LEGIT FOOD REVIEW - Eggs (Ft. h3h3)

Birt 8 jún 2018
I heard you guys like demonetized vids, lol
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  • It'll have to do for now. We got the eman to both VOM and SHOOT: ischats.info/fun/esmsqX2ZgZ5joHg/v-deo

    • wyatt calton heehee

    • if you dont upload some content cop im going to hunt you down.

    • Yes

    • iDubbbzTV simp

    • I'll eat a dozen of those eggs if you will hang out with me Ian, or I'll fucking try

  • 2020 still fresh

  • 2:24 Stalker eating sounds

  • Classic

  • Shity Shit Shitsters

  • Y am i watching this 2 years later trying not to throw up.... mental problems all of you😂

  • I could watch these two collab for literal ever

  • One of the greatest videos ever.

  • Aww it’s like a hair cake lite

  • i threw up

  • The creation of Covid19, colorized

  • miss him

  • *Ian* "Let's keep the cuck jokes down to a minimum" *Ethan* " You're starting to sound like a soy boy hahaha" *Little did he know what would become of Idubbbz in 2020*

  • the black panther shirt :(

  • Ian touching ethans snot is the grossest shit I have ever seen in my entire life☠️☠️

  • Don't tell ashens about this.

  • How has he not caught a disease from this

  • "I thought you said this would be a nice picnic, not 20 eggs in a sewer pipe"

  • You now what's fucked up the black eggs are actually food there called century eggs

  • You know it’s bad when Ian throws up

  • f8CK man! im puking and laughing for the past 5 minutes. this is disgustawesome

  • Eating eggs off the ground, this is some Osmosis Jones shit,

  • Before ethan was absolute cringe

  • "Do you taste the rareness?" Hahahahaha!!!

  • Ian would be the poison checker for the kings food, but the king would still die since Ian would be immune anyways

  • *holy in the world dont eat rotten eggs kids*

  • Here’s a little lesson in (crippling depression)

  • I like eggs cause I am an egg

  • All protein right?

  • We now know the reason why Ian wanted to keep the cuck jokes to a minimum.

  • This was very informative, thanks guys.

  • Delicious and nutritious

  • Anybody else just rewatch these videos whenever ur feeling down?

  • rip black panther tho

  • The glory days now Ethan spends his time crying about a leaf

  • Your wasting it

  • Quite sad to see Ian wearing a Black Panther tee. RIP

  • damn idubz shirt RIP

  • These to used to be legends, now one is a simp and the other is a hypocrite and a backstabber

    • @A̸a̶r̸o̶n̴ H̸u̵n̴t̵ hes not wrong. Ian is not the same anymore and Ethan is a fucking disgrace now. He went downhill bad

    • A̸a̶r̸o̶n̴ H̸u̵n̴t̵ why, it’s true, all I’m saying is that they used to be entertaining, and pretty much the Algorithm screwed them over so I am not as entertained by them, and during that time one became a simp and the other became a hypocrite and backstabber is all I’m saying, and if you don’t like what I said gtfo

    • If you're not kidding just stfu man

  • Why is it so funny watching two men puke out and eat egg shit

  • Idubbbz plays fortnite confirmed

  • This definitely would not go well in 2020.

  • Genuinely laughing really fucking hard two years after this is uploaded😂

  • I think they were saying Fortnite and ninja but that’s probably obvious

  • I can read lips. The bleeped portion, I believe, is: Ethan: What have you been playing lately? Ian: Been playing a little, uh, *fortnite* Ethan: Really? Ian: Yeah Ethan: Have you heard of *Ninja* Ian: Ninja? Ethan: Yeah he’s a really popular *Fortnite* player The cringe is strong

  • We all can agree that he just said fort nite

  • пиздец какойто

  • i can smell them through the screen :((((

  • "It's an educational piece" 6:50

  • the egg is so rotten it melted

  • 1:20 foreshadowing?

  • “Do you think chickens have vaginas?” Im fucking dead

  • 1:54 that was the last time Ethan saw a leaf surviving in it's current landscape, it's been nothing but misery from that point 😟

  • 1:17 *IRONIC*

    • Jacob Smith yeah

    • @BK not like I was aggressive I just said it's dumb people still care it wasn't even.big drama

    • Jacob Smith whoa calm down mate I’m still a fan of Idubbz I was just making a meme

    • real original it was nearly 5 months ago get over it

  • centry eggs are not bad most americans just dont really like the taste

  • 4:40 that egg is nasty

  • Idubbbz: Hey ethan, lets just... go eat eggs off a tree in the desert. Ethan: Sounds good.

  • Love when Ian fingers away Ethan’s dripping snot.

  • I'm eating soup, lucky me..!😎👍

  • 4k birbs sad you ate their free labour

  • 1:20 This aged like milk

  • this video made me so nauseous holy crap

  • Why am I eating to this lol

  • “I thought we were gonna have a nice picnic Ian.” - H3H3

  • I never laughed so hard in my life literally I was crying and my stomach was hurting

  • You suppose to eat that shit when they were marinated with some vinegar and oil, eating it raw is like eating an egg made out of hippo turd.

  • I almost threw up watching Ethan fuck man that’s not right

  • Tai lopez

  • Most unlikely to die from corona

  • He did the angry birds call

  • How did they not get salmonella

  • iDabbbz

  • Why can't we have content like this anymore

  • Ian is so thin and Ethan is so not thin it's kinda funny

  • H3H3 and iDubbbz running at the end made me have a stroke 😂

  • h3h3: kisses the egg iDubbbz: chews

  • I'm a man With a dick I'm a man with a dick

  • i have the dab for freedom shirt

  • fun fact, these eggs are traditional asian specialty. you make these things by letting eggs stay in horse urine for a very long time

  • Ethan: aggressively vomiting Ian: *maniacal laughter*

  • The whole time Ethan was vomiting everywhere Ian was just laughing his ass off

  • I was gagging so much that I bet you my family were like is he having a stroke it’s all good😂🤣😂

  • ahahhahah I'm dead it"s soo funny

  • Blaaaaaah uuggghhhhh 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • If you roll boiled eggs in salt and pepper it's bomb

  • You know its not edible when idubbz can eat it


  • Well, I’m in the mood for eggs.

  • Great i feel like puking and im not even eating the eegs

  • They actually got century eggs

  • Idubbz has so much fucking power

  • Ahh the good times, when people didn't get offended at everything.

  • Keep in mind idubbz has eaten a human cake

  • 7:09 Ethan: *Fucking dies* Ian: haHaHAhA

  • 1:19 sometimes foreshadowing is relatively obvious.

  • I mean I'm eating

  • I was eating when watching this, fuck this video

  • I Think He's An Egg Expert

  • Why did h3h3 sound like lusic diamond eyes

  • Sadly h3h3 changed.