Content Cop - Tech Destruction Channels

Birt 11 okt 2016
thankk you 4 watchin. (other vid has some probs)
thanks to alex for helping me film:
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  • 8:23 tf2 trolldiers:

  • I miss the old Idubbbz

  • I wont comment anymore but I do watch every content cop evrey day and I'd like you to go back ean senpai and make some more

  • 4:07 hey good reference I didn't notice till 2020

  • I came for plainrock124 and I want plainrock124

  • Idubs

  • 4 year anniversary of this vid

  • Drop testing my 2 year old son from a 200m tall building

  • This same thing can be said for mr breast. Spending $10k on a video doesn’t make it creative.

    • @Quinn Newman alright, gonna bankrupt myself because I didn't get lucky with the algorithm. Mr Beast used to be good prior to his "Spending X amount of on Y" videos, because he had commentary on his videos.

    • @Professor_Flamingo than you do it.

    • @Quinn Newman yes. Anyone can do what he does.

    • Sometimes excessiveness is creative. Can you tell me honestly that you could have thought of any of the ideas he came up with? No. And by definition, that is creative.

    • @Quinn Newman that is not creative. People don’t watch the video for him, they watch it for the extreme amount of x being used, again, because of budget.

  • Do vegan gains content cop

  • This is actually my first time actually watching idubbbz and to me honest, I found this kind of interesting

  • “Oh no, my clothesline turned on”

  • 4.7k people spent 12 grand on their devices.

  • GOLD

  • Wow...he is very right

  • "It's blacker than..." (Stops himself from making a racist comment) "...Anything I've seen in my life."

  • I unironically found dubz destruction video way more entertaining lmao

  • i used to like his videos and i didn’t understand why my dad was confused and worried at this guy smashing an iphone with a hammer for no reason when i showed him some videos

  • This is exactly one year BEFORE the content cop on Asian Jake Paul...

  • "This content may be inappropriate for some users, do you wish to continue?" YES SUSAN! I wish to continue. What time is dinner??

  • This man has killed cockroaches by molten aluminium who the fuck let’s this man be monitiezed

  • *my name je-*

  • how is this age restricted?

  • alunaash theview whitesnake eveonline uberhaxornova moviebob tesla

  • Cheese it THE FUZZ

  • You said the abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz word

  • one of the best lines, "oh no my clothesline turned on!"

  • 02:52 ok but why tho? Who covers their wall with used condoms? Why would you cover you wall in used condoms? Who the fuck took this picture? Why did they make that picture? I have so many questions...

  • no one makes good youtube videos anymore

  • 2:08

  • Blender was pretty funny

  • This guy needs a beer

  • Bruh ISchats make this inappropriate.

  • Does TylerTube fall under this category of shity content or is he better?

  • Everyone has different opinions!!

  • why is his pee so light?

    • I know right! Mine is always a deep red! I think he should see a doctor.

  • Idubbbz is the best youtuber change my mind.

    • I wouldnt But people call him simp for shitty reasons So now he has stopped making videos

  • Oh my god guys, I just realized guys, these guys say guys as much as jaystation guys, that's insane guys.

  • BUSTED a nut

  • 11:24

  • Plainrock124 is the only good tech destruction channel on ISchats.

    • Plainrock124 is AWESOME

  • You Cant Forget About Plainrock124

  • This video is too good 🤣🤣

  • The fucking intro manx

  • Why was this age restricted?

  • It should be illegal to demonitise iDubbbz videos

  • Man I want these back ngl

  • yy

  • Chad u naughty boy

  • That’s insane

  • I cant break my phone with my magnet. Hmmmmm ah I’ll just slam it into a table until it doesn’t turn on


  • I love how half of the content cops are literally idubbbz beating up Chad

  • How much u wanna bet they used generic cola and one bottle of coke to save money

    • He actually used a bit of Pepsi.

  • Why is this video age restricted?

  • Just imagining the conversations around the intros for this series-yeah you're gonna be minding your business and then I jump out dressed like a cop from a bad porno and wrestle you for a few minutes. then you beat the shit out of me, yeah

  • So when are we getting the Shane Dawson content cop?

    • @Fairywolf222 same

    • Guess I'll just have to keep dreaming!

    • Probably never, unfortunately.

    • never, he quit doing content cops

  • Stupid content maker is talking shit to another stupid content makers for who can make less stupid contents, I mean wtf the world is heading to? 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • yes

  • These people are stupid oh ya hammer go make phone not work crazy

  • 18+

  • The guy in the start is the dude from howtobasic

  • Whenever Techrax's video idea doesn't go the way he plans he becomes a mentally ill asylum patient

  • “It’s Blacker Than............Anything I’ve Ever Seen In My Life.”

  • The knee on the back didnt age too well😭😂

  • my favourite part was the end “my name je-“

  • logan paul

  • Why in the fuck is this age restricted I'm baffled

  • Petition for idubbz and Brandon Rodgers to do a collab

  • The good thing about Techrax isn't his content, but rather the comment section with all the seething Apple fanboys. You can meme at them and they just keep skipping in that loop and won't realize that they just watched money being made and that's the great thing about it. Dumb idiots crying about overhyped lifestyle products, which I oppose of, which they don't need.

  • Almost 8 mil subs

  • Mr Beast is sweating

  • AIDS

  • The only good one is plainrock124

  • This is America look what you slipping nah

  • That was the most brutal my name eh shovel throw I ever did saaawwww

  • Mr beast malding


  • So he makes a tech destructive video but doesn’t put in plainrock124

  • is he wearing an edssworld hoodie in the intro

  • Holy crap I thought he was actually techrax for a sec😂

  • I don't see that channel

  • beautiful times

  • I like the kid asking why he broke his drone

  • plainrock

  • ISchats is gay

  • @howtobasic

  • The dash button thing would be a good video if you wanted to order some groceries but could only buy what the blender chooses

  • I thought it was Steve jobs

  • It’s so unsatisfying to watch this video on the part where she says “we got you guys on camera doing this” I really wish Ian woulda said something like “yeah so did we that’s what a fucking comedy sketch is”

  • Dont diss these people; with our this vid revenue those people would be on welfare taking tax dollars so we could supplement them with ad revenue because a McDonalds can only hire so many people to help customers use the katchup despinser

  • my brother could of used that iphone

  • Tell me why I'm having a content cop marathon? I discovered this, this morning.

  • When he was actually funny now thier he falls with ricegum and leafyishere and fainted

    • Erm, how? How can you say Idubbbz is anything like those poisonous cunts?

  • Why are you hating on Mark Rober?

  • 2:36 really made me go Woaaahhh... like!

  • Mark rober is an exception though

  • 6:54 i see a nerf logo like if you see it too

  • Yo anyone else notice tree fell on idubbz

  • I hated how the cops just watch you clean up the mess like parents