry but all the great ones are getting worse, sorry but I ain’t for this SIMP! The only good ones that really remain is Maxmoefoe, Chad and HowToBasic!

  • Cutest mask

  • s i m p owo

  • somebody in china knew all about the pandemic and cared enough about you to sent you a mask in advance 2:12

  • So this is the last ep. of Bad Unboxing

  • We miss you. We miss bad unboxing.

  • Anyone know where I can get that beef queen hoodie

  • Im a shuringun

  • the end

  • Walter white

  • Idubbbz looks like the guy in the liberty mutual commercials

  • Imagine someone robs his house and sees a whole drawer filled with condoms

  • why does the music sound like pokemon

  • Little did he know that in a year he’d be using that face mask

  • the thing is, he never made another.

  • There was penis sparkles @5:50

  • It’s been a year I’ll wait another year

  • Is it just me or does the mustache make him look 45

  • Where is more bad unboxing?

    • Gone. Perhaps the archives are incomplete.

  • roaches can live through anything except the postage system

  • 4:51

  • SoCiEtY sAyS iM aUtIsTiC mY mOmMy SaYs Im PeRfeCt

  • Me:just finding this

  • Weeb godzilla had a stroke reading the title

  • Over 1 year ago-?

  • 1 year bitches

  • Best unboxing background yet

  • happy 1 year anniversary to this atrocity

  • its been a year

  • 7:08 not the 150 but a 150

  • damn im watching this exactly a year later

  • sasusuke

  • Holy shit I was just scrolling through his channel to find his latest unboxing video and here it was. One year ago today. That’s fucking crazy

  • He was ahead of his time with that mask

  • treasure this... its the last of its kind

  • "Naruto sasuka Bakugou." yes my favorite characters from Naruto.

  • 2:13 he was ahead of his time

  • When is he gonna do another bad unboxing.

  • Ah yes, the last unboxing.

  • What great advice

  • Kratom is like legal opioids

  • Make another

  • 2:12 little did he know how he was going to need this in the future

  • He was so funny and then the only fan video and he I not as funny any more

  • Look at the mask now, during the pandemic - KononFugu 2020

  • Dude that mask near the beginning must help a lot right now

  • i see lots of cap in this video

  • This was posted on my birthday last year and I didn’t even realize.

  • sa-SU-sa-kE

  • 2:11 it is now a legal requirement to be an anime queen in public

  • Omg the dude got free kratom in the mail he’s so lucky

  • that mask definitely came in handy later

  • Ian has discord open in the background lol

  • Bad unboxing has really went down hill

  • Whats the intro song?

  • I maybe be dunks as dfuck. But I don’t remember hits eoisome

  • When he was breaking the phone zapper and he zapped himself that was gold

  • Opens package finds dead body wow thx guys

  • Bro i feel bad for

  • Idubbz be like 1000 Yens = 10$

  • 2:11 That aged well

  • He’s the only person I allow to make fun of anime

  • I doopy

  • Who have him the mask before this even happended... Somebody knows something

  • 2:13 little did he know

  • Ian is wearing a mask in this video I wonder if he will wear it now

  • Idubbz won’t make another one

  • 2:11 whoever sent that was ahead of their time

  • looks like he's sitting in some cave or basement in Afghanistan

  • 5:44 eDups bj tutorial

  • I want bad unboxing back

  • Took me a lot of time but the song at the beginning is from artificial academy H mode theme

  • Idubbbz wearing the mask before the pandemic 😳

  • Hope he kept that mask

  • hes 6'2 im his doctor

  • you can get very high on kratom.. recommend about 3-5 grams at first

  • sasosake

  • make more vids my little gay acoustic child

  • Finger bones


  • Hasnt been demonitized yet

  • How the fuck has nobody said anything about the ending

  • My guy said sasasuskeke

  • whoever sent that mask is a goddamn time traveler

  • 2:17 (cough cough)

  • T h e w e e b i n s i d e h i m h a s b e e n s u m m o n e d