Why are these men screaming?? - Caja de Toques

Birt 13 des 2019
Do not try this at home, we had a medic on standby.
Thanks for watching...recorded this like 9 months ago, decided to post....hehehehe.....
'caja de toques' or 'maquina de toques'.
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  • why didn’t Michael build it

  • Michael: fuck this game Also Michael: I build things that shock you 3 times harder on a daily basis

  • Why do i remember this?

  • How did this video sneak past me? Wtf

  • This something you commonly do when you're drunk XD

  • oh yeah, when i was twelve my aunt and my brothers used to play this it was fun

  • Oh this is why thor's hammer dropped on mexico Cause they like electricity

  • Is this when Michael still lived with his dad

  • I miss filthy Frank and max moe foe

  • Some obscure scientists call that “Electrotherapy”, it supposed to ward off against viruses and pathogens. Ahem covid ahem!! 😷

  • You could've just bought a taser.

  • Young Michel reeves man

  • Ian, your friends are pussies. These things only slightly tickle at the highest settings

  • im buying one

  • lol im Mexican and we do this when we are drunk

  • Electro boom would exel at this

  • Michael reeves gets what he deserves

  • idk if this is legit bad for ya. if it is high frequency AC, then probably not, but like DC? i feel like it could cause electrolysis in your body and do bad stuff

  • 9:04 the GOTG holding the power stone

  • "ah FUCK‽"

  • nobodys pointed out how michael checks his pulse in the end

  • What would happen if ricky berwick grabbed these. Would it have a reverse effect and straighten him out.

  • Agressive hand holding simulator

  • Michael and ian are such great youtubers i dont think id enjoy the playform without them

  • electricity is love electricity is life

  • Why was off brand Robert Downey jr in the opening scene

  • So he buys one of these things claiming he cant make his own, and then invites the foremost designer of electrical torture devices to participate

  • The painkillers for that guys finger was probably helping him

  • I genuinely can't tell if they're in the kitchen, the living room or the basement

  • My son asked me why girls live longer than guys. I immidiately thought of this video

  • I wish Michael made the actual thing, it would be so much funnier and dangerous

  • Caja de toques Is Amazing I have one in house and I we just play all night. I am charged.

  • Lmao, that machine just got 8 points. Real Mexican electrocution machine got 10 points, and isn't that bad

  • I'm mexican *Why am I not surprised it was us*

  • 9:29 dam his voice changed

  • Ya I did one of those at my Mexican friends house my muscles locked up

  • Yay

  • Michael should be used to this

  • You feature Mexican/tex-mex culture so much in your videos that you should do a trip and vlog it. It's wild.

  • Finally he shaved his gay stash

  • 1:15 I’m Mexican thanks

  • And of course Micheal is there

  • ian looks like ricky berwick

  • Tvkv

  • Girls sleepover: OMG I think Justin likes me 😆 Boys sleepover:

  • Bruh I thought Michael was a 15 year old

  • Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.

  • How Michael Reeves tazing addiction started

  • pelíšky vajbs

  • Michael is so short between Ian and William :D + it prob felt worse for Peter becouse he grabed the sticks with his finger tips

  • Michael finds this way too funny

  • Yes Michael Reeves tazer cup tazer camera lazer baby homemade surgery robot maker you name it he even made a chair that shocks you with electricity please make more videos with him

  • The Crackhead got electuction fetish from the autistic person with cancer

  • Ian turned into Stephen Hawkings

  • idubbbz is now specul

  • Ethan might not want to hang out with William but atleast Idubbzz does

  • Why is thare a 13 year old boy hanging out with all those men

  • 4:51 does micheal know that tieniman square was taken in color photos

  • So i went and bought one of these after the video (didn't realize I got the same one as Ian) and yeah, it feels bad. Like just bad. It feels like little needles are poking out of your skin and the more electricity you use the linger the needles go into your arms, and your veins, and everything. Not fun. For the guys who couldn't go past 3 I really don't blame you. Also, if you wanna try it, don't do one hand at a time. The reason it hurts is because your body is being used to conduct a current, and if you have it in one hand and try to pick the other up, the hand that is just now touching it will get a horrible shock from all the electricity flowing througb one little point, kinda like laying on a bed of needles

  • Mikey moo kinda sounds like Todd Howard

  • im suprised that michael is just yelling MORE when its already at the max

  • The velociraptor Machine

  • This would have been so much better with frank and max and chad........

  • 9:35 Michael checks his pulse yo make sure it didnt fuck up his heart lmao😂

  • 7:09 Brofist~

  • Love the Teddy Fresh hat

  • Love the Teddy Fresh

  • 春季

  • Shove it up you’re ass

  • Pterodactyl ian at 3:45

  • so this is how micheal reeves decided to he loves electricuting people

  • Is this how his taser addiction started

  • 5:11 *I Don't Like Electricity*

  • 9:30 Michael looks like a kid holding hands with his gay dads

  • heeh

  • Idubbbz looks like fucking Ricky berwick

  • 7:34 is child abuse

  • "gimme 8"

  • Why is Michael getting electrocuted very facinating

  • 9:35 Michel went kinda racist lol.

  • Ive tried this it does feel mad and their reactions were spot on 😅😅

  • Lesbian Harry Potter

  • Finally Michael got defeated by his ultimate friend elictricity

  • It's most likely just me but in the thumbnail Micheal almost looks like Todd you know the guy who made fallout seventy six

  • Gimme more! -Sam

  • As a mexican, i can tell you with confidence that every kid in my block has this toy.

  • Bruh I’m Mexican and one time we had a caja de toques on the table left it there and went I don’t remember where so when we come back we see our cousin who was 15 years at that time in the flor moving like a dying cockroach you can’t hold at level 3 my cousin was suffering on the floor for at least half an our in the max level

  • Is that one kid like 15? Genuinely just confused

  • Yoooo all of my favorites are in this video. Michael, Peter and everyone else lol

  • was that a basquiat shirt

  • im witnessing the birth of Micheal reeves electric type

  • I feel like maybe Ian rubbed an electric socket and Michael just showed up unannounced like a summoning.

  • michael reeves coulda just made one

  • 4:59 howtobasic

  • Sweet all youtubers i watch

  • so your telling me i can become Steven hawking

  • 0:12 never noticed the teddy fresh hat

  • I really wish Michael and Peter would do more collaborations

  • The midget guy is the type of person who orders a number 15 Burger King foot lettuce

  • 9:20 why does will look like a girl whose vibe is being remotely controlled