Bad Unboxing - i have a picture of sheen estevez (Jimmy Neutron EXCLUSIVE)

Birt 26 jún 2018
Just a little filler unboxing. This ep. just quickly goes over some simple packages you lot have sent. Nothing too crazy. heh heh
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  • Ass goblins of aschuits

  • 7:00 actually got me

  • Tbh when he said the demons are coming i thought about a hillbilly saying the demons are coming

  • Jesus loves you

  • I miss when the burrito clip was still in the video

  • ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • 3:48

  • Push the button

  • 7:28

  • Lol jokes on you, Penzeys Spices is bomb af

  • ass goblins is fucking hilarious

  • *F A W G L I Q U I D*

  • A wild iDoobz before he became a simp

  • When he uses a knife afraid he’s about to cut him self really badly

  • He sounds like Scout from tf2

  • Demon comes out portal 6ix9ine music starts playing

  • I want more

  • I want more

  • How did it go from bad unboxing to lost VHS tape-2020 survivor

  • Thanks for that ending, I wasn’t planning on sleeping tonight anyways.

  • Could anyone tell me what this song is 7:21

  • monkaW

  • 7:14 when you get a stiffie and then the teacher asked you to do your presentation

  • I always thought there was going to be a follow-up to this video ,but I never got it.

  • Why sixnine

  • This whole video was like a crazy fever dream

  • I am watching an add right now just clicked the video the fucking add is a burger king add with the yodeling Walmart kid No joke I am not kidding look this shit up

  • I was watching this late at night and the last bit made me afraid to go to sleep

  • This takes a toll on mental health

  • *”ULTRALORD!”*

  • that's a sick as fuck aragorn sword you got there pal

  • little did he know that smell caused cancer 5:38

  • Whats the Song in the end?

  • Dude quit playing where's my fucking blade

  • my name is tallon is i dubbbz talking to me

  • Rogan Josh it's pronounced a bit different I didn't know what you were saying at first because I completely forgot that dish even existed

  • Why is the end so unnerving

  • This is an astro "boy toy"

  • Nice dickhead mask!

  • holy shit whats with the ending

  • Why the fuck did i get a barbie ad on this vid

  • Funny how you just made creepier sounds than most horror movies

  • I heard a beep, push the on button please

  • You are Sheen in real life.

  • Ha ha ass

  • Someone should send him a filled colostomy bag

  • 1:46 predicted

  • *"Welcome to the Nethersphere. In this zone, you die or you get killed."*

  • What is with the e n d i n g

  • 10/10

  • Hillary Clinton is going to be in jail so good prediction

  • THIS WAS ON MY 10TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You’re not old enough to be here

  • 7:31 Lol 99 percent sure its a pic hes just shaking infront of a cam or a cam hes shaking infront of a pic. And to explain the lighting you can just get a editor to make it look like it wait why am i saying this.

  • The ending should be on adult swim

  • Legend has it the portal never closed. The penisers are slowly reeking havoc until they rise. The future is in iDubbbz hands, he must close it.

  • Push the on button, Ian.

  • Can someone plz tell me where to get that alien hat🤣

  • Last good video

  • Get copyrighted bitch

  • Idubbbz where your peanuspoon for that jar of peanut butter behind you?

  • Delete this.

  • Edup accidentally opened a portal to chinchin realm

  • I just sprayed nut butter all over my wall - Idubbbz 2018

  • This is how many times idubbbz needs to turn up the portal | | |

  • 6.666.666 view

  • Someday the human race is going to be extinct and this will be the only evidence the aliens will have of us.

  • These creepy endings always catch me off guard.

  • Thanks Goddard. Maybe my homemade burritos will cheer everybody up.

  • that was kinda fucking horrifying, my computers camera light turned on right as the screen went black

  • 6:21 😂😂😂 Made my day

  • ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh thats where he got the nantucket 6:03

  • I got the thinkgeek monkey with the shirt

  • You have talent

  • F

  • F

  • F

  • He couldnt have at least jumped out of the sky at the end for an outro or some shit

  • iDubbbz.. You represent the fun that my childhood was about. You represent a real human bean. I want to live fancy-free like you do, but you are special in that regard. You have reached status of becoming an American treasure. i hope you realize this, and ride this gravy train to the end of the line xD

  • Is that a portal behind him?

  • So the demons listen to 6ix 9ine? Figures.

  • I don't care anymore I genuinely want to die.

  • And here stands the episode that someone sent him a knife that he killed them with a year later.

  • Sheen Estevez...lmao. Whoever named that character must be a Charlie Sheen fan...Charlie Sheen is just a screen name. His legal birth name is Carlos Estevez.

  • Push the on button

  • 5:58 the birth of the krambit in the new video

  • I miss the Jimmy Neutron clip of the burritos

  • The ass goblins of Auschwitz should have been the title of this one. xD

  • Simp

  • Demon Portal Opens: *O-Chin-Chin-Kinoski*

  • 3:53 the face on it had me dying

  • 2:08 Gurr

  • horse related paraphernalia

  • Prolly good for you kid or sumthin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • LGBT Luigi got big Titys

  • Im dead

  • Simp

  • I have the same letter opener

  • 7:27 can someone tell me wtf that image is? Is it just a random place he though was creepy and had no meaning to it, or is it like an actually place where some shit went down?

  • Nice poster of me

  • How do we tell him everytime the thing beep?...