Content Deputy - AJP

Birt 11 okt 2017
Last vid on this topic. That makes 2 videos total. Thanks for watching. Content Deputy - AJP
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  • Nice HowToBasic Collab!

  • King 👑

  • Lol the reason he doesn't use ENGRISH in his "songs' is someone else is writing them and helping him for 8 hours a day for a total of 2 weeks pronounce the words without using ENGRISH. It's really a full time job ghost writing for AJP aka the CHINAVIRUS.

  • I just realized that the computer background at 1:28 is because of him hitting his head on that bump when we was driven away in the previous scene.

  • 11:10 LOOK AT THIS GUYS TOES! They are like ugly fingers. And his foot looks like it was stretched to a size 15. So weird.

  • I respect howtoprankitup for being the only one who didn't whine like a fricken baby when Ian made a content cop on him

  • What iDubbbz said is pretty Valid and I’m not surprised that Ricegum’s response got one million dislikes

  • POST MALONE! jajaja

  • 0:32 gordon ramsay would be proud

  • fuck is riscum ok now..

  • October 11, 2017 was the day he posting this now it’s October 11, 2020 congrats idubbbz

  • .

  • You’re a rapper that doesn’t resolve Shit with birds

  • He should learn that he wouldnt be anything without his community and nobody fucking cares what bubblegum ricecum what the hell hes fkng name is, hes talking let the braindead fuck keep talking and maybe he wana cross a road and the light change to red while he is crossing so noone cares whatever let anyone do the stuff they wanna do until they wanna punish someone... dont tmstomp them just ignore them forever the rope will do the final work ^^ german out

  • That was an ungodly amount of mayonnaise

  • besides the heart disease levels of mayo that looks like a good sandwich

  • bfdi linus tomholland citygirls avgn solange

  • ricegum is the definiton of a wannabe gay black man

  • Anything ricegum does will never change the fact that he is a pathetic pussy

  • At 2:42 rice says that iddubz should be the one calling him out....but in the ricegum content cop video Iddubz shows clips of rice wanting a content cop and I just realized this

  • you really think these videos will stop anybody?

  • who do you think you are with your 5 mil subs

  • Idubz you should quit yt rice gum better idiot disliked

  • yikes who was that girl in his vid?

  • Them glasses thick as hell, god damn 😭🤣.

  • 4:01 i want to see idubbbz not james charls

  • Haha he destroyed rice again

  • that post malone? LOL

  • You know you’re fucked with Post Malone agrees with idubbbz you

  • Nobody: Post:No

  • He protecc He attacc But most importantly What we do here is go bacc

  • R

  • 6:12

  • why are 124k people dumb

    • @New Flesh yep

    • It's a combination of ricegum fans, trolls, and people that miss-clicked.

  • Hey man just wanting to let u know u forgot to put howtobasic in the description

  • ricegum: *kisses girl on the cheek* also ricegum: " *did that feel good?* "

  • You can't reason with the guy he's a narcissist and a douchebag, it's like trying to reason with a flat earther Edit: sorry this became an insult to flat earthers he's probably lower than those guys as a human being with good morals

    • Thanks for letting the world know you've never seen a tit, 50% of the time, every time using anime as your profile picture with a Japanese esque name is shouting I'm a virgin and I'm proud baby.

  • huawei micdrop crowder kennyrogers

  • God this is still a classic.

  • Fake cries. Apologizing for the comment. Then proceeded to act like a creep and get the chick to dance on a stripper pole..... wow yea he really changed his ways.... what a douchebag

  • Request: Peluchin Entertainment

  • Leafy made a better response than this.....................................................

  • 1:28

  • dude you aren't even smarter than albert einstein why you trying to roast his content and what he does? like that just dosen't make sense you're not even the owner of youtube like bro what do you want?

    • @Joshua Chang he didnt even critisize ajp's video Ajp is just a terrible person

    • @Pake Jaul and try to fix it? it's his video you don't need to add anything more

    • @Pake Jaul yeah but you're going to judge someone content yeah no way man

    • @Joshua Chang you dont have to be the owner of youtube to criticize someone elses content lol, anyone can be susceptible to criticism, even idubbbz

    • @Golden Lion ok

  • 150.000th comment!

  • This is the last time where we went back

  • This is the only dude that can say the n word and not get slayed for it

    • iPay4Greens- the context matters. In his tana mongeau video he used it to prove a point that tana mongeau is a hypocrite. He didn’t have anything against black people.

    • Micah Bailey saying ni**er as a white person is never okay and he shouldn’t even think about saying it, it’s a racial slur.

  • "shove it up your rice hole"

    • Because he’s a garbage human being and he wants nothing to do with rice hole

  • Bars but you shouldn't be saying the n word dude 😴

  • Ricegum got nothing on this guy This man has post malone and pewdiepie in his videos RICEGUM HAS NOTHING

  • This whole arc: Japan: "You'll never stop us!" America: "Surrender" Japan: "No" America: *drops first bomb* "Finished yet?" Japan: "No" America: *drops second bomb* Japan: [SURPRISED PIKACHU FACE]

  • 1:32

  • I love how he ended the hypebeast saga by introducing a real music artist.

  • Racist peace of shit

  • Rice gums iq is too low to understand this

  • Lol post Malone

  • Ive just had the worst experience of my life, whenever ricegum showed his black friends iddubz saying nigger faggot, they said something about slaughter gang and i was like, cool in mexico theres more dangerous things. I then tried to look for a mexican cartel i know called tropa del infierno (troops of hell) and i had found it and went on images. I then scrolled down and found a guy with his face missing from what i think are bullets from the mexican military or police. I clicked it and it was from someones twitter, i went through it and found that he retweets a bunch of porn and gore. I found plane crashes with people missing half there bodies then i found the infamous cartel cuts open a guy alive and plays with their intestines. The guy cutting open got a piece of skin or heart and ate it as the guy stayed on the floor getting his last breaths im desensitized but this shit still scares me a bit. And not to mention its 4 am.


  • ricegum a bitch bruh

  • Epic

  • Bruh asian Jake Paul be looking like a clown

  • gum

  • rice

  • Still to this day in 2020 that sandwich looks hella tasteie

  • Dydfdddyyddydyy dddydydydydydydydydydyydyydyydydyf

  • Asian jake Paul is worse than the normal jake Paul

  • That sandwich actually looked really good.

  • Rice gum: “exists* *Everyone has left the chat*

  • Ma dude out here using win7

  • “Your a rapper who doesn’t Resolve shit with birds?!”

  • Ian twerking with Post Malone is all I needed to see in my life Time to go jump off of the Empire State Building

  • That sandwich actually looks delicious

  • Ricegum: *includes post Malone song in his video* iDubbbz: let me... add a bit of spice to that

  • So it went from content cops to literally nukes

    • 2000 Subs Before 2021? These were the real nukes

  • rice gum made me laugh when he "cried"

  • When rice says "idubbbz uses big words to confuse you" it just proves again that dumb people think that smart people are dumb, because they can't process what they say



  • Lmao Ricegum actually copyright claimed this video because it featured his "music"

  • I think ricums diss track has accoomilated more dislikes

  • Is no one gonna talk about him having post malon in the video?

  • Dis nigga so fucking cringey 6:50

  • Even if he is a simp he managing to get his career back because he's making a content cop

  • Dubbbz needs to be my lawyer

  • The last Content Cop/Deputy before its hiatus. I miss this series.

  • Rice gum: I don't flex Also rice gum: flexes about how much money he has while shooting money at his friend who is dancing on a stripper pole after apologizing to her about what he said about her being raped.

  • I had to look at the comments to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. He actually had Post Malone in it. And didn’t even mention anything about. I’m shook

    • So he stale songs and doesn't get copyrighted but copyrights idubbz and gets all his ad rev

  • NGL that sandwich looks really good

  • He just couldn't take the L... because he couldn't pronounce it

  • I can’t even understand what this ricegum man is even saying.

    • Jennie Mae June idk wtf you’re saying you made NO FUCKING SENSE AT ALL

  • Back when yt drama was actually entertaining

  • My heart litteratly dropped at the cringe when he kissed her on the cheek.

    • Clitus McClitus stfu virgin

  • Fuck dis nigga

    • @NO LIVES MATTER explain

    • @Taco Taco yall r all trump supporters

    • chase xyooj your a clown buddy

    • chase xyooj 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • chase xyooj rice fanboy 🤡

  • No one gonna mention he said the n word multiple times

    • He was saying as a quote and he is not saying Hey you ni*** but is saying the word "nigger"

    • Like if anyone gives 2 shits

    • This was back in a time where people didn't care.

    • oh we know we just don't care

  • He actually got post Malone

  • how many cameras does idubbbz have he left one in the fridge probably some other places

  • Ricegum lost a fight to an American He is a disgrace to Vietnam, and every rice farmer there

    • @William T there is so much wrong with what you just said I don't even need to say anything And ricegum hasn't changed, so everything Ian said was perfectly rellivent

    • @William T ricegum fanboy

    • @William T hmm am I about to get wooshed

    • Billnye therussainspy first off he didn’t win just cause Nerd boy brought of random stuff about rice from the past and made the stupidest excuses while reacting to ricegum stating facts while reacting to Idubbbz talking that shit and made a shitty disstrack with terrible disses and some irrelevant red hair nerd rapper that every nerdy ISchats has in all their songs and pewdiepie doesn’t mean he won

  • 11:04 Lol i think you all saw it but there's nothing on the paper

    • @wop what a fanboy

    • @kakarot goku i think this guy is the autistic one hes deadass been going around the comments trying to go off on people that make fun of rice lol

    • @William T bro im just pointing it out, you dumbass, stop insulting people because you're too much of a autistic man-child to know im just pointing it out jokingly

    • kakarot goku you really autistic and probably a 9 year old, THE MANS OBVIOUSLY ACTING

  • Idubbbz is so smart

    • @William T And Rice's disses were hard? Lmao all he did was flex and call him and a school shooter lmao get out of denial he aint gonna fuck you

    • Ajay Rampertab no he’s not DF??? If anyone was to be smart in this whole situation it would be ricegums but the only smart shit idubbbz did is make up excuses and saying disses that would not even make a baby cry.

  • Ahh yes the golden age of idubbz

    • William T have you seen his views?

    • @William T Ian is still far more relevant than Rice and this even AFTER the simp drama lol

    • William T how dare you!

    • CRIMSON POTATO6 Y more like he never even had one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂