Mantis Toboggan || Garbage Mail - Bad Unboxing

Birt 9 feb 2016
There is so much shit i have to get honestly just considering doing one big mega episode at the dump.
*currently no PO box*
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This is a video series where I unbox an item and review it. I unbox all sorts of cool stuff. Some examples include: food, toys, and subscription boxes. The gimmick is, I do a bad job. This isn’t an unboxing therapy channel, and I don’t unbox the latest tech gadgets. If I need a graphics card, I might unbox that.


  • 3:51 a timestamp for me

  • jp2gmd

  • When you drop a baby (3:09)

  • I've been looking for ages but I think this is it. This is the video that started the downfall of idubbbz.

  • Oh they sent me razor blades

  • 1:16

  • 1:21 clearly

  • 3:56

  • Co tam kurwa robi papież polak wielki gwałciciel

  • he really just downed those worms n crickets

  • Six semper tyrannis were the words spoken by John Wilkes booth before he shot Lincoln. I’m pretty sure it means “as to tyrants”

  • Any else watching this in 2020

  • May we have a moment of silence for the praying mantis that was never seen again

  • How, how did a fucking candle annihilate the shit out of that cup?

  • Is it bad that the table honestly looks low key dope once he was done spray painting it????

  • Idubbz: wears eyelashes. Me: James Charles has been beaten PrAiSe LoRd IaN

  • Excuse me kind sir I know this came out 4 years ago but u better not call my lord and saviour Danny devito trash

  • I like mayonnaise.

  • 4:55 those were alive

  • 4:40 is that a RomeoJR reference? It's Nord in the ninth ward if you haven't seen it

  • this man would eat anything

  • when he broke the tit mug i lost it

  • This video has more jump cuts than CQuaffeine

  • Mmmmmm Danny davido

  • Anyone still watching this vid in 2020

  • “I don’t have a hammer but I do have this candle.” Gotta love idubbbz

  • Lol isn’t it illegal to send him pills?????????????????????

  • Lol

  • Ian is now a member of team 💯

  • Cool

  • Ok

  • Pause and skip to 2:42 while paused the image is ur father

  • After eating the crickets you can tell he’s fucking done.

  • 1:19 “laow faow!”

  • WOWW FoW!!

  • I like how the meal worms where moving

  • It makes me laugh so much when he smashes shit

  • Hey, it’s been four years, and in this video it looked the the dick still hasn’t grown

  • 65:24 when ur mum don’t do anehtheng

  • The dvd and adderall joke made me laugh out loud.

  • I can't believe someone sent this dude 10 20mg speed pills lmfao my plug charges 20 for 1 of those

  • Bro i laugh so much 3:30

  • That would be max from the cider challenge im geussing..unless max was memeing something else

  • ive been looking for the video of ian eating crickets and gagging for so long

  • "911 what's your emergency" um idubbz has adderall :911 FBI OPEN UP

  • How did this man not pass out from the spray paint fumes

  • Why does he say the N-word...... this is one of the main causes of racism

  • Someone is going to send him anthrax one day (not the bitchin metal band)

  • Those alarm feels are so relatable

  • I gaged the same way when I ate crickets

  • I don’t have a hammer but I do have this candle

  • He got some candy tho

  • 4:40 n word lol

  • Unholy asmr

  • Dude watch rusty cage

  • Who’s here in 2020 watching his old bad unboxing cause there the funniest!

  • I've eaten a pack of those Sour Cream & Onion crickets before. Pretty good.

  • "Don't send me mail promoting your ISchats channel I won't read them" Why I would

  • When he said potato keeping well rounded I just dieddddd

  • idubbz honesty gives zero fucks anymore

  • Hi

  • simp

  • Nah nigga im the king.

  • I swear one of those crickets were moving

  • when he smashes the nug "sorry not sorry"

  • I had crickets once and that was my reaction

  • I liked that sick animation reference

  • Idubbbz is the only white person aloud to say nigger or nigga

  • 4:41 😂 iykyk

  • I'm 64% sure that powder in the envelope was someone's ashes

  • 4:59.... blah * crunch * blah

  • 4:42 omg he sais the nigga word

  • 1:09he will eat pickles from the sewer and chicken from the dumpster and a moldy strawberry and spray spray paint into his mouth but nah, this is too far

  • 4:45 did he say nigga?

    • Have you ever seen a idubbles video he says it all the time

  • 0:08 didn’t age well but my guy isn’t a simp it’s a joke

  • Why can he say the n word

  • You look like daddy’s little prince

  • The thing about the alarm is literally the worst thing

  • 1:21 Yeah, you are.

  • TOO EDGY!!!!!!!!!

  • I laughed waay too hard at the smashing of the mug

  • Ian: don’t send me letters of you promoting your ISchats channel. Also Ian: wow this tit mug is pretty good artwork

  • I love your videos you make me happy

  • I learned how to tie a noose when I was 10 now I’m 12

  • Sic semper tyrannis

  • Just smashed that mug with candle with Polish pope on it

  • "Wow am I f**king retarded?" *Proceeds to turn candle upside down and light it*

  • He’s wrong for smashing that nice tiddy coffee mug 🥺

  • He said Nigga

  • One of the only videos that don't have a s*** comment 😂 I don't wanna ruin it

  • 4:41 he fr said nigga 😂😂

  • My name is mason.

  • *batrio*

  • 1:48 legit jumpscared me

  • Didnt know he knew sick animation

  • Why are you guys not talking about the close up on his eyes while he was wearing the fake eyelashes

  • ITS NOT’s nees

  • 3:55

  • i’ve been scrolling through the comments and not one comment says how he got jumpscared by a very faint alarm

  • That’s funny me and you have the same Crown if you look closely on my head you can see it