Indiegogo Excrement - First Vaginal Beer

Birt 14 apr 2016
Truth is. i love this project.
thanks for watching.
vagina beer:
Deadly twister:
How to make a giant kinder surprise egg:
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Kickstarter Crap / Indiegogo Excrement is a series where I look at failed projects or projects that I have a bad opinion about. Some of the kickstarter projects are from /r/shittykickstarters . Some people request terrible kickstarter projects. Most of the time, I will filter projects by 'newest' and look through them. All the opinions expressed in this video should be taken with a grain of salt.


  • Jeebus dude! You have as many subs as Pewds circa 2010. NFB!

  • Legit guys who buy this need to get out of their apartment and talk to some women.

  • Mm bacteria and a hint of fish

  • 🤢🤮🤮🤮

  • Pp

  • My like was earned when he said "Hillary Clit-Yum"

  • Viagra

  • I feel like I'm on a watchlist for this

  • Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m

  • yoni yoni yes papa

  • Gweneth paltros pussy flavored beer

  • idubbbz dare u to order it

  • thiz appeals.

  • This video turned me asexual.

  • This product should have been called simp juice. No explanation needed.

  • simp juice

  • Piss and fish flavor

  • Ah, so this is what simps drink when they gather together?

  • Demonetized


  • Thats a pussy drink

  • Gimmie dat yoni baby

  • 🤮

  • Shit, I think we found the real cause of corona

  • Votes for trump in the year 2055... interesting

  • Yani? _yani._ Yani!? _yani._ NANI!? *_instant kill._*

  • 5:47 Gwyneth Paltrow stole your idea but with candles. I'd sue

  • Belle delphine would do this

  • Simp juice

  • I'm gonna shit into a bag and sell it, essence of man

  • simp elixir

  • Who's pussy are they using

  • *"beauty"*

  • Those god damned Slavs

  • imagine drinking one from lovely peaches yonni

  • gross as fuck

  • oH No ScOOb tHe CoocHiE Is LeakinG WHaT SHalL wE DO? drAnks iT RAggY DraNKS It aLL

  • I would want to try it, and I am asexual and do not like beer...

  • Idubbbz can I pay for your gfs yoni?

  • Can I kill myself after seeing this?..🤦🤦

  • Gwyneth Paltrow type beat

  • *feel* *her* *smeel*

  • I feel like this is how you get a STD

  • 😂😂💀💀💀

  • This is great shit 😅

  • Why do this if you could just eat a girl out

  • From piss to pussy juice


  • I assure you, this is not aimed at lesbians.

  • 7:26 - I can't breathe...I ACTUALLY CAN'T FU*KING BREATHE!!! XDDDDDD

  • Is this legal?

  • Just follow the smell

  • i picture her caged up or some shit while some ppl are just milking her like a dairy cow

  • The title grabbed my attention too hard I got in a coma

  • 🤢🤮🦠

  • Aaaaaaaaand, that's why I drink whiskey.

    • You can make scotch out of a diabetics urine

  • Fun fact: Streptococcus is a Lactic Acid Bacteria. Also, you can ferment things like yogurt and sauerkraut with LABs, but they will spoil beer and wine. That said, this is fucking gross.

  • this straight up makes me wanna never drink beer again

  • Bacteria is not supposed to be anywhere other than where it originates, this is not "safe": it's a disease. Ew.

  • smegma salad

  • I'll try it.

  • taste like fish

  • So from the title I thought it was a fucking beer you put up your cooch

  • Still not sure what Laurel bacteria is...

  • I am genuinely curious about what it would taste like, and what it would do to a person to put that in their bodies? Like i get it people swallow cum but i dunno.

    • @Meow Rchl well, im not trying to be an asshole, just genuinely curious.

    • @GodSpeed thats the part you focus on?

    • Im sorry you don't swallow?

  • hang on, you didnt try it?

  • Oh great, Disco Minge in a bottle. Joyful.

  • Ah yes. The woman, my favourite object.

  • the only pussy us weebs will ever get Atheneum again I don’t drink

  • Pornstars go to the bar. They get that vaginal ale

  • Still waiting for the anal bacteria beer. Oops i got it wrong i meant coli beer. Taste the elegance of shit, bitch.

  • Yummy!~ Pussy juice is my favorite!

  • This is a very Czech thing

  • Crazy Lifehack : Watch this during every meal and you'll lose 200 pounds in a week

  • 4 years later. Gweneth Paltrow pussy candle.

  • All the virgin gamer bois would definitely want that (including me of course)

  • I am a pervert and I am disgusted by this retarded crap.

  • And ofc the narrator, for a vagina beer commercial, would be German.

  • i’m gay and repulsed

  • I've tasted pussy juice. It isn't horrible, but it isn't amazing either. The woman kind of has to be there for it to be sexy.

  • Mmmmm pussy beer

  • I’d drink anything out of that model but not a downy or some fat bish that’s the difference, disclaimer this is a weird as thing and would not purchase

  • 2020 Gwyneth Paltrow: "Hold my beer"

  • What the FFFFFCK! That disgusting shit was even successful!!? World of Animals really...

  • I slept with a red head, I can admit it will make it spicy. My crotch burnt so bad it was itchy for months!

  • Well that's a shame... I was anticipating a beer that could be drank through a vagina.

  • 2016 vaginal beer.... 2017 period blood painting...... 2019 bath water...... Hmmm I'm seeing a disgusting pattern here

    • 2020 vagina candle

  • i would 100% buy matty mathesons lingham beer

  • I'm calling it, Gwyneth Paltrow found a new product to release on Goop.

  • *smegma salad*

  • I laughed for 45 seconds when he said "downsy girl". (Truth)

  • Still cringe

  • Why the fuck am I drinking a six pack and watching this?

  • What the fuck is wrong with people

  • Idubbz has dirty glasses

  • I’d sip the pussy beer

  • but did you buy the beer?

  • I want that high quality lingam bacteria But, i can't afford 26.95

  • 0:11 how is not on fire then????

  • dis vid gave me the hibi jibis