idubbbz looks at your funny meme :)

Birt 24 ágú 2019
in this video 'ian carter' reacts to all of the great memes that the community has created. he also looks at the 'idubbbz subreddit', very cool stuff here. he also has monogamous slacks. very cool indeed
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  • Please get rid of the mustache. It is truly horrible facial hair above and being any comedy or irony.

  • What's the song he was dancing to?

  • 0:01 - 0:25 "I didn't know"

  • This is what happened after Filthy Frank shaved Iddubz's hair and made it to a cake

  • 3:01 dead ass tho he actually looks pretty good ngl

  • Why is IDubbbz always drenched in sweat?

  • *He got the tash to make the the cash..*

  • ThAtS yOuR uNcLe

  • 0:21 serial killer

  • SIMP

    • "jake"

  • Wenogamissecs

  • Put out a new content cop to save your content.

  • ... i like the mustache

  • You and the model have the same eyebrows lmao nothing to do with the glasses

  • 8:07 I can’t decide if he’s Nicholas Cage or Napoleon Dynamite.

  • He is ceiling gang

  • Im upset that him dyeing his moostash actually made it 100% better

  • iDubbbz with his consistent million views

  • He looks so healthy I’m so proud and gonna cry.

  • The stache looks good but it reminds me of walter white whe buzzes his head with his mustache

  • Y does he look so sweaty🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I died when he licked his lips and says, “yeah I’m a furry”

  • Ian has a fish fetish confirmed

  • Man, no wonder why this vid has 4k dislikes

  • That intro didn't age terribly well. XD

  • Idubbbz: “oh the subreddit has rules” *starts reading the rules* Rules: no bullying other users Idubbbz: ”this place is hell”

  • the intro to this didn't age well...

  • Not only were all of those memes terrible, but so is reddit.

  • I was watching his old videos of kickstarter crap and now he looks so gay. Like really gay

  • Actually scuffed 😂

  • I think his mustache is alive

  • 5:18 - 5:35 I lost my shit. Why is that so funny 😂

  • when you asked if you look like an uncle, ive never seen n uncle that skinny in my life

  • Matt watson from supermega??

  • Today’s Ian’s birthday. Happy birthday to a god.

  • Wholesome chungus keanu 100

  • This intro aged quiet well

  • He looks like he should be playing a keyboard in a robe

  • haha gay

  • Watch full force and you'll get it

  • Wow what a great start to a video

  • Idubbz is transforming into a America’s most wanted sketch

  • Song?

  • way so not everyone with glasses looks the same but everyone with facial hair looks like guy fawx

  • T1 baby

  • 7:55 you look like who the guy who used to sell me acid during my 2017 binge

  • i wish i can just go back to 2016 where i watched content cop for the first time

  • Mustache definitely looks better dyed but you still look like you aren’t allowed within 100 ft of elementary schools.

  • 2:22 Matt from super mega

  • Matt Watson from supermega?

  • Pringles guy?

  • oh shit the beard doesn’t look bad dyed

  • Intro song is Pushover by Agency. You’re welcome

  • he looks so greasy

  • ian make a shane dawson content cop

  • 6:36 @iamalexx

  • It’s so funny to me to watch this video after not watching IDubbz for a couple years. It’s funny how fucking lame his fans are now. It’s like all the people from the Ricegum content cop make up all his fans. The reddit page actually made me physically ill. Lmao makes sense that he’s a simp now.

  • Watching this video thourughly showed me Ian can never have kids

  • your skin and hair look so wet i cant tell if you do these videos after taking a shower/face moisturizer orrrr just ate four big macs

  • I am gonna pin Ian down and shave the fucking monstrosity whether he likes it or not

  • I got a toy ad, for barbie dolls before this video *scared* *confusion*

  • Shane Dawson content cop part didn't age too well

  • Why did Ian look like MattShea at 3:09


  • sexual predator

  • 5:00 ironic

  • I thought we promised monogamy sex 😶

  • 8:20

  • Pornstash?

  • simp

  • Dank rishu

  • hey is sweating a lot

  • The intro is really relevant now.

  • The side by side kinda look similar tbh😂

  • 7:48 He legit reminds me of Kip from Napoleon Dynamite when he changes for LaFawnduh

  • I got a strange mix of scott pilgrim, napoleon dynamite, and weezer vibes

  • he looks like marc rebillet in this video

  • You look like warden from siege and that’s not a good thing

  • The track at the start of the video, how relevant.... get it? because his girlfriend has a Only-fans account.

  • this intro doesn't age well

  • Holy shit. 9 months passes quickly

  • 5000 pedophile points to the man ian

  • Why does he look like a porno actor from the 70s?

  • Meme👏 review👏

  • 2:24 Matt Watson from supermega?!??

  • fore shadowing the future love you mr. simp

  • Walter white

  • Glasses, a mustache, he got it all

  • Idubbbz passively and aggressively vining to that song in the beginning is a fucking masterpiece

  • never thought i could find an even weirder marc rebillet...

  • Jklove you

  • Simp hahaha

  • no ones gonna talk ab how that guy is from

  • Quality content👌🏻

  • Probably the hundredth person this week to say it but Ian repeatedly and angrily singing “I thought we promised monogamous sex” is at least a lil funny in today’s climate

  • Name your caterpillar Gurondos

  • That intro was foreshadowing and no one saw it coming

  • Is the song in the intro about your gfs boyfriend?

  • Dang bang up job

  • Lol xD they are still alive 🤣👌🏻💖