Content Cop - Jake Paul

Birt 3 okt 2017
Jake Paul content cop. I'm glad you guys suggested it. Thank you.
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  • dude flexes more than lil tey

  • This comment section is more fucking toxic then Nyonoska after the atomary trash incident. He made valid criticism and some you are bitching about this NOW. What the actual fuck, you are not helping ricegum. If you treat this video like it came out now, then you should treat ricegum like he didn't change too.

  • Dank rishu isko complete rip off kar diya

  • One of the main reason I hate rice gum is because he uses the VMP in bo3

  • Ricegum made this kid lmao

  • the minecraft parody guy has better music than Ricegum

  • I can't find that one Bad Unboxing video where Ian bashed his head on the table...

  • crunk ain’t dead mean sum totally diff now

  • Here we are 3 years later And it's still not only relevant But people try to go against Ian as if the content cop weren't justified Sorry But these people are wrong

  • wait is this about rice gum or jake paul

    • Fairuz Nasir why didn’t u just watch the video

    • oh wait he said it

  • It's salt and vi

  • Idubbzs is the one thing that holds ISchats together

  • "I didn't want to look like a bitch so I took her phone and smashed it." 😂 Yeah that's hard bruh

  • Rice gum is *definitely* compensating for something

  • Jesus christ in that "Genius" video he looks like a lesbian

  • Simp

  • I think he's finally gone, no uploads in 3 months.

  • Rice done scam shoe loot boxes

  • Go to 5:22 and read the scrolling thing

    • ya. who spends their entire budget on trying to look low budget?

  • goat

  • Idoobs es no fun knee

  • One of the best vids on ISchats by far

  • He kicked a hornets nest and was surprised when he got stung

  • That’s funny he smashed that arrogant broads phone though srs I hate rice gum as much as any person over the age of 10 however that’s some funny ass shit my boys.

  • Man I miss this series

  • How is this over *3 years* old

  • Not gonna blow up, is currently at 48M

  • I wont make any more comments about the video but I watch this video every day it's just so amazing

  • it's honestly sad how ISchats doesn't help these types of videos get uploaded anymore , YT 2017 was at its peak

  • every time i watch this in still somehow astounded by how powerful the diss track is

  • Wow ISchats recommended this video after 3 years, very cool

  • 12:17 Coming from a poor family I find this offensive as shit!

  • 10:48 I guess mr.Beast Doesn’t do that XD

  • Who else misses the old idubbbz

    • @Bill Nye the russian spy yeah

    • If you mean before the only fans drama Then no If you mean before youtube had so many shit rules Then yes

  • wow, even pewds came

  • Daaaaaaaamn lol

  • I still want the content cop on Morgz

  • This is a big missed opportunity. Idubbbz should have put the clickbatechallange tag on this video

  • The reason he didn’t announce the winner is cause rice won the clickbait challenge like have you seen that vid

  • Say

  • This video has aged so fucking well its amazing

  • I miss these days of ISchats when vine was still alive and we actually had real feuds and not just clickbait stuff

  • Ohh...what I suppose and what I see(༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)

  • by ricegums math ian made 120,000 usd on this video

    • Since there are no ads he didn't make shit

  • Ricegum go Bye bye

  • he is the only person who gets away with clickbait, with respect

  • Back when idubbz was a mega chad 😔

  • 10:24 This was more than disgusting. I mean, wtf? He give this man the money, like in strip club.... He has no respect for this people. 0.0

  • 3 years already..

  • We go back, boys.

  • Fuck why did I say that I doomed but you are a poop bitch

    • lol this is even worse than you last commnt thats a first grade roast

  • Hype beasts More like I dubbbztv is gay I got you bitch what are you any dollop polio

    • @CraftingBlue thats a different guy

    • that sounds like a roast from a 5th grader

    • Your grammar makes you sound like you are 4, the average age of Jake Paul and Rice gum fans

  • Bill Nye your mom is a lie

  • There should be a content cop on those critique channels that are nothing but negativity, nitpicking, and harassment

  • "After they spent their entire budget on trying to look low budget"

  • I love how rice gums 6 year olds left 100k dislikes

  • Nice

  • Ricegum:yOu can't JuSt MaKe a 22 mInUtE vIdEO Idubbz:Haha video view go wee

  • 27:00 is where the destruction of rices career is

  • HeY tHaTs PrEtTy GoOd

  • ethan is always funniest when he's following someone else's script XD

  • Plot twist the dog is actually the cop and iddubz is the dog

  • It's funny because Ricegum has not gotten any better over the past 3 years

  • Content cop

  • we should relize that we have the power to make rice gum rich so stop

  • Weed.

  • I've only heard about idubbz in mvm with youtubers

  • I loved this video. Still, an f word warning would have been nice...

    • @Danne no they won’t tell me

    • @Virtual Phoenix did you ever find out what word he was talking about?

    • @Luka Bondurant no i’m genuinely confused

    • @Virtual Phoenix You're just trying to get me to say it dude.

    • @Luka Bondurant i can’t see the word it has * all over it

  • Rice's parents have probs disowned him

  • Who's ricegum

  • I don't care about the simp drama. This video is still gold.

  • lettuce

  • 22:16 i believe its the other way around sir

  • Dude a person with big balls in his situation with Gabbi would have gone this way Gabbi: Freestyle for me bitch, oh you can't probably because you don't have your ghostwriter with you. Ricegum with balls: bitch look pretty right now, oh you can't because you don't have photoshop with you.

  • :)

  • Everything about this video is so badass

  • He sounds like he has a stuffy nose.

  • Imagine if the next Content Cop would be on Imallexx. That would be very epic.

  • Bring back the old idubbz!

  • ricegum has been real quiet since ian dropped this

  • Wow 3 years passed by that fast

  • Not even giving rice gum the title Nice.

  • As usual Jake Pauls just a tool

  • They are going at it while pewds is twerking in the background

  • Three years ago this was constantly recommended to me, so I never watched it up until now. This was astonishing, and truly a masterpiece. I am a fool to have not watched this sooner.

  • “Guess im not gonna blow up :(“ **50 million views**

  • welcome back

  • a

  • Rice gum sounds like he has a stuffy nose all the time

  • I used to have friends that watched ricegum and they’re private school douche bags now

  • RIP content cop, if idubbbz didnt killed him, youtube would

  • This just got recommended to me 3 years later see you in a couple years

  • People only watch this guy for the content cops. Literally nothing else.

    • @Roblox Sucks GKOYG what did you expect his unboxing videos to be Relaxing Its called BAD unboxing What you see is what you get kid And you don't represent everyone on earth

    • @Roblox Sucks GKOYG Maybe you only watch the content cops but he has millions of views on a lot of videos as well. He's also very well known for the videos with MaxMoeFoe and Filthy Frank.

    • Bill Nye the russian spy notice how his non content cop videos don’t nearly have as much views as his actual videos? It’s because he’s kinda boring. The content cops were funny because of how much effort and time was put into it. The rest of his videos are just unfunny bland crap. His unboxing videos are painful to watch lol.

    • 29:04 Bad unboxing 10 mil on the most popular Docuseries 18 mil on the most popular Tier lists Started an entire trend Memes Made him famous Collabs Also made him famous Save the squirrels Gets millions per vidro Idubbbz complains Most popular got 8 mil Kickstarter crap Kickstarted his career 4 million people sat down and watched him review peanuts He got 4 mil getting abused by a robot He got 3 mil off shocking himself Its funny how dumb you are

    • No

  • Christ its been 3 years

  • that diss doe

  • How is this only 3 years old? It feels like it's 7 years old at least

  • Don't some of you think that ricegum when he was younger looked like plainrock124

  • Gotta love how iDubbbz will just root someone to their core and say fuck you

  • 25:19 CRYING

  • Oh how the mighty have fallen