Kickstarter Crap - Toilets

Birt 16 nóv 2016
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  • The only thing they have a case for is that in public restrooms, some nasty bitches decide they wanna piss all over their thighs and in turn, get it all over the seat, and to top it all off, get their pubes on it. Like Ive never sat down on it, but its super annoying to have to clean up someone elses piss while I do the pee pee dance.

  • f

  • I like how the president has fucked us in that the corporations that need more bailouts, are being funded by the working class...again...harder. the denizens of the nation whom, at least during my generation, didn't know what racism and sexism were because the generations behind mind first collectively decided it was a bad idea, and for good measure, the generation after them made it illegal and punishable by incarceration and fines to be that much of an asshole and yet everything is racist, sexist, and bigoted now because reasons, and the worst thing of all is that idubbbz has quit making content cops and kickstarter craps to violently insist on a facial hair style that is so cringe to look at it because the only 2 people who look like that fuck children and/or want to fuck children. yet everyone still on about the fucking toilet seats. we're gonna need a bigger corona virus.

    • what the hell happened dude?

  • I pray to God they don't lamd there cat in the toilet

  • I leave the seat up on purpose to ensure that no one stupid enough to fall in the toilet can shit or piss in peace

  • I pay $1600 rent ill piss on my toilet all I want.

  • Tilt swich is 100 years old

  • “Wet and sticky is icky Sticky and wet makes mommy upset “ ~Ms Benson (iCarly)

  • I’m a girl and have never had ENY of these problems. I mean some people aren’t retarded

  • A sarcastic "you abosulte fucking legend" will always be funny to me

  • It was a hit on shark tank though

  • I miss the old edups

  • I have one of these

  • Its done. Ive seen them all, The Kickstarter crap, The Indiegogo excrement, Chonchen chop, whats in the box?, bad unboxing, *im at peace*

  • It's like if that SouthPark episode were real, and then tried to beg you for money.

  • Remember those shitty mcdonalds toys that woke you up at night with their shitty, slightly too loud, audio crunched noises that you turned off and never turned back on? Yeah well we made your toilet make those noises every single fucking time you use the bathroom.

  • 6:43

  • I play somethig called a toilet roulette. I go in a random bathroom whit closed eyes, then sit on the toilet, and hope so i dont fall in.

  • His last Kickstarter Crap. If you don't count the Where Are They Now? videos.

  • Also, couldn't one argue that women are too lazy to lift the seat up after using it?

  • Guys who made this must’ve called Saul

  • Lol

  • "Tinkle Tuner" subtle Zelda stuff, love it

  • Its not that we are too lazy to put the seat down its that women are too lazy to look.

  • Did she say todderlers?

  • Do women actually fall in the toilet?

  • Fun fact: the baby sounds here actually the kids he kidnapped

  • Good job! *plays early 2000 Barbie music*

  • Know what I hate more is when I lift a seat and the underside is covered in blood.

  • If you drink your piss, there cannot be a mess

  • so we not gonna talk about the 9/11 joke😂😂😂😂

  • I'm sorry, chef ramsay

  • Do some walk into the bathroom backwards?

  • sticky pee is just cum

  • Idubbbz: a lot of great videos coming down the pipe The last kickstarter crap: Not so fast...

  • Insufferable feminists....

    • @radical dude a battle for the ages.

    • @Corn Dog best argument ever

    • @Bobbin ShimmyShammy Another passive aggressive snowflake, lol

    • Corn Dog ok

    • @Bobbin ShimmyShammy Then why say anything at all, spineless goop?

  • R.I.P Kickstarter Crap, most iconic internet series ever

  • You got a good point. Fuck pissing indoors, take a piss where there are no toilets like nature has intended, pis on the floor.

  • H

  • Damn I miss Kick Starter Crap

  • Piss in the sink kit

  • This could be the last Kickstarter crap ever ):

  • Bruh I just piss sitting down cuz I'm a lazy bastard.

  • women when entering the bathroom have no reason to do so facing the toilet since we always end up sitting down, so the way we approach the seat is fundamentally different For maximum efficiency, once the door is closed, we simply sit down without bothering to turn around to walk over to the toilet. Yo butt is full of butt nuggets, Ian.

  • Kickstarter Crap = Beer, KSTV = 45ABV

  • I love the sounds of babies crying

  • The fucking alien 😂😂

  • I’m going to start going into random people’s house and lifting there toilet seats up

    • Don’t come to mine!

  • 2:24 - We all have a full grown partner that we suspect was raised in a chongo

  • This is a good idea for toilet training kids

  • Easy solution, just close the fucking lid. Who even leaves the toilet lid up? I guess it's for children? But just close the lid. This is such a stupid pointless argument that drives me mad.

  • We need more of deez

  • rip idubbbz; goodnight sweat pants

  • Wait, so is it bullshit or is it BOWL-shit?

  • The talking toilet seat reminds me of a Better Call Saul episode

  • How is it possible that girls "fall in the toilet" because we left the seat up? Do they normally sit on the seat, get up, raise it, and sit back down in that order?

  • 6:04 I actually thought those shots were from the Kickstarter until like 30 seconds after the condom.

  • Who the fuck falls into a toilet? Like open your fucking eyes

  • I knew it, he _is_ Tingle.

  • Tutorial: How to get your freaking toilet wet and sticky 1. Exept Of Sitting On The Toilet You stand only the toilet with your feet (by the way your feet must be dirty) 2. Just Poop 3. break the hell out of your toilet until water comes out of it 4. Conclusion Basically a stupid dumb useless tutorial to answer iDubbbz's Question (xD don't mind that i edited this i only added number 4 because i was stupid enough to not put the conclusion so yeah)

  • Two things: 1. Why don't you close the lid before you flush? By closing the lid, you keep the bacteria inside the toilet; it also prevents you from acidentally dropping things in the tolet, and it forces the seat to be down. 2. Why is it always the man's responsibility to make sure the seat is down after he is done? Why isn't it the woman's responsibility to make sure the seat is up after she is done? Granted, this isn't even a thing to discuss when you do point one.

    • Liggliluff Because men are the only ones who use the toilet seat up, but both men and women use toilet seat down (when defecating)

  • The music is so bad xd

  • You open the toilet seed at night. enemy blinded!

  • Not really a fan of the first one but i'm for sure interested in the version with that green fairy thing.

  • I understand this but umm... I needed to pee very badly, I had just found the bathroom, and the lights were off. I didn't bother checking the toilet seat because it was someone elses house and I had never had a problem with the toilet seat up- I immediately sat onto the toilet and then fell in. So just never really need to pee at a friends house and not turn the bathroom light on

  • In the video it says thanks for lifting the seat, but they want you put down the seat.

  • >Intersectional Black Was she like born in the middle of a road or somethinh

  • Just piss with the lid closed, problem solved.

  • Ironic Illumibowl now has a deal from Shark Tank

  • and that's why I'm lonely

  • How about everyone just puts the lid down when they're done, like it should be? Or just,you know...adjust it to what you need? Edit: Sorry, forgot Feminazis exist. Just ignore my comment,I don't have good ideas

  • Don't worry, I'll just piss all over the floor.

  • Looks like you are the dumbass on this one haha

  • I like being stupid cuz i am

  • Reminds me of the time clyde's mom fell into the toilet in south park *paints nails over the phone*

  • 👍🏻

  • Tinkle tuner Tingle tuner

  • "cannonballs into the toilet bowl" 😂😂 You funny man! 😂

  • I just piss with the seat down

  • Shit! That toilet-water fairy freaked me out

  • I piss in my yard

  • You ed nygma riddler looking fuck

  • The very last Kick Starter Crap.

  • How are women falling into the bowl?

  • My younger brother is an ape. He pisses over the entire fucking toilet.

  • all these girls complain that the toilet seat is not put down for their royal bottoms, but none of them will lift the toilet seat up for us mens, this is discrimination

  • I use the pee out side product and I must say idubbz I love your product I rate it 5/5

  • Cutting edge technology you say you put a voice in a toilet good job yeah it's not a space ship by NASA it's a toilet

  • All right toylets my man!

  • ez claps

  • Idubbbz is the technoblade of being gay as fuck

  • on tim ago i pooped JAJ A JA JAJ AJ A i lik this i by contents from. lik if you age

  • 6:04 I thought this was part of the Kickstarter video.

  • OMG why would you do that? Fucking crying babies. Gah!

  • 3:12 I might actually have to get something like that

  • Women have to lose their right to vote soon.

  • More like trauma toilet

  • 0:51

  • Imagine putting this in a gas station