Birt 27 feb 2018
*All animals that were harmed in this video were also terrorized*
Thank you for giving this new format a chance. I'd love to do more stuff like this, in addition to the regular stuff. Go kiss your mother for me.
I'm going to upload a couple of the videos separately on idubbbztv2. B/c someone else would probably do that, if i didn't....
what's in the box, squirrel story, james hatfield, pitbull lover, low budget slowmo lad
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  • Ngl, that squirrel looks fake

  • Probably a bit late, but would love to see more videos like this

  • All i care about is what happened to the mouse after? Lol. Do we find out at the end

  • You need a better toaster my guy

  • I love the part with Gus but the rest of the video makes paranoid

  • Is nobody gonna talk about those amazing sound effects in low budget slowmo lad

  • F in chat for the mouse, lol.

  • Really surprised this video has ads

  • I just donated to, reported this this to, and joined Peta! I have NEVER felt so . . . Appalled! Peata said "it's fake, stop being such a pussy!"

  • 2:52 *Tissue*

  • God responded back, "it's for iDubbztv2"

  • Wtf just realized Gus does the voice for the story about the squirrel

  • I agree but the pitbull cock is Korean

  • James Hatfield? Ever heard of iann carter?

  • is anyone gonna mention how cute the mouse is

  • Stupid haters

  • Definitely the best video on this channel, it would've made for a great video format, too bad we ended up with idubbbz complains instead...

  • Whats that song at 8:55 and 13:00

  • This is my favorite video of all time excluding frankus

  • I was so not ready for the mouse killing and I had watched this video when it came out

  • Waiting for number 2

  • I never knew of gus johnson before this, so i though you had some random man beat up a mouse to traumatise him

  • I really don't like Gus.

    • Shut up. I am a Gus Johnson fan

  • i’m gonna cry cuz of the squirrel

  • where is number 2?

  • I had no idea this existed.

    • I envy my past self after watching whatever this was.

  • What the fuck Ian it’s a mouse

    • what the fuck it's literally a cat toy

  • Debra Cummings‘ cute. What’s her OnlyFans?

  • Had I not watched this I would’ve never known who Gus Johnson is

  • I like that he cookt he's own arm

  • My name is James and I live in Hatfield.

  • I audibly gasped when he “crushed the mouse” had me there for a second lol.

  • Another turtle has made it to the water..!

  • How did he get a squirrel to match what the narrator was saying?

    • Years of practice

  • Gussssssyyyyyy

  • Ok I love these ideas and execution

  • The mouse part had such a good touch I really thought he smashed it

  • Does anyone know the music at 5:16 please!

  • For the first iDubzz vid I've ever watched this was amazing

  • He should’ve licked his hands

  • Of Low Budget slowmo lad made a comeback in 2020 I think there would be a massive audience 😆

  • This came out on my birfdy

  • bruhj

  • What the fuck

  • this video introduced me to gus. he had about 200k subs at the time. i didn't realize what a huge fan of his I would become.

  • Disliked because they didn't actually kill it. What the fuck is wrong with everyone?

  • This Gus guy is going places.

  • Same energy as "ice cream man"

  • Oops

  • We need more "Low Budget Slo-mo Lad"

  • im sad that nothing came of this

  • damn i miss cowchop

  • This is so much like adult swim

  • What the hell is this video

  • Love the Gus Johnson cameo

  • I don’t know what this is, but I love it

  • Gus is so frightened in this video.

  • Is that real mouse

  • 5.2 million people have failed the challenge…

  • 1:13 i think ive seen this maneuver on a different website

  • It's been 2 and a half years since this came out and I only just now noticed that the Patreon names spell out "Keem Love Poop" lmao

  • where's episode 7

  • My heart dropped until I saw the comments

  • 0:14 COWCHOP BOIS RIP January 2020

  • 08:46 mah pitbohll

  • I would’ve still eaten the craft paint popcorn

  • I’m crying! this video has me crying!!

  • Mouse ded

  • 8:36 the first ever karen

  • We are still waiting for DONT WATCH THIS part 2

  • Debra is my sister

  • Was the mouse actually killed someone plz tell me

    • yes. he smashed the SHIT out of that stupid mouse

    • No

  • i love this shit

  • I forgot just how cursed this video is

  • Wtf did I just Watch

  • what the hell did I just watch

  • i have classmates with the last name cummings

  • Ian I'm pretty curious, why not make more of this? Is it too much work, uninteresting to you, what? I thought this was really good

  • jesus christ that fucking got me with the mouse. i'm so glad it's fake

  • Imagine just fishing at a lake and you look across and the guy is just flying his drone at his face over and over again with the goggles on recording this..

  • 6:10 to the moon. Yep

  • That mouse scene was really well done

  • A random james i see

  • SIMP

  • This is text book placebo

  • I want a second one please

  • This is like interdimensional cable irl

  • This was some good shit

  • And yet we did

  • 4:51 the batman?

  • I actually thought he hit the mouse

  • This video is like flipping through channels on public access T.V.

  • I am fucking jealous you have Mario kart double dash I wish I had that game

  • that's a real mouse b r u h

  • Its amazing that one of them actually went to a pet store and bought a mouse all for a sketch!

  • Debra

  • sorry for watching but why are peopel scared like im afraid of spiders but i wouldnt mind toutchign a tarantula or liek touching a cute cat and you liek cats isnt scary

  • That burrito made me jack my shit

  • Ferthy

  • This was amazing