Magician Hates Fan Mail - Bad Unboxing

Birt 7 jún 2016
Thank you so much for all the kind letters and gifts. Heart
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  • Holy fuck Its been four years

  • Ya'll remember when the title had the word "gay" on it? Gay Magician Hates Fan Mail, funny title if you ask me, sad he changed.

  • 2020 anyone

  • Who else knows what the tail is or is it just me.

  • I just had a fucking big ass spider crawl over my phone and I literally almost broke a rib trying to get off my bed, and it fucking disappeared on the bed I am now in the living room, dying.

  • Lo The creams are for curing hemorrhoids! So you’ll have to stick it inside if you know what i mean

  • Some new thing It's fucking Hitler on a liserd

  • I feel like if I were to have a fan mail series, people would send me a fuck ton of loli hentai without realizing how much trouble that would get me into.

  • Wow I want a hitler riding a lizard that has penis arms and is filled with Chinese hemorrhoids cream

  • 1:51 😂😂😂

  • "If I have to stay inside for over 48 hours"

  • I'm watching this in 2020 cuz I don't know what to do

  • I had a self enema while watching this

  • I need that tail for science porpoises of course

  • I yearn for times like these

  • Anyone else get this in there recommended 4 years later?

  • Still makes me laugh

  • 5:15 this is written on my Instagram bio and its the best thing I have ever heard

  • 5:15 this is written on my Instagram bio and its the best thing I have ever heard

  • 1:50 mans just pulled an Ozzy Osbourne!

  • So he just throws away fan mail if it doesn’t say amazon that’s fucked

  • Idubbbztv: what does this little silver thing do Me knowing what I’d does:XDXD

  • someone should’ve sent you anthrax

  • 6:08 its for your asshole

  • Just for alll the Edgy kids out there

  • At 2:21, iDubbbz guesses the word "meme" has been written out on the page "about 150 times". The word is actually written 156 times on the paper, meaning iDubbbz was in fact correct by saying so, as the word "about" suggests the true number is near the guessed number.

  • 2:28 2:13

  • If I were Ian! I'll Bite/Chew the Box 😋 Till it Opened Before before the Shit Ants Came Alive like Undead Ants! Maybe Ant-Man Will kick his Nose snipping some Ants.

  • is po box still close?????

  • Is he dead?

  • The cream is cald shit ass

  • It’s 1:44 in the morning I’m rewatching this for like the 6th time in my lifetime, good times.

  • its bad idea

  • Idubbbz: “Do you know what I hope. that my life in shortly. Me: press Y for same

  • The suction things are for acupuncture

  • Jeez what was coming out of the dinosaur

    • It was the cream stuff, not only that he doesn’t eat the spam but sucks the unknown cream threw a straw out of the dinosaur

  • My last brain cell when I'm in a zoom call

  • This video nearly has 17 million views fucking hell

  • "Gay vampire magician." That's just DIO in a nutshell.

  • Duuude i have that dagger


    • @Maxim slav ur a bully not sped pendejo

    • I don't feel like bullying a kid who can't spell, and is probably a sped.

    • and you can't spell you're correctly.

  • money shot

  • very good idea

  • he sounds like willy wonka with johnny depp

  • Wasn't this gay magician does something?

  • Those are hemmroid creams

  • I miss the man....

  • Came back, don’t regreat it

    • Regret, but same too

  • The creams are Antibacterial and hemorrhoids cream

  • Its been a long day huh

  • Aye idubbbz you still live on in these vids and still make me laugh.

  • 4:18

  • If you are watching in 2020, I bless you.

    • Cm News you’re welcome cm news

    • Joseph Stalin thank you Joseph stalin

  • It’s dead ants not drugs dumbass

    • ayotyler I knew one Brody in high school, can confirm he had bad breath. And braces, and glasses, and was scrawny, and was blonde. Soooooo

    • shut up bruh yo name is brody, you prolly got that mayo breath too 🤢

    • It’s the joke dumbass lmao

  • Ur so rude!

  • Rude.

  • Someone help , I've fallen into the loop of rewatching bad unboxing videos again

  • 2:50 who else noticed the nazi symbol

  • *why does the lizard balloon slowly inflate throughout the video*

  • those creams are zit creams edit: i hav ethat myself in my house

  • These videos bring back lots of memories 😁

  • No shit his po is closed a fucking 27 year old is going to send a bomb lol

    • ihasarax >I’ve been learning python for a week Ahahahaahhahaha

    • Cancerous Nut yikes ive been learning python for a week now lol and so what if I play roblox I enjoy the game I’ll prob grow out of it later

    • ihasarax You can’t correct someone if they’re intentionally spelling stuff wrong. And it’s breath. Breathe is a verb, breath is a noun. Edit: you play roblox. I highly doubt you’ve ever touched c#, let alone python

    • ​@ayotyler like my guy you look like the grammatical errors on python when i code something lol

    • @ayotyler you're* breathe* probably smell like a litter box

  • 3:07 Welp this is pretty ironic right about now

  • 6:08’s hemorrhoid cream..

  • I legitimately want to kill myself and I'm not comfortable to talk to anybody about it

  • i think the tubes said cum cream

  • i liked how he just stabbed the ball with his knife but why did he have to snort all those damn ants

  • he do be vibing doe 5:59

  • Creams are basically icyhot

  • 5:07 he's gonna regret it in 2020

    • you're gonna regret having that pfp

  • He’s racist and he doesn’t care 🤣😂😂😂

    • naw you're just a lil too sensitive

  • Sending a picture of sheen is a declaration of war

  • I want that knife.

  • 5:11 he predicted the fucking future

  • I feel like he’s just slowthai from an alternate timeline

  • simp

  • I am gay

  • The creams where antibacterial creams

  • XD I keep watching this over and over again

  • the kiss is just a mans kiss

  • 0:29 "Insert Time Stopping maid"

  • "to the guy who sent shean from jimmy nuitron fuck you"

  • Just saw a clip of this on 9gag

  • the simp nation has gotem

  • It’s anti bacterial hemoroid cream

  • Why is this the most viewed Bad Unboxing video?

  • Not the anime body pillow

  • This piece of shit use so many bad words like wtf . .... someone tell ricegum to get this man again

    • Shut up sam you look like a sensitive ass fuck boy in that pfp

    • ricegum is a little bitch

  • 5:08 relevant

  • not trying to be mean it is he really gay? ps i have nothing against gay people

    • no he isnt

  • I'm offensive and I find this gay

  • What the fuck

  • I think those are hemorrhoid creams

  • 5:15

  • did ian really snort the crack ants

  • back when this channel was over 9000 consistently

  • and to think how relate the USPS retards are today

  • I just saw 9 mins of a gay beautiful magician being a jerk to his fans that whent through the trouble of buying nice stuff for him. O_O

  • Ansl lube

  • It’s been 4 years? Oh man:/