Unsavory Group of Bad Hombres - Bad Unboxing Fan Mail

Birt 14 des 2017
Got through some very unsavory hombres. I rushed this one a bit b/c I wanted to put something out. More projects in the works. And remember there is very occasionally a video on idubbbztv2.
BTW, today the FCC killed net neutrality. Which is a bummer considering the public outcry didnt have much of an effect on their decision. But at least congress can overturn the FCC's decision. lol
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  • Poem at 5:33

  • Who sent him the flag of Lincoln way west?

  • That minecraft book is my favorite super underrated

  • I like how it gets to the point where you need gloves because people send stuff like poop and teeth

  • The trucker who delivered the uranium had to have a hazmat endorsement on his or cdl. I'm surprised it made it to idubbbz house

  • I love the metaphorical Salad

  • 0:14 nobody is talking about this transition

  • Pre-Simp Era

  • Soo this is how he got cancer

  • takes down confederate flag to avoid a strike puts it on his computer right after

  • toothbrush

  • young turks

  • ISchats doesn't like anything. I shot one single puppy in a video and they deleted my channel

  • steveo

  • Pls do another one

  • "Mario, we need to join the Alt-Right"

  • Takes away flag to add the flag as wallpaper

  • The Luigi bit reminds me of a family guy cut-away

  • How is he not canceled

  • why isnt he more worried about the literal plutonium he recieved via mail.

  • Bro the real kings of BU are the people who give idubbbz actually good shit.

  • 2 years later & I’m finally thinking at 2:42 what did he actually just about stab there

  • Why the fuck does Ian violently scraping posters from his wall make me cry

  • cranial contusion. cringe

  • Hi from 2020

  • i have the confederate flag as my wallpaper on my phone's lock screen, and my chromebook's wallpaper. you know thats how southern i am.

  • its leaking because you stabbed the box with a screwdriver

  • Minion slippers r u serious

  • This is how he got cancer

  • 2:38 I came back from a four hour walk and hear and see this lol

  • I actually learned some chemistry from the comment section on this video

  • Takes down Rebel Flag. Puts two up on screen 🤣

  • Ok but no one is talking about how he tried to power stroke a 1911 a1

  • What would you do if I sent you edibles

  • Bunch of useless shit a snes what

  • wtf was that song at the end?

  • Is that Chris Ray Gun?

  • He’s like the last one from the group who never changed, he is a god if you don’t now the group we can’t be friends anymore

  • fuck you for this background I can’t stop seeing white dots

  • iDubbbz caused Chernobyl

  • I watch hentee

  • 1:56 -your radiation level has in creased you now have adv. radiation 💀

  • This video has the best title ever but o don't know why

  • That gold head looked like beetle juice

  • For the boys: if u visit Chernobyl wear a condom so your Pepe doesn’t get messed up

  • What does he mean by “uranium purposes” 🤔 probably something gay

  • you remind me of the guy from master of disguise

  • 3:00 then

  • It's official, the uranium was truly radioactive and led him down the path of simpage.

  • Expectations 7:39 reality 7:49

  • Idubbbz: mutters the word uranium Fallout 4 gamers: **cues diamond city radio**

  • He bangs his head on the table X5

  • 0:12 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  • 2:57 3:00

  • Cancer Edubbz is not a meme anymore thanks to the guy who send him the uranium

  • Is that Delsin Rowe’s beanie??

  • he throws away the confederate flag for not getting down by youtube. then changes the bg to confederate flag. he is a genius and his assholeness is spiritual!

  • What’s the song at the end?

    • Groove god ty - god That is just the beats

    • did we ever find out?

  • 3:03 Yeah I don't want this video taken down by ISchats Also Idubbbz, changes the monitors to the rebel flag

  • Takes rebel flag down to not offend. Changes desktop to rebel flag.

  • I'm surprised this hasn't been taken down. Like the start. With the selfhrm n shi

  • It took me three years to notice that when he takes the luigi jumper out the rips out some fanart, thinking its stuffing!

  • Is idubbbz a conservative?

    • he's probably a libertarian he's said he doesn't like trump but he's clearly pro gun as he owns a shotgun and he doesn't seem like a leftist so that would be my guess

  • dumbass said that they were minion slippers bitch that simpson slippers

  • I found a chicken in the bathroom somebody left a chicken in the bathroom

  • was the blanket lighting up in the background

  • 3:02 “yeah, I don’t want this video taken down by ISchats” *instantly cuts to rebel flag as his desktop background*

  • 0:07 I want candy mom! Mom: no you have to eat your GReEN bEaNS Seconds later:

  • anyone know what the second flag he takes out and puts on the computer is called ?

    • @George J why r u angry they're asking a question and hundreds of people are commenting on this video every day whys it a big deal

    • michael hawkins does anyone know why your commenting on a comment from a video from 3 years ago?

  • Hey that’s pretty good

  • bruh when he was glitching during the first part of the video, I had just installed my new graphics card and I was like crapppppppppppp

    • Oof

  • I need to stop watching these when I’m eating

  • Did anyone else notice that he got a Super Nintendo in the mail?

  • That's my school

  • 5:18 it is scary to know that I have read that book

  • 0:27 his right moniter got a new file at the top right

  • I love how he used the fallout 4 radiation sound when opening the uranium

    • That’s a Geiger counter, a tool used to measure how radioactive things are

  • song in the end?

  • 4:11 looks alike

  • Uranium fever

  • 7:35 does anyone know the song. the beat is from Grove God Ty - God but the artist is different.

  • Do You like Naruto, Mr IDubbbz?

  • I would've ate that spam

  • Where can i buy uranium ore

  • @iDubbbzTV 0:12 hahaha how do you not have concussion stronge man?

  • took me three years to realize the golden head is supposed to be him

    • Same

    • It took me three years to notice that when he takes the luigi jumper out the rips out some fanart, thinking its stuffing!

    • I didn't know til i saw this comment :')

    • It took me like 2 years 💀

  • This is the type of content that i can watch while i can shit

  • He should crush up the uranium and snort it

  • this shit is so much funnier when drunk

  • I absolutely love 2:55

  • The ending 😂

  • “The only thing were preying on is our knees when were praying to god, if youtube likes god.” -Ian Carter 2017

  • 0:13 when your mom says you can’t have another pizza roll

  • I just realized it was the Uranium ore that did this to made idubbz insane for like a year a while ago

  • The top of his head looks like an egg.

  • Holy shit, if you pause at 0:17 and look at the blanket behind left and right you can see a weird illusion

  • 7:26

  • Nigga has blonde hair till he slams his shit

  • why was idubzzy fat for like just this one video

  • That fucking pin head bust