Bad Unboxing - Talking about my wrist injury

Birt 16 jan 2019
rawr x3 nuzzle pounces on you, o ur so war-WHOA. sorry folks. I got hacked for the first sentence of this description. More videos out soon!!!! this is a video-type channel from here-on-out. Thanks for your concern about my serious wrist injury. Thank you for your wonderful fan mail.
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  • For those interested in the song in the outro, the title is "I wish you could be mine" by Edwin San Mateo.

  • wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww my birthday

  • That cut looks minor, but you better amputate your hand just to be safe.

  • 3:19 Two wigs One swimming cap Two muslim hats And an old lady pussy massager, theres gonna be a hella good party there!

  • Shut up simp

  • Who feels weak when they see blood?

  • 2:35 *HOMIE*

  • Hi, I am from sheshamgam and I have used the amazing NORD VPN to see this amazing video in my locked century of sheshamgam run by r fat ass leader kimmi

  • “This episode was meant to be about science...” *Immeadiately gashes palm open*

  • I'm watching this vid at 6.9 mil views

  • Cancer fuck

  • He cant spell science

  • It's amazing how fast a bad unboxing video ages.

  • That egg probably wasn’t even rotten when he sent it the box was sitting for two fucking years

  • Download these in case ISchats deletes these

  • Ian all cap

  • in the words of the great mr.IDubbz "sometimes its just a toaster"

  • “So i cut my wrist pretty bad on the racially insensitive piece of pottery down there” - absolute unit, Ian

  • ayy 6.9mil views

  • that moment when he does him and she he does it

  • *this package is actually decent* Fans: I am honoured *this package is shit and you should feel bad* Fans: I am honoured

  • 5:17... Grandma got revenge xD

  • I Draw pictures, I paint Pictures 1:27

  • Momma always said life is like a box of toasters.

  • who else watching in october 2020

  • 1:27

  • Yay

  • He hasn’t posted any Bad Unboxings since this video 2020 really took everything from us 😩

  • bruh my intials r et

  • 5:57

  • give it a suck

  • 7:42

  • Mongaloid?!

  • Sceance. Cute.

  • MR ZUCKMAN.. 7:42

  • no ones gonna talk about the description ok

  • 1:20 I was hoping he would do that if he wouldn’t have I would have disliked

  • That "SCEANCE" is triggering me so hard!!!

  • S C E A N C E

  • I feel bad for the guy who eventually robs Ian's house

  • "Sometimes life isnt complicated, it's just a toaster" -Ian Carter

  • how tf did he get to this stage

  • west coast blueface

  • Back in the day when he wasn't a simp

    • @Patrick Walters You didn't see the video?

    • When was he a simp??

  • "Sometimes, life isn't complicated. it's just a toaster" - iDubbbzTV/Ian

  • My dumbass thought my screen was cracked. It was just the spilt where the table folds. Wow :/

  • The E.T. hand. Fits up your asshole, makes you fluorescent

    • Sounds like a big deal 💰 💰👌

  • What are you f*cking stupid

  • Why was the vase racist

  • Get a tattoo that just says seman

  • Like your cut g

  • 1:34, We known for quite a while little boy.


  • Ian your shirt is amazing

  • I really just need to unsub and move on instead of thinking that the video you post another year from now will be better XD

  • I WeLL giVe YoU rAsSeS pAsSeS 😂😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Sceance

  • 6:40 he shitted


  • Actually don’t know how to spell science 🧪

  • I know its been a year and a half, but its science

  • 5:18-5:40

  • Mongoloid 😂😂😂

  • Why that orange lollipop look like the lollipop knife from trick or treat

  • Where's the 2020 bad unboxings?!

  • I started bleeding like a bitch

  • "I think ill give it a Zucc"

  • whaat is the outro song

  • someone send him Viagra

  • Fun for all, and dildos. We have those too.

  • 1:27

  • Anyone think the reason he cut himself so easily was cause he wrote that word on his wall 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • So I Cut mY wrist pretty bad on some racially insensitive pottery there on the floor

  • They wanted to get rid of that vase because it was haunted. You can actually see the black girl on it. It's very, very haunted

  • The et part was so funny

  • Let's be honest, the hot sauce probably IS shit

  • Starting to look like a rejected Scooby-Doo character

  • Mr. Zuckman Give me a suck LMFAO

  • 5:23 Have fun

  • It's actually spelled *seance*

  • “Life is like a toaster.” Idubbz - 2019

  • “Sometimes life isn’t complicated, it’s just a toaster” - Eduppps

  • Crystal Head vodka is actually one of the better ones. Can confirm hot sauce in skull shape is shit, however

  • When he broke the pot i died laughing

  • Lol

  • Cold ones?

  • remember when you said youd make a content cop

  • 6:54 I thought it was bong..

  • This was hilarious

  • “Sometimes life isn’t complicated, it’s just a toaster. Idubbbz 2019

  • Stuff one of your dilidos into the et finger

  • The Reese’s Pieces reference. It goes so deep.

  • I ask myself how this dunce got 7mill subs but he’s just so far ahead of his time.

  • rawr x3 nuzzle pounces on you, o ur so war criminal

    • @unfunny queer nevermind. Went in a but of a rant on how I hate people like you.

    • @Gaz the fuck are you talking about?

    • @Gaz what?

    • @unfunny queer ohhh wow your so edgy are those carpeted stairs and dino nuggets not good enough for you?

    • @Gaz i dont like me either ;-;

  • Cursed pottery

  • ET missin a chromasome

  • Good job for almost cutting of your wrist, that is the best content evrr

  • 6:29 made by Dan Aykroyd

  • Science

  • M m m Mu mu mu Muh muh muh *MONEYSHOT*