Tik tok Entrepreneurs & The Streamy's

Birt 30 des 2019
Today's vid is kind of all over the place. I talk about tik tok entrepreneurs, business moguls, droppshipping connoisseur, and I the streamys.

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  • I found a dime on the ground, and it took me like a tenth of a second to put it in my pocket, so that's like 3600 dollars an hour if you extrapolate that to an hour

  • Obviously quite a dozen is 3 dozen or more.

  • No wonder covid19 hits thanks to the gay community

  • Anyone else think that guy looks like papa john

  • Found a two dollar bill on the ground within a second, thus I technically made $7,200/hr

  • looks like the lovechild of Walter White and Jesse

  • 3:36, as a gay man, I can say for sure; that shit’s hella gay!

  • That banana is just gunna keep ripening huh.

  • this is like my seventh time watching this video and i JUST fucking noticed theres a fucking banana on the wall

  • “STOP moving like that” 💀

  • Aren’t the car washers volunteers? My city has a thing where they’ll wash you car for dirt cheap and all the money goes to charity. Maybe I’m wrong about the people in that clip but I like thinking about that dude shitting on noble volunteers.

  • ... $500k drop shipping ?! Jesus Fing Christ, that business fad died out years ago ... the market is oversaturated, and it is not possible to make money anymore doing that BS .

  • Bruh how are all these videos fucking demonetized

  • banana

  • I fucking love all these CQuaffine references keep it up Ian

  • 12:28 she’s money laundering

  • 11:48 Devin, you've changed quite a bit

  • Niggas gotta hustle. Nice vid. Lmao quaffine never gets old.

  • I like how Ian saves the tik tok to his favorites 6:58

  • Tiktok is a cringy breeding ground for narcissistic dickheads

  • Was that Lizzo performing at The Steamy's? Because nobody still gave a fat fuck.

  • 10:04 had me dying

  • What happened to this man and his views


  • At the end "you look sick go eat a burger" that will never get old

  • Imawketheshidoutovit

  • I can't do the four goals cus im not religious, help me

  • Is no one talking about the banana strapped to the wall

  • Idubbbz you are a gangster, love how you expose these fools. You lured me in with your squirrel saving campaign and i stayed for everything else. Good luck with your future content.

  • Idk, i dont trust anyone whos name is after a dumb, fat cartoon character

  • 1:1

  • The reason I don't like stuff like the Streamy's Christmas dance thing is because East and West Coast artsy fartsies have increasingly mistaken flamboyance for art and communication over the last couple decades. A lot of commercials are like that now. You see them everyday, for example: *Person puts on headphones, colors change into rainbows and things become cartoons, they dance around the town to some cringe Indie pop song, just so that we'll all know how FABULOUS and DIVERSE these headphones will make our lives* It's just kind of... weird.

  • Personally I'd rather be the one washing my car cause why the fuck would I pay someone to dump water and soap on my expensive metal brick

  • I think the Leafy Content Cop being removed and the sex workers video was foreshadowing Leafy’s return.

  • Poor idubbbz. This is why i keep away from tiktok. I get easily pissed at the stupidity

  • Most people from tiktok are just people with an iq and talent scale lower than room temperature.

  • Love this video

  • Trump wants to ban Tik tok for being used by China to spy on us. So... the world is getting better, we’re defeating cancer and espionage at the same time! 👍😂🇺🇸

  • Saw you in a ad for promoting drop shipping


  • Manufactured gay.

  • 11:10 he looks like he actually want to strangle her

  • Anyone else notice he is rocking the Doug-esque Quail-Man regalia?

  • How I made 100 bags of chips by buying one: I bought one, crushed the chips inside to pieces, each piece is a single chip now, then I win.

  • If this is one take on tik tok made by idubbz, imagine Filthyfrank's

  • Idubbbz says class war

  • Schade, dass nicht-deutschsprachige, nie das Wunder eines Porsche Cayman S aus der Whatsappgruppe erleben werden.

  • It is in a way illegal. Look at antidumping laws set up by the chamber of commerce

  • 11:11

  • They're acting like it's bad to work as plumber, I mean someones gotta do it.

  • I'm just sitting through the entire video wondering how that banana is mounted on the wall.

  • I’m sorry is that a bannana ziptide to the wall

  • The weird Santa thing is bad because it comes off very pandering and uncomfortable. The internet referencs is very hello fellow kids thats kinda obvious. the last line is the worst and cringest line and is my main problem and what i wanna talk about. "Hey look at us we are such a quirky company lol. gay people good very good we love GAY. we hired at least 7 lgbtq people. Our company twitter has rainbow color". Same energy as the 2018 youtube rewind tbh. This method almost comes off as homophobic is alot of ways. There's a great video about this on mkbhd's channel. In this video he talked about how he was told he was" the best black soccer player not just the best player". I'm referring to this because alot of mega companies do this along with people. In that santa clip along with youtube rewind it wasnt "we support our creators" it was "we support our lgbtg creators". That was my take on it at least. Thx for reading tho

  • I'm just happy to be alive at the same time Ian is.

  • What the fuck are 'religion goals' lmao

  • Kickstarter crap for tiktok?

  • I had to come back to see this, him getting mad is gold

  • I want to break that girl's glasses

  • Makes me just as angry to see people getting scammed.

  • Y there a banana on the wall 😮

  • I love how idubbbz hates this as much as me

  • Leafy's entire channel is perfectly fine But idubbbz criticises some one for their hypocrisy and sensitivity And that's bullying

  • Who’s here after Tik Tok is being banned

  • Did anyone notice the girl on 7:25 standing there and in the next video 7:40 she is walking by again?

  • Ian: Criticizes ISchatsr for doing something bad Susan: Cyber Bullying

  • Funny how Leafy videos are still up, but the one making fun of him had to be taken down

    • @TGI3D and Everything onion boi does is fine Ricegum and the pauls are fine The more you look into it The more r***arded it gets And I have to censor that word Or my comment gets deleted

    • Also keemstar harrassing a schizophrenic is not considered bullying. But saying weak chin is considered the worst thing ever

    • It's absurd The guy who has built his entire career of bullying Everything he has because of praying on the weak But someone says, that guys chin is small That's bullying

  • For half the time i was just staring at the banana in the corner and wondering what it was and why it was there.. ..................... then i remembered..... this is an idubbs video........... anything goes

  • Dropshipping: becoming the most oversaturated and idiotic market around with almost zero profit. Dumbfuck DS gurus: ''This is fine' *flames in the background*

  • He looks like a young papa john

  • The car washing one looked like a fund raising thing that a youth group would do

  • honestly-

  • honestly i never heard of droppshipping. maybe because even as a private person in switzerland, ordering something from outside the border will cost you 7.7% of the order value as additional import tax.

  • Found a two dollar bill on the ground within a second, thus I technically made $7,200/hr

  • drop shipping can and is mostly illegal in Europe, in order too sell something as a business the product that is being sold has to have a CE or €E mark of approval. allot of the marks on these product are often fake or non existent if border security checks the package and sees the product does not have the mark or a fake one the seller can issued a fine by attempting fraud. The dutch tax/police has even gone as far as guessing how much ones company has made adding some on top and issuing that as a fine. basically guaranteeing bankrupt-ency. its paper canon business allot can go wrong and the laws around it are thin.. that works both ways. Of-course you don't hear these stories, and the so called entrepreneurs that are not faking it go from lawsuit to lawsuit... well their representatives go for them.

    • by the way you can spam out anonymous tax evasion tips to governments in Europe, so you can basically fuck around with these so called entrepreneurs if you really want too.

  • The banana in the background is really bugging me for some reason

  • *$5000/hr job?* sorry but thats not real lmao In operating rooms across the country, anesthesiologists, the highest-paid workers in the U.S., earn an average of $111.94 an hour, for a mean annual salary of $232,830, according to the BLS.

  • I love these types of videos he’s been making recently

  • Content cop tik tokkkk

  • I was noodles and this shit made me laugh so hard 3:15

  • That girl is so fucking annoying.

  • He wants to content cop tic toc so badly

  • Am a certified gay and that performance made me full body cringe. Also you would think that "millionaire" would have a decent fuckin microphone.

  • Eww tik tok

  • Whoa nearly missed the warning there ⚠️

  • Do a video about the disgusting plague of affiliate marketing gurus.

  • Super well explained

  • I actually really apreciate the insight into what these people do Thanks

  • I love how there’s a banana hanging on the wall just chilling

  • I mean, when its name is patrick star, you should worry

  • giddy ian is best ian

  • my drug dealer is super a part of one of those pyramid scheme feeling stock business entrepreneurs and he's always posting about making fucking bank, so like why is your bitch ass selling me drugs then

  • So Ian just has a secret TikTok account?

  • is that an old banana pinned up on the wall behind him?

  • 8:18 me seeing furries on TikTok.

  • Ya sure u can also sell weed for 10 bucks a gram and make money but it’s just as illegal as drop shipping

  • if he actually made 5,000 per hour his yearly salary would be 5,000,000 if you go by the average yearly work hour

  • "Yes faceless megacorporation is gay now, buy our product"

  • but that track though?

  • Idubbz is a mood

  • 5000 dollar jobs holy shit. And I also saw a flying pig a couple days ago :)

  • The core 4 was stolen from Sean Whalen