Egg Bunny Magic Tricks - STOP DOING THIS

Birt 23 apr 2020
In this video I talk about the strange phenomenon of people on tiktok doing magic tricks that feature rabbits, geese, ducks, fish and koalas. Can rabbits lay eggs? no.
How does this trick work? Well, I'm glad you asked. Eggs look like they are whole if you are able to crack less than 50% of it. Extract the contents, and replace the contents with BUNNY.


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  • 7:40 I think the person that recording the video is stepping on the baby ducks

  • Idubbz is slowly becoming Sam Hyde

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  • That isnt a knife. It's a car ambit

  • It took me way too long to realize than bunnies don't hatch out of eggs

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  • 4:20 didn't expect to see ninjago in a Idubbbz video

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  • 0:53 is the truest truth in the universe.

  • If there's no rights for people, the animals are very fucked up. I live in a poor country, so yeah.

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  • The ducks broke leg yes and why are they there what location

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  • Did you know I have a knife well I do and it's like really cool I don't like using much but there was this one time where I was in the subway stati on and like five dudes came out of nowhere

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  • His right is way bigger than his right

  • 5:24 not a golden retriever. It’s a golden lab. It’s ok, people make these mistakes all the time lol. 😊

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  • That dude who was standing behind the pointy fish was pigeon toed af looked kinda like one of those baby ducks

  • I love his anti-PC attitude. Idc about his "dirt". Only thing that I hate is is dumbass mustache 😂 but even then idc it's his lip

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  • Bro in middle eastern countries legit color baby chicks and sell them as some kind of cool pet

  • Why doesn't he Monetize his videos? I'm new to his channel.

  • remember when people were mad at idubbz for existing?

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  • Idubbbz's content sure made a turn once his therapist changed the prescription. I certainly see some progress.

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  • What...what was that video of what most people do on tik tok? I love you


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  • Imagine, you drop baby chickens onto the ground for a living.

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  • That is a rooster, which just adds to the joke.

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  • I think they are there to eat slugs and snails

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  • Tiktok promotes low iq users to do the most heinous shit for attention

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  • Yes, harvesting soil... My favorite

  • Idubbbz? More like... I-am not a simp...

    • @Zeke Spears i don't know man he's actually spitting straight facts right now



  • I hate how these people just torture animals to get money.

  • *"Strange Asian Holes"* yeah sounds pg

  • Prof... is that you?

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