Dragon Barker Z - Scamurai Buyer Unboxing

Birt 30 nóv 2016
OOPS, i misspelled samurai in the title. It's samuraibuyer.com...silly me
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  • bruh i called him scamuri buyer and then it said “dId YoU mEaN sAmUrI bUyEr”

  • this saga is so good lmao

  • You don’t want no beef nah lad

  • 5:56 really had to do Chad like that 😂

  • Who else went to the description to see if there was a link for a google form😂😂

  • * me sees the cat box * please take my money!!!

  • nay nigga nay nigaa nigga nigga nay nay

  • 6:22 now we know the origin of the tap brothers' mask. (from The Filthy Frank show)

  • Watching in 2020

  • Dude I love how Ian fucking loves jaydenanimations but he hates filthy frank

  • came from jaidens video did not see this coming xD you are so harsh

  • ^_^

  • Can someone explain the whole beef with samurai buyer guy? And what scam ?

    • @Epi Toon thanks

    • He made someone work for him and lied about being bad at English he lives in Australia

    • I really don't know shit bout it but i heard that he wasnt Japanese and is black and he knows English really good

  • idubbbz: Some of 'em were *PRETTY GOOD* Me: *AH HE SAID IT*

  • 6:25 What is that

  • 4:21 did he reference the ISchatsr CoryxKenshin if he did Cory definitely deserved the shout out

  • Its sad to see that it was all a we'll thought out company behind my man

  • That granny mask looks like the tap brothers from filthy frank

  • 5:38 and 7:34 josh dun your out of the band I dubbze is overtaking u

  • I'm confused why people are so hyped about Jaiden being in the good section

  • Its over 9000

  • scamurai, bcs its all a S C A M

  • One of the Tap brothers sneaked in this video

  • Misaki ......... was playing you all along , all of the youtube ers actually and you can see how much shit he took from these youtubers (he deserved even more) but imagine what was going through his sociopath mind .

  • xD

  • 1:51 ahhh he called me big brain ~v~

  • I go fast with drumsticks😂💀

  • That dragon ball z costume mixed with the tattoos makes for a good prison outfit. Would be a good skit for the sewers. A great escape

  • I like sperm a lot.

  • 🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺🐺 waWhat is wharf wharf

  • SaKUra

  • he didnt put the form in the description lmao

  • Considering this is a fucking scam he still hasn't put his video down

  • I hope he is still sending you Cosplay for your gfs only fans account

  • Ian baby you're lying if you saw Frank not giving a single fuck about the unboxing and bringing up real problems in Japan for the last 3 minutes and thought it was horrible that shit was fucking gold

  • You always have the best conversations with Masaki

  • Lit

  • Hey jadien

  • I'm pretty sure he sent the tattoo shirt item because the dragon looked like Shenron from DBZ.. which is pretty cool in my opinion.

  • simp

  • Yo when is our girlfriend posting more onlyfans content

    • Nigga you funny hahahah onlyfans funny xddddd stfu

    • You bought it lmao

  • i hate sperm

  • Low key think Ian would look good wit tattoo sleeves

  • So because of the grandma mask is this video now part of filthy frank lore?

  • Niggas still in my butthole

  • What’s popping

  • You heard him cough! Ian was the first with the corona! 4:03

  • I love you with a moustache n///////n tehe

  • Some real blood-sucking foolery is afoot

  • Lmao is that the scuffed Chad tattoo?

  • is the tattoo at 5:55 supposed to be justin mcelroy

  • hey look at that he was leafy in the beginning

  • Be nice to masaki dayunggggg


  • 2:23 who said there was a third tap brother.

  • day 3 of getting subs off the comments

  • Dupes edups lol pp smol btw

  • Why am I the only one that thinks iDubbz is a racist.

  • 3:58 FUCK YOU

  • Why the fuck does the cat have a swastika 😂

  • Hello misaki

  • Is it me or at the beginning when he says oooo it sounds like Patrick from spoungebob

  • Why can idoobies rock any accent


  • Does misaki get offended by the things he says? I mean I guess not because he's still sending Ian this stuff.


  • O.O

  • @6:35 XD

  • I'm late to the whole thing but I kinda wish Ian did a Content Cop on this piece of shit.

    • Not really possible since Misaki never actually made "content", so to speak. And there's really not much that Ian can say at this point that wasn't already said when Samurai Buyer got exposed

  • O.o

  • Masaki was definitely a fake troll from Australia right?

  • Mr dubbbz should be nice to good Asian man

  • by sakura i think you useless


  • Why 3:50 makes me laugh my ass off especially the "Fuck You" part

  • I feel bad for him he seems so nicec

  • I think he took it a bit too far... does he realize the poor guy is probably watching this

  • You have been called a sperm, you have ended up on the F.B.I watch list, and you have STD. Like to undo Make sure the like button is grey, and the dislike button is blue

  • Edup tap brother ?

  • Yes yes *S H I T*

  • 6:21 i cant be the only one who noticed he said “grandma kusonoki” which is joji/ff’s last name

    • Daisy and Language Watch Edit George Kusunoki Miller (born 18 September 1992 papa franku. You fucking ass hat.

    • Shane Grover jojis from japan and his japanese last name is Kusonoki

    • Jojis last name is Miller, George Miller

  • Ok, this far in the series I can safely say Misaki is Maxmoefo.

  • 6:40 POW camp confirmed

  • idubbbz is the best jojo

  • I now its a late comment but that uniform is from the human world

  • D O Y O U L I K E T H E S P E R M

  • The best series ever

  • 2019?

  • Lot's of sperm. It's like a highschool locker room.

  • The cat has a swastika on its arm

  • He really does look like a drummer if he had 2 sleeves and full torso tatted lol


  • 6:00

  • -_- why am I so yewwo

  • I spelled Wrongly! SPAM Ooooh! You meant Spam! Yes Yes SHIT ME: laughing my booty off 🤣


  • So does anybody you know that cat has a Nazi symbol on it

  • 3:00 Fbi yes this is the video

  • Please explain why Filthy frank is in the bad part.

  • Why was this posted on my birthday.... thanks idubbbz