I LOVE SWEDISH CULTURE - Bad Unboxing Fan Mail

Birt 29 ágú 2016
new, interesting video coming out later this week. Followed by more A+ videos thereafter. Thank you.
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  • Geyboi

  • Damn this video has 13+ mil. views

  • Almost dies I love fish I love fish 8:00

  • Do you know that pretty much no swedes actually eat surströmming.

  • "My videos aren't for anyone under 18" I'm 11

  • @jk_rowling which hogwarts house is known for having the wettest pussy?

  • I’m 12 and I like Idubbs

  • o

  • Idubbbz for president. Trump, meet your maker.

  • peenis

  • Sus

  • 2:27 had me dying

  • God I miss these videos

  • Not for kids under 18. OK kids let’s watch it😁😁😁

  • 9:33 I can’t stop laughing lmao, it went in the can

  • 4:05, it's crazy what people used to be able to say on ISchats

  • im 5 years old i love your videos thanks for giving me cancer i have 3 days to live thanks

  • Idubbbz opened a radioactive fish can

  • "it tastes acidic." *also vomits into it 5 seconds before*

  • 6:22 no

  • I miss bad unboxing

  • Avicii made me fall in love w Sweden.❤

  • Awyeah!!!!!

  • Idubbbz gets stromburg on him Idubbbz: 2:28

  • 7:46 that’s rough buddy

  • *that doesn’t even rhyme what the heck*

  • Never Forget 9:11

  • You can tell that Ian is going through a bit of a manic episode in this video.

  • 5:31

  • Harambe harambe im glad he died harambe harambe lets see whats inside😂😂

  • stormburg

  • *ian gag from smell*

  • 2:27 ooooohhhhh i smell really fuckin bad.

  • I like that T-shirt

  • he’s so cute here if you look at his vids now....

  • well im 13 an ima stay

  • 7:39 smart idea!

  • i find it a little surprising how idubbbz gets 10 million views a video

  • surstromming was made when the swedish troops ran out of salt to salt and cure their fish so they just did not add it after they ran out and now its an actual dish

  • LOL I'm 13

  • fuck u im 14

  • Surströmming smells like a shit took at shit.

  • I dont want this to be age restricted, but how is it not? Way less offensive videos are...

  • "harambe harambe im glad he died, harambe harambe lets see whats inside" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I love how he says the n-word and does not get hate🤣

  • 7:40 enjoy

  • I thought you died from cancer?

  • Simp

  • är bajs

  • 22th

  • idubbz shirt literally says "@jk_rowling which hogwart house is known for having the wettest pussy?"

  • I like how nobody cares about him saying the n-word

    • De'Ja He stopped in his most recent videos.

    • Ik it’s funny

    • I've been watching through is vids for the last couple hours. It's started with GA, now the hard -ER. I've seen others try to use the "it's just a word" justification but it's so much more. I also take issue with the use of homophobic language and abelist language. It's sad.

  • Saw

  • lol im 15 and bitch i ain't leavin 😂

  • watching this in 2020 and i heard him say the n word and i was just shocked 😂 i forgot he just casual did that

  • No... no I dont think i will

  • Who ever sent that to Idubbbz really wanted him dead.........

  • love the shirt

  • Well your going to get age restricted either way so may as well watch your amazing content

  • is the guy with the brain tumor still good

  • Only the real fans will remember the original name of this video...

  • Nice shirt

  • 7:21

  • What religion does Ian follow/belong to????

  • U SUCK

  • Mmmm i smell like shit

  • What if that shit was really just a novalty item hahahaha

  • I ain’t loggin off

  • I think i was able to smell it

  • The day iDubes lost his virginity.

  • I wanna know answer that t-shirt question so bad

  • Stop

  • M-m money shot

  • What the hell is that shirt

  • Miss this set up it feels cozy and more organized

  • Hey man. I wish youd let some professional drag queens seriously dress you all up,with full on makeup & wig etc... & teach you a little dance or something. I mean full on drag!! I bet Trixie Mattel, Katya & Willam would make you look so pretty lol. I guarantee you'd get a ton of views & new subs. You'd really get along with Trixie & Katya too. They're crazier than you , EXTREMELY talented & fucking hilarious. Just like me lol. Love, long time fan - ⛈Rain Havok ⛈ Oh PS. Your DRAG name would be MAMMARY LANE (instead of memory lane)🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fucking CLASSIC!

  • 6:20 im 12

  • 5:23

  • There was a great big moose, he liked to eat a lot of *P U S S Y C A T P U S S Y C A T*

  • Ian if you see this comment say Potato chips plz

    • @EYAD ALGARADI Your a real one! I respect you now!

    • Potato chips

  • Idubbz bedtime story’s

  • Holy shit this is 4 years old

  • This man's says the n word on reg and everyone else gets cancelled for putting makeup on to dark he's immune

  • let be honest whenthe top of the surstromming was hard af we should have know it was rotten

  • I’m 8

  • No

  • He was so happy at the beginning

  • I love your videos and Im twelve

  • S M A K A R B A J S

  • Yeah it's not supposed to be liquid good jees is tou probably wouldn't have gotten food poisoning from microbes because they would have died with the amount of acid and gas in there bad news is you certainly would from al those delicious byproducts

  • n

  • that's me try to say something but says a fucking random thing 1:00

  • In nine but idc your so funny

  • I feel like some of his bad unboxings are gone

  • Surströmming just tastes likes salt

  • I threw ☝

  • 7:40 IT SPRAYED 🤣

  • But these vids wouldn’t be up in 2020 since every one is a pussy cat pussy cat

  • Lmao I missed this vids

  • I couldnt fucking breathe at the end wtf