Kickstarter Crap - Jewelry

Birt 19 okt 2016
♫ kickstarter crap, crap crap ♫ it is the best, best, best ♫
Thanks for your patience with my upload schedule. I had had some heartburn recently, which really puts a delay on the vids lol
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  • 7:08 that's exactly what I thought

  • Rip kobe

  • Over the years the 1 thing I remember is how to say cunt thx Idubz

  • Why is the entire Goodwill jewellery section around IDuppz neck? Is he a store fixture now?

  • He went in on those Lakers girls hahahah haha

  • 2016 idubz is the worst idubz

  • I really like this metrosexual alien look Ian. Shirt could be tighter tho

  • I wanna shoot all of those kickstarter people in the face with a shotgun to make the world a better place 🤘

  • That beard crumb jewlery would get in the way of my dad using his German Shepherd as a napkin. Also, people would assume he's a homosexual.

  • What happened to you...

  • I dont get the point of expensive jewelry (shiny rocks)

  • 3:57 the annoying girl on discord

  • Ian Facehair Carter. Sounds good.

  • am i the only one who rewinded to see if that jewelry was on him in the beginning

  • I will shave my atrocious facial hair that I've grown fond of for another kickstarter crap.

  • More please, I want more

  • I'd feel obligated to tell them they got some crap in their beards

  • I wish you had another monitor in this video

  • Why does he look like a grandma 😂

  • is that jake the viking from mr beaost

  • RIP Tall black laker that score lot

  • he looks good in this video. I hope he grows his hair long again

  • Those who have evolved can not grow beards.

  • you have other content?

  • Somewhere round 7:26 my screen went into vr mode for some reason, don’t know if it was actually him like joking

  • Funnily enough, the beard jewelry business is actually doing pretty well for themselves.

  • Ian Facehair Carter 😂

  • As someone who is a Jewellery Grader and Coloured Gemstone Professional, "Semi Precious gemstone" is considered a deceptive and incorrect term to use as it misrepresents the gemstones and that now use gradings only. So I wouldn't recommend buying something that is using incorrect termology.

  • He looks good in that shirt

  • 3''x5'' framed art... Nice, I love framed art the size of a postcard Also, I have a beard and I don't look more mature, powerful, attractive or of higher social status than when I'm clean shaven. I look like fucking hobo that just masturbated with a frog that I found in the sewers. And that's when I've already grown my beard and it's nice and even. Don't get me started on how I look while it's growing and it's all fucked up everywhere.

  • Coffee Crisps are fucking good.

  • more chains to god of chains

  • Lowkey though the beard shit has some push just not from them

  • Hey I got an idea how do I make dry looking beard cum shot

  • He is like Tosh.0 but not 45 years old.

  • I hate cunts that sell unlicensed merchandise

  • Stfu simp

    • Stfu unfunny ass

  • 2:07 edups did it before it was cool In other words it was never cool and people are running out of ideas

  • Those beard jewels are actually pretty cool in concept.

  • ok

  • Cool

  • When you said steak it reminded me of that time I mixed warsteshire [probably butchered the spelling] and bbq sauce and how someone could make a shitty kickstarter project and ask for a billion bucks for a Facebook shout out and rent the concaution for a few days

  • 2:35 rip

  • I also like the tall black basketball player. He is very cool and good at the basketball.

  • 3:58 i‘m still laughing ! I can’t handle your shit 😂😂😂😂😂 greetings from Switzerland 🇨🇭

  • My dad just came in my room, saw Ian on my TV and said "ha! Gay."

  • 7:03

  • My favourite laker is the seer.

  • Beard jewels are literally a Tim and Eric skit.

  • My favorite horror game came from kickstarter

  • 1:00 he is coherent

  • 9:39

  • yo why does the beard jewelry low key look cute hihiihi

  • UH OH he said prostitute!!! Hes confirming his simperyyyyyy!!!!! REEEEEEEEES

  • I catch this i like rape ticket lolxD

  • You know who my favorite player is The fucking helicopter

  • why would u have chains that go to ur belly button?

  • Not gonna lie that beard jewelry had me thinking. I would buy something like that as a joke gift for a friend of mine if it were cheaper

  • 5:30. What’s that song

  • Give chad a beard jewelry

  • How many tall black lakers are there?

  • I do think that the beard things would be cool on the right type of person? Definitely NOT for $30, and like. All the guys in that video made me think "gay hipsters that try to hard not to seem gay". If it was actually a manly dude, I think it would be kinda nice. I've seen some like, biker dudes with small ear piercings like that- just a small gem, or something- and pulled it off well. But not hipsters.

  • 2:02 To tell the truth, he does look good in jewelry


  • You: A low-class outcast, beardless virgin Me: A high-class social status, bearded chad

  • Lol that beard fact shit was hilarious, it's the opposite in reality

  • 2020 and he still cant grow facial hair

  • Jew Leroy

  • Here I am, 19 years old, dancing naked in the bathroom with iDubbbz, what has my life become

  • Lol dead laker tall black

  • subscribe to maxmoefoe, it's pretty goood! =]

  • When I saw "jewelry" this is not what I expected ....I expected "Jew"-elry

  • Hilarious how he continually ended up with more and more jewellery on.

  • Fuck Redding California Cause Shits Pretty Racial There

  • (ironically watches this as an apprentice at a jewelry store)

  • You’re the ISchats antihero.

  • beard jewerly is gay

  • Holy shit I live in redding California lmao

  • Yehhhhay

  • RIP tall black laker


  • Did no one fucking realize that at 0:45 it reads out I like rape and rape is good shit was on purpose lmaooo

  • Rip kobe

  • jewelry. a star of david with a concentration camp number on it jew-el-ry

    • Boeing AH-64Apache can I have your wallet

  • 3:30 Girl on the left heard be there or be square and didnt show up

    • Bruh looks like the athletic Alex skin.

  • Rip Kobe

  • I can't believe they were giving out ball chain necklaces as a gift for a contribution of $250.. when you count up the value of everything they were giving for the highest tier, it basically comes out to like $12.

  • R.I.P. tall black Laker

    • For the Lakers jewelry design it could be mistaken for ecu

    • Man died on my birthday :( rest easy.

    • Lmao

    • DAMN BRUHH no one is safe hahahaa Rip mamba tho

    • Jordan Stlouis yeah but he started a new series where he reviews past stuff

  • jewelerey

  • My job makes me shave and also has penis length requirements

  • literally wrap your hands around my throat please,,,,

  • k o b E

  • That second guy with the beard looks like BradWoto with longer hair

  • 2:34 It’s a shame he’s dead though

  • The tall black laker is dead

    • It’s been very blessed!

    • @Mynamebejonas Oh hello fellow crusader it seems we have crossed paths, crusading has been relatively fine so far, how bout yourself?

    • Hello fellow crusader! How goes the Crusading?

  • Rip Kobe

  • RIP Kobe.

  • Rip Kobe

  • What is the music a 5:29 ??

  • Rip Kobe