Kickstarter Crap - SHIELD Signal Proof Head-wear (TIN FOIL HAT)

Birt 29 des 2015
There havent been many good terrible kickstarter projects, but this tin foil hat meme is p. bad. Thanks for the continued comments and emails with suggestions. most of them are just too fuckin boring to cover. my nama cunt. thanks for watching, yalls

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Kickstarter Crap / Indiegogo Excrement is a series where I look at failed projects or projects that I have a bad opinion about. Some of the kickstarter projects are from /r/shittykickstarters . Some people request terrible kickstarter projects. Most of the time, I will filter projects by 'newest' and look through them. All the opinions expressed in this video should be taken with a grain of salt.


  • iDubbz I bought the hat and not a single person has fucked me. You need to take back your guarantee please man I'm very lonely

  • He protec He attak He wears tinfoil hats

  • Why would you be friends with a baby?

  • "You look sick, eat a burger." is one of the best quotes I can think of.

  • Dude the stupid conspiracy’s about microwaves being not safe. If it somehow leaks electromagnetic radiation the worst it can do is burn your skin. It’s not gonna mess with your head lmao.

  • Microwaves don’t leak radiation and if electricity hurts your brain then why do people exist if they have been exposed to electronic radiation their whole GODDAMN LIVES

  • Finaly something to stop the 5G 💀💀💀 No wonder this got recomended now

  • I think they are conspearist

  • This is a real product now lmao.

  • I mean, I can understand people who are actually afraid of government mind control. The US has conducted research about it.

  • Whoah, even 4 years ago was rwj relevant?

  • Even if it works, it's like putting sun screen on top of your head

  • Well now they already meassured of this frecuencies are harmfull for human life, i'm not saying this hat it's a true thing, but what they tell us at least is real

  • barack obama

    • That's you!

  • MIT actually found that wearing tinfoil hats makes it easier to read brain waves. Of course this doesn’t mean anything, because there aren’t MRI machines built into fucking hallways.

    • What was that? You don't think I have the guts to do that? Give me 50. - and I do it!

    • Do you want me to beat up a old lady inside the bus?

  • Charles McGill type beat

  • You would think that aluminum and tin and other soft metals draw in the waves more or intensify them, isn't that why you put foil on antennas to get a better signal?

  • umm actually edups they never said it could be worn on a boat

  • Buy this, or you're life span will be subtracted by 2 minutes.

  • Imagine seeing people wear this in places like Florida or Texas in August.

  • Is it more effective than shugnite

  • Does it deflect radiation from 5g?

  • Damn I hate it when I’m working and my lamp shoots arrows at me

  • These people "tv=satalite"

  • You know a product is quality when its list of pros includes all the pedestrian shit every damn product on the planet can do by virtue of existing. - It can be carried with you in either of your hands! - It doesn't attract werewolves (disclaimer: doesn't repel them either, so if you run into one it's not our fault) - Smallpox free!

  • Do they know we are surounded by electromagnetic field that is created by the earth,im not talking about the 5G( wich is not harmful at all, the sun is 100x more dangerous) im talking natural elerctromagnetic generated by the earth. Watch electroBOOM he know more about this stuff than i. I dont own a PhD, but im not stupid.

  • Saul Goodman's brother should've worn this

  • Fuck H3

  • 1:08 for every dick there's a pussy...?

  • 6:17

  • yes king go off💅💫😘💕🌈🔮🎀🌸👑💝💫✨🌸💗🎀🌷🌱🌈

  • But the *implications*

  • Fuck, I do hate Jews..

  • YOU TUBE: 5G Gigantic health hazard -Dr Barrie Trower & Sir Julian Rose 59,307 views •Dec 14, 2018 5G & VIRUSES The Wuhan city of China where this virus started is the CENTER for 5G. It has the biggest radio satellite in the world for 5G, which it beams up to its satellite and in return beams down to 5G receivers! 5G distorts 02 (oxygen) which causes chaos in the lungs and the blood vessels, causing people to drop dead! Numerically there have been more deaths from the common flu than from the new Corona virus, but that is because it is still contained at the moment. Just how deadly is it compared to the established influenza strains? And SARS? And the swine flu?

    • Please tell me this is a joke and you aren't being serious about the 5G

  • I mean asian parents would believe it

  • Google 2015: No studies DuckDuckGo 2020: Hold my beer

  • "Guys. we need to give these to our soldiers" was fucking a+

  • I tell Frankly if this stops telepath sickness of some people....It's a supreme medicine👍🏻👍🏻

  • What's wrong with walking around with just a normal tin foil hat?

  • I wonder if anyones ever jacked off onto the piles of shit in a stinky porta potty. Like they cant get off without the smell and appearance of human shit penetrating their senses.

  • Buy our product, you will not be fucked.

  • Chuck needs this from better call saul

  • Wghehre facking ads!!

  • bruh

  • I mean the product is stupid, the idea to sell it to idiots is genius.

  • *My closest friend is a baby.*

  • The fuck your wireless headphones beanie

  • I love how cringe idubbbz has become in only a few years. Time is not on his side. I guess he won't be remembered or matter at all to future Generations but if anyone does look back at his weird videos he will be seen only as an embarrassment to the human race.

  • I like the pattern of the gray one. I hope I can find that in a normie let-the-electronics-kill-you hat

  • You laugh now but just wait til the aliens come to probe some assholes

  • Actually if anyone would bother research into the EMF testing of cell phone, they only meet the standard of what is considered safe, because the standard is at 25mm from the body. Which is 25mm or about 1 inch. They would fail under the normal conditions people use them with in most situation. I've had cell phone manuals that have specifically stated to keep the deice away from your body. If it isn't harmful at all then why do they tell you to keep it a certain distance away from your body. Strange? The standards set for testing EMF were created in the 90's when cell phones were not all over the place. They have not been updated since. Though there was talk a few years back to do so, one can only guess who decided to step in to convince them not to.

    • It's funny how everything you said is wrong

  • 3:50 Kickstarter guy: "Satellites" That's a TV you idiot.

  • Infra red invidible? So its a really cold hat?

  • Infra red invisible? So... It allows 100% of IR light to pass through. Straight into your skull. If IR were any sort of threat, you'd want this thing to light up like a fucking christmas tree on an IR cam. What a silly fucking product pitch.

  • "Be smart and put on this signal proof hat instead of the usual one" - Dayron Arias

    • Lmao

    • Highly underrated comment even if you did steal it

  • Comment dropped

  • I like that Kickstarter ads play on a lot of these.

  • "(electromagnetic wave frequency) invisible" means those go right through the hat lmao

  • I'm late to the gang bang but this reminds me of the hats Looking Glass wears in the Watchmen series to prevent brain damage in a squid attack lol.

  • I wouldn't trust this hat to protect me from getting laid.

  • why does the kickstarter sound like it was made by alan resnick

  • Idubbbz doesn't know it but he proved how solar radiation mitigation does not work due to the same reflectivity property that he spoke about in that the signal will come in from below and bounce off the bottom of the cap. Well if you spray a cloud of aluminum particulate matter into the atmosphere in order to attempt to block out solar radiation, you won't and you will actually potentially create a heat pocket under where you spray that matter as the light and uv radiation reflects off surfaces in all directions, thus cause that which reflects on the side under it causing it to essentially trap whatever is under the cloud until it can reflect out. An MIT study project done by students showed that wearing a tin foil helmet actually increased the amplitude of certain broadband frequencies, which again goes to show that the waves get trapped inside of the helmet until they are able to bounce out.

  • I'm wearing a shirt to protect my heart from unimportant electromagnetic waves. YES!

  • "electrical smog" wtf is that

  • Fucking south Park

  • Lol it's just a beanie and microwaves are not carcinogenic

  • will it fit on my government created alien friend??

  • Just buy a surplus NBC suit with a camo pattern on it,same effect but gets smelly

  • I feel like a lot of schizophrenic people bought that tinfoil beanie.

  • Damn, I us3d to watch = 3 *everyday*

  • tin foil hat doesnt protect your brain unless it cover entire head not just top

  • Guys if figured it out we need to eat lead it gives you protection from all signals radiation and life

  • If these tin foil hat wearing people were at the least bit smart they would wear lead hats or helmets on the bases that lead protects against radioactive waves. Tin Foil hat people are crazy anyways so I wouldn't expect them to know the basics of the periodic table

  • I like how Linus Tech Tips covered the same product on Kickfarted that basically it doesn’t fucking work.

  • For every Flection there is a reflection. The hat is cool and all , but what if the lamp shoots you in the face ?

  • Yo is idubbz gay for real like he actually like s men

  • I need a hat to protect my brain from all the stupid in the air.

  • but with the stylish hat people be lookin at you and think " hey, this dude maybe can rub 2 stick together and make a fire" that was so funny

  • 2:43 Allow me to point out that this guy isn't even wearing the fucking beanie

  • 1:45 FPS diesel

  • Saul Goodman’s brother approves of this hat.

  • is IDubbz actually gay? i can never tell if hes joking or not hahah

    • he's not, he said so on ethan's podcast and has (maybe had, idk if they broke up) a girlfriend.

    • He's not. He addressed it on the H3H3 Podcast

    • @Mr. Fahrenheit oh dont get me wrong i dont give a shit either way

    • Could be, could not be. As far as I know, he's never publicly spoken about his sexual orientation in a non-joking manner. Either way, it doesn't really matter and I think that's why he doesn't talk about it.

  • Hat is not working if it's not grounded.

  • thats the best looking tin foil hat i've ever seen

  • seen this video 20 times and just now realized they used the sound of unlocking a door in rust at 2:04

  • It is a little funny watching these, and each ad that comes on before them is a very terrible ad for a shitty product. There is a word for this.

  • You look sick, eat a burger

  • So if the waves go through your skull then what would stop it from traveling through your face into your brain lol then it would get bounced back through your brain because it gets reflected with their logic

  • Wait the signals can't go through your fucking face and still hit the brain? Lol

  • I'm not even going to be sarcastic... This is insane lol

  • They now have SHIELD shoes 😂😭🤦‍♀️

  • if only chuck mcgill had this had :( RIP

  • Didn't one of their video list a radio receiver, as a transmitter?

  • Updated version of shield beanie shit is just a led box that your sealed inside of

  • David Icke wants to know if hell get commission for allowing hat sales at his shows? .... I mean I'm joking but I almost feel they've already arranged it! 🙄🙄

  • They are blocking waves not mind control lol it can do damage and for years we had calls to shield in wall power wires and powerlines take a strip light go under overhead power lines at night so cool effects

  • btw tinfoil does not stop radio waves wrap your wireless mouse and see how many layers it needs to block it ten or more

  • you look sick, sick af lmao goteem

  • Make a “where are they now” on these. They make fucking signal proof sneakers and boxers now. It’s fucking madness

  • It would be good for sertain waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy stronger stuff. You probably never need it so it's a load of bullshit