Birt 12 ágú 2016
Thanks for watching. I'm back in America, so more content cops coming soon. *not a prank.
For all your suggestions.
Extended Self-Pranks:
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  • I wont comment anymore but I do watch every content cop evrey day so please edupz chan more cop contend

  • if u wanna watch actual pranks, watch vlog creations, that dude is actually good with pranks, all original, no clickbait, no cringe

  • Was that an actual shit

  • He really just shit on the table

  • .37 seconds in he fell like idubbbz shot him with a rifle or sum shit

  • Just the thought of all those crumbs gives me anxiety 8:34

  • a prank: mom i have two dicks*pulls down pants* made you look

  • The spider prank 😂 wtf?

  • That man shiver shit in a corndog never again


  • The corndog prank still after 2 years still makes me laugh keep doing these funny jokes

  • The dog in the intro is dogmeat and I love him

  • Who was that in the intro

  • So sad that he still hasnt made more of these

  • node one ihascupquake mcdonalds digimon

  • Is it just me or does he look like MatPat?

  • Haha I prenk gud

  • Why is the steering wheel on the right side

  • Did he actually eat his own shit

  • I miss these videos

  • Literally stfu

  • old idubbbz is way funnier than simp icuckkz

  • i just watched a grown man take a shit on a table and shove his shit inside a corn dog.

  • I hope that shit wasn’t real and just chocolate. I’m incredibly disturbed

  • Did you just eat your own shit

  • I don’t agree with your points.

    • @Joe I liked his comment as well

    • Ben Mackey Ben buddy you liked your own comment

    • Zrigga here come the idubbz fans. Like what points did he really make? Like ok some of his shit is specific but who tf cares. Like boo hoo buddy

    • @Joe pretty much how old r u?

    • Ben Mackey nope. Just cause I don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean I’m a child buddy.

  • That worker just did not get payed enough to deal with his bs

  • 9:47 rip danny

  • im so horny


  • this was the first content cop that killed a channel

  • That corn dog looked crisp

  • The dog at the beginning was just like “I WANNA PLAAAAAYYYYYY”

  • I would love to see leafy survive in today’s climate

  • 11:06 holy moly did he actually do that 🥺😂😂😂

  • frank : it's just a prank bro

  • The dead body pranks, I call them the Darwin tier shit. That's one of the highest tiers you can pull. They are named like that because... these make you eligible for the...

  • Filthy frank did that

  • 5 friday the 13th pranks you can pull with condiments

  • Damn man, These "pranks" were so much fucking better that shit so many ISchatsrs do today lol.

  • Simp

  • Friday the thirteenth prank Holds up chainsaw

  • Did he actually just do it on the table?

  • It’s just a prank bro

  • ok i might sounds stupid here but did you actually take a shit it looked to fucking real not to be like ngl it just looks like you actually shit

  • Is the shit real

  • Open someone's screen door and fill the space between the screen and the front with garbage so it all falls into the house when they open the door

  • 4:07 it’s called a “woman.” That’s what this prank is for.


  • Believe it or not, but 8 year olds think these "pranks" are hilarious. And just about ONLY 8 year olds think these "pranks" are hilarious. These are like 30 year old dudes doing elementary school pranks and it's actually kind of weird.

  • Its been 4 years, but there's probably still crumbs in his bed.

  • this is old, but the prank dude look like walmart johnny sins

  • 0:38 that's the guy from howtobasic

  • Bruh I thought he was just gonna nut on the corn dogs

  • I am stupid like really stupid but I still dont now if the turd with the corn dogs was real or not

  • How to prank someone : 1. Ask if they know a fast food nearby called grab n' deez multiple times 2. Grabbin' deez nuts ha gotem

  • P

  • I am about to vomit U are so disgusting

  • Is idubbbz an actual cop

  • 4:23 you mean Logan paul

  • jackie pauly wanee chan cahm chgop[

  • Why his wheel in car on opposite side??

  • Crh is a legend

  • Did the hommie dennis wrong

  • Did Ian just shit on camera?...


    • @Master Miller if youre too stupid to notice, the 2 people who replied to you were mocking you

    • @Adr Ian This is correct

    • @Master Miller damn dude, u totally owned him with one word

    • @Neck :) you get it

    • Master Miller “hehe simp word funny!!!!!!”

  • What’s the song he uses for the “pranks” 😂😂

  • Golden age

  • I almost threw up with the corndog part

  • What is the deleted content cop video?? Lol

  • He’s never gonna make another one of theses things is he?? I miss when he ran around in an oversized cop outfit

  • 9:12 she was focusing too much on the script and did a face flop instead of a dive

  • 4:39 lol the hand over lens transitions

  • 8:46 idk why but I found this really funny

  • I would honestly kill myself if my job was making "pranks" for 5 year olds while im 40 on youtube. Im being 100% real.

  • I would of ate that poop dog

  • I don't know why these content cops are so long and soothing and sutle

  • Who’s here in 2020 and still thinks this is the funniest shit ever😂😂

  • did he actually shit 7:00

  • I never almost puked out of disgust while laughing my ass off before in my life

  • These were truly timeless breakdowns and I love that he’s evolve to different content.

  • A timeless classic

  • who ever disliked this vid can go die

  • haha u can eat a red frezzeie pop and still get a blue toungue!

  • These are old I know but the dude was dead funny in exposing the utter utter shit on youtube.

  • 8:31 *snort snort*

  • Ian's looking sharp doe

  • You should go back to having hair like this, or is there areason you shaved your head?

  • as someone with celiac, the bread was fucking hilarious

  • 2:55

  • If you are going to revive this series keep the intro aspect. It’s fun to see those cuz unexpected shit happens🤣

  • The dog I love it

  • Dog furnace.

  • Who else is watching this in quarantine cus ur bored af

  • wait wuts the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian ._.?

    • Vegans don’t eat any animal products (milk, eggs, honey etc. ) vegetarians still eat animal products, but they don’t eat meat

  • I’m gonna assume it was irregular shaped corndog

  • 7:00 can someone explain Did he actually took a shit???

  • it annoys me that they are calling idubbz a simp while he really isnt, because people dont actually know the definition of what a fucking simp is. if he is something its the opposite of a simp.

  • 9:13 must’ve burnt

  • after the keemstar video this ones too soft