Birt 27 jún 2019
Robot stepdad: ischats.info
William Osman: ischats.info/title/fMJ2MchTSW2kWaT0kK94Yw.html
Michael Reeves: ischats.info/title/tHaxi4GTYDpJgMSGy7AeSw.html
Cameraman john: cameraman_john?hl=en
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  • Plot twist, they're the abusive sons

  • That went from zero to one hundred real fucking quick

  • I hope LilyPichu is able to comfort Michael and help him with his traumatic experience

  • Holy shit this is a year old now damn

  • Ian gets way to into beating up the stepdad bot I can feel the pure hatred he has directed towards the stepdad bot

  • 13:45 is Ian’s leg bleeding?

  • This is so Wholesome.

  • this iz the best idea ever lol

  • Ian took that glass like a champ. Thanks for shedding literal blood sweat n tears for us.


  • The safe word is iamgroot

  • Filthy frank: becomes a famous singer Max and chad: run a highly successful talk show Ian: gets abused by cardboard on wheels for ISchats money

  • 13:35 ian got cut on the leg 🤣🤣🤣

  • The height difference lol

  • I miss this, I'm sad we dont get this type of stuff anymore

  • This is highly uncomfortable. and highly hilarious.

  • Ian was really committed to the role

  • you broke my gun??? *SPRAYS*

  • It’s the triplets of gay

  • 13:37 i like how the both times some goblin shattered a bottle towards the end of the video, it's idubbbz who ends up bleeding.

  • Did anyone else notice the cut on ians shin when he was destroying the robot?

  • Is their safeword "i am groot"?

  • Imagine if they found out that erik was controlling the robot

  • Fucking hilarious

  • This feels like a sit com where in this particular episode their actually abusive dad has had a new idea to use a robot to torment them, them being happy most of the time is because theyre having "fun" due to the fact theyre so detatched of what actual fun is they perceive this horrible treatment as playful. LIttle did you know the next episode in the series is back to the usual, Michael getting bent over the knee and absolutely obliterated with a belt. Ian getting drunkenly hit in the face repeatadely, William escaping to his drug addict mother in law and getting welcomed with resentful arms.

  • Ian's leg actually bleeding at 13:45 lol

  • i love that ian was bleeding

  • Content cop of daddy of 5?!

  • what are you doing robot step-dad?

  • Will Ian and Mike. Not as good as George Ian and Max, but still good

  • I’m pretty sure Ian gashed his leg at the end... that’s dedication.

  • 3rd time watching.. honestly greatest video by any of you guys ever! Lol

  • from now on, maybe i will just download my food.

  • hearing William say fuck is a surreal experience

  • It seems as if they just went outside, found some homeless guy on the side of the street and went "Hey you wanna get $10? You just have to control this robot"

  • Will seems like he's just there because he had to drive Michael there as Michael couldn't reach the pedals in the car


  • Swag

  • 13:45 look at Ian's leg. He got fucked up

    • Yea that was a stupid move hucking the glass bottle.

  • Umbrella Academy in a Nutshell

  • They did what everybody who has an abusive dad has ever wanted to do.

  • I want idubbbz to do videos like this again

  • Micheal

  • Their safe word was “I am groot” 😂😂

  • How did I miss this video

  • Back when I first watched this video I could've never imagined I would reencounter Will and Michael again and become such a fan of theirs

  • look how he doesn't even introduce his second son (Ian)

  • How is this a year old

  • edup:"how are we ganna make up the money to repair the garage?" robot step dad: "were ganna have to make an onlyfans."

  • Where can I buy one?

  • God America sure is great

  • Brings back great memories

  • What are you doing robot step dad

  • when Michael broke something Ian started bleeding

  • I clicked INSTANTLY

  • 13:40 Ian really cut his leg open.

  • I have no idea wtf i'm watching but i love it

  • bro how has it already been a year since this was uploaded

  • I think this is the only crossover between the four horsemen of 2019 youtube shitposting; what a time...

  • Holy fuck this was a year ago

  • My favorite part 3:35

  • How did I not notice Michael until now

  • 13:42 thank you Michael for the Franku reference

  • This video describes my childhood

  • Can you guys do one but it's a abusive mom

  • The bad frank and max :(

  • WTF is this 😆 🤣

  • 4:17 you see Ian pull on his pp very esential

  • Should of given him a bush-stashe

  • 7:31 Is the safeword "I am Groot"?

  • Wow the new terminator looks great 👍

  • Wow, Michael actaully cut Ian pretty badly.

  • I cant beleive this video is a year old already

  • 13:42 Is that a Filthy Frank reference? IN 2019???

  • 8:24 " I think I may have killed your brother." 😂😂

  • Y'all ever look back at what you nutted to and feel disgusted

  • The greatest crossover since NYC was attacked in 2018

  • michael did a lil joji reference 13:42

  • I actually kinda feel sorry for robo-dad at the end.

  • 13:02 what we've all been waiting for

  • I feel bad for the fanmail

  • Having internetcommentetiquette play the robot was the best choice

  • Who’s this Michael guy? He would be a great content creator.

  • ahhh yeah... they ARE treating their dad a little harshly

  • Oh wait micheal was in this?

  • wtf thats Tom Green??

  • This is why I’m fucking subed

  • well... thats enough internet for today...

  • Them killing the dad was so satisfying

  • Oh shit, it's Fuckbot5000's abusive father - DadBot4000

  • "Man *FUCK* this guy" I have only seen Micheal in collaborations with Ian and Game Grumps but holy fuck does he make me laugh 😅

  • Milton Pike voice here would have been pure gold

  • 13:03 yeah Michael!

  • If anyone knows the name of the background music please let me know. I need it for editing soooo bad

  • Will looks like that one kid in the group project that doesn’t want anything to do with it

  • i really want episode 2

  • Thought this was a video of my dad for a sec

  • This is just sad.

  • Wow frank ian and max sure evolved. Idk why ian has a beard and chad's controlling a robot tho.

  • LMAO I LOVE ERIK!!!! i’m surprised more people didn’t recognize him