DON't TALK TO ME ABOUT MUSIC - idubbbz complains

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Yes, i do love me some music, raggea rock, pop, punk, indie, folk, indie folktronica, you name it i love it. I love bands, musical artists, and song & dance.


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  • Sooooooo what’s your favorite music

  • bring facial hair back

  • pro moustache here.

  • You people are wrong. He is not a ISmip. Hes a raging IKuck. Its not wrong to be a IKuck. Its okay to be a IKuck. If you like other people objectifying the person you are supposee to share private love with for the sake of money or whatever, thats okay. If the person you love likes being objectified for materialism, cool. The universe doesnt care. But i think you are an embarassment. And if you like being used and stepped on, great. Continue to dance for my amusement, youtuber Imonkee. You belong to us.

  • ...

  • He's raged so much about people talking about his girlfriend and her boyfriend so he went to the gym to get swole nice job Ian

  • Shave the stash and get on Pokimane content cop

    • Fuck it can b anyone we NEED a new content cop

    • Cmon tf is this IDubbbz u look like ur havin a mid life crisis pull out the cop outfit get it done

  • Can you do a follow up to the peanut video to see if Planter's actually changed anything about their peanut portions in their mixed nuts?

  • Yes

  • I understand why people hate country music and nickleback, but what's wrong with rap?

    • hold that thought. why would you hate country?

  • So this was just a ad

  • Hey idubbbz I’m a really big fan and wanted to let you know if u didn’t know your content cop leafy has been removed and I think that’s retarded but there was someone that re uploaded it just letting u know

  • Simp

  • Hey it’s Anthony Fantano here the internets busiest music nerd

  • same here ... no country no rap

  • In our rigorous investigation we have come up with some sad news, you are diagnosed with simp


  • you look like donut operator

  • No mustache.

  • At the end of the day Ian, you have your opinions and its totally okay not to share them! I too feel this way about music, even tho I am a man who quite enjoys music.. I am also a man who respects what people are and aren't comfortable with, and if they choose not to share out of the fear of criticism.. then imo they have the right not to share, at least where I come from idk about the rest of the world

  • Totally forgot idubbz existed until now

  • Simpppp

  • Idubbbzs really needs to fucking iron his shirt

  • You remind me of Norman Bates....i feel like anytime ´´Mother’’´s gonna take over.

  • Iancocksocks

  • I listen to 70s Funk... but it's certainly not anything I'd mention randomly to a room full of strangers... oh, wait... wat?

  • They also always gotta make it a competition to like different genres.

  • *79 bucks, may be cheap for someone who makes millions from ISchats videos* *But to normal working class people, it's pretty expensive*

  • honestly, nothing competes with putting your boys onto artist/ bands before they’re popular or their music is shoved down everyone’s dick hole through tik tok.

  • I personally prefer early 2000s music like Get Low by Lil Jon.

  • What music u listen to?

  • Keemstar has a shocking resemblance to Shrek when he's shaved

  • mustache yes

  • What kind of music do you listen to? "uh idk, usually i just listen to the sounds of my gf getting railed by other dudes" - idubbbz 2020

  • Also these are just beans for my family.

  • Hair : yes


  • Do u listen to joji tho XD

  • hey guys my favourite singer is ariana grande and my favourite band is gorillaz 🤪🥵💕😐😭

  • Where the hell you at bro, I want some more videos! You’ve got good content

  • i listen to blackened polyphonic death thrash metal core

  • hey idubbbz can you make content cop about pokimane

  • God I get soo Fucking happy when people ask me what music I listen to

  • Dude come back to us plz

  • I dont care about the facial hair. U do u boo.

  • You like country music huh bud?

  • no way you like die antwood too?

  • thats gay tbh

  • Say hello to your bull for me icuckkk

  • this is like content cop but without a cop

  • Anybody remember his only fans girlfriend?

  • Can’t believe that 11k people don’t like this man

  • Lmao he listenin to drain gang

  • No stash0

  • Whenever I ask someone about what kind of music they listen to, i try to see how my taste relates to theirs and either ask for, or give... mainly give recommendations on what i think they'd like

  • Does he still say n word?

  • Are you sure you don't listen to country?The mustache says I listen to Toby Keith while arresting the hooker I just paid to watch me apologize.

  • Simp

  • Oh no.... *Raycons*


  • I like no mustache Its good

  • Dude someone gets it

  • k simp

  • "I enjoy what I listen to so much I dont want to risk you influencing me or giving me your opinion" yeah that just about sums it up. Its also when coming from the other end, I hate people's tastes being shoved on me like its the best thing ever and its music I find shitty or incredibly milk toast.

  • With how he looks now and the fact he started the video by eating corn. I think hes about to be dad.

  • no stash fosho

  • I'm gaaay

  • To be honest, I think idubbbz has been on a downward spiral mentally, and now he's lost it completely.

  • Dislike solely because of the Shakira slander. Disappointed in you, iDubbbz.

    • lol i want content cop back though

  • how can you not like country and rap. its like best 2 genres

  • I came here from the green screen video of this is cute

  • okay iDubbbz put DIE ANTWOOD on the screen when he said "I don't even understand why I like a certain artist or a certain song" and this makes me love him more.

  • No Moustache is better

  • Lmao 3:50 idubbbz no matter what he does ill watch and laugh

  • Bring it back

  • Is idubbbz still SIMP 🤔

  • Hey ian listen to doseone

  • music insecurity lol

  • He predicted the samsung beans!

  • you look so much better without the stache dude im sorry

  • Who’s ur favorite singer

  • It's okay, we can go to that Shakira concert together.

  • You should check out nirvana

  • acid rap was in the thumbnail. That’s why I’m here

  • stash

  • i never listened to music

  • The riddler. U look exactly like him. That's all

  • I'm still waiting for my covid stimulus check. Once I get it, I'll be sure to buy a pair.

  • have you heard of this artist named joji?

  • I’m a Metalhead And I approve this message

  • I like the facial hair but for u it doesn’t matter to much

  • Simp

  • Mega sus

  • *looks at both clean, and hairy face* Wait. I don't give a shit about his facial hair

  • I listen to rock, grunge and Dark metal.

  • This is so fucking true

  • SIMPle plan

  • IDubbbz should put a content cop out on himself at this point...calling it now lol

  • Mustach good idoops

  • Friend: “so what music do you like” Me after watching this video: “what am I gonna get out of it? All the pain and suffering that will follow, why should I even love anymore. How dare you ask such a cruel question. HOW DARE YOU!!!”