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Birt 1 sep 2016
Thanks for watching.
Link to the shirts is below:
Thank you to max and HTB:
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  • I love that he got The Creatures Merch. Especially since when he made this they were dead already

  • This was private and now it isnt

  • I saw that gaming beaver backpack and I agree

  • plz fix yo store

  • I got the Sheep hoodie and I gotta say, it’s so thin I could see my shirt underneath and the red part isn’t vibrant at all 😬😬 but ily

  • i wonder how much money he spent on getting these people to say shit on fiverr

  • 2:00 Not to simp but damn who is she

  • Glad to see that penis mask was put to good use

  • how Im I discovering this now ???????????????????????????????

  • It may a few years later but I just bought the sheep hoodie today

    • WOLL II only if u buy it

    • now it should say simp

  • When that blonde bitch said “wubba lubba dub dub” I cried

  • Slightly above average. 😂😂

  • Sheep Merch

  • Cursed unknown videos by idubbbz

  • I don't know what i just watched but i'm gettin myself sum hella dope threads bruv

  • No the is typo do you sell mugggggzzzz for my tea?

  • "HOOOOOOOOO! You bite the peach, the peach bites back" "MGNHMNGMpHiNcGkMlHeNsGMNHMGNHMNGHMNH" -iDubbbzTV 2016

  • Sorry I only wear goodwill clothes because I'm broke as fuck.

  • I wish I bought the foam brofist when I saw it but I never thought he’d stop selling it, now it’s basically a collectors item, if anyone had one I’d buy it any price lmao

  • You are very bad youtuber.Barely Smart is better than you

  • Thank me idups i bought your hoddie

  • im gay

  • Who's watching this in 2019?

  • Rhett and like tho

  • gay

  • a$$hole

  • I loved this

  • Memories

  • So this is where the title "Hot Nickel Ball On A Pussy" came from.

  • this is cheeper then any other youtubers merch (idubbbz is the best)

  • Underrated video, trash merch tho

  • Bought one lol

  • 1:18 is that... is that frank's merch

  • jfc, thats small 0:36

  • I saw gamingbeaver 0:06

  • Is this fiverr

  • me want shirt. me go to website now

  • Nbum

  • I like the sheep hoodie

  • why do you fight max

  • syndicate original

  • ISchats merch is so cheap and tacky, I feel bad for any sap that buys it.

  • I.hate those dumb idiot woman who do those skits for 10$ on a low budget website

  • Even just logos on a shirt makes mad, buy a shitty ISchats logo is worst.

  • "Fuck this, I'm on blogtv with my fucking hands up"

  • rhett and link mmmm

  • 1:23 *LOOK AT THE PIT STAINS ! ! ! ! HE'S SWEATING ! ! ! !*

  • This shit still holds true lmfaaoo like come on ISchatsrs really be making the dorkiest merch and slap their name on it without even trying

  • I love these fight scenes

  • You forgot the Lionmaker Studios underwear to complete the set

  • dickhead

  • Buy my merch - jakebaul 2k19


  • *w u b b a l u b b a d u b b d a a*

  • Lmao those PewDiePie hits gotcha good! BUT..... NO ONE BEATS THE IDUBBBZ! I MEAN HE ONLY DOES BIG BOOTY BITCHES! The Pewds got one bitch! iDubbbz got all the BBB's!

  • Amazing

  • the last clip I lost it

  • Fucking dickhead


  • Now this is how you sell merch


  • Why the fuck did she say wubba lubba dub dub, FUuuuuuck so unnecessary.

  • you are so close to god

  • Chokes with cinnamon toast ken backpack

  • Dick head

  • tbh whos fucking kids buying these tbh cringy asf

  • even if u sell it ironically u stil sell it.

  • I need a god damn shirt with a zoomed in idubbbz face

  • Those shirt designs are almost as bad as the ones you make fun of on kickstarter

  • The only decent yt merch is danny Duncan's virginity rocks t-shirts

  • This was fucking clever

  • I literally have "sheep squad, sheep squad" playing over and over inside my head. Please help

  • I can't buy this, because I live in russia. :( fuck me

  • My name is Haruto Kasagawa.... Wait a minute

  • Triggered channels coming to copystrike your channel!!!!

  • Wtf

  • The fuck did I just watch

  • Lol those Indian dudes at the end :D

  • How to biscuit was here

  • Where did he get the dick mask

  • Well hey its good to know those girls from the Hey Kids channel were set free.

  • Fucking dick head

  • top 10 underrared anime.

  • Lubbawubdabdab

  • Dolan Dark.

  • I was down 'til the testimonials ... too many cunts. Some of us are _actually_ gay.

  • Hey that’s pretty good

  • This is perfect

  • Good drone shot

  • i actually bought the white sheep hoodie. but since my school has rules on hoodies i'm just going to go ahead and buy the sheep tshirt to wear underneath just in case. ;¬)

  • This is the weirdest promotion for merch I've ever seen

  • I saw H2O Delirious's shirt

  • fock eu ime on blogtevee with me fockon hunds up

  • Wubalubadubdub you were early o n tha meme boi

  • im getting me some merch fam.

  • I bought a sheep box logo black pull over hoodie, the fuckin box logo looked like dog shit. Thanks papa, I have another oil rag I guess.

  • *W U B B A L U B B A D U B D U B*

  • iDubbbz watches Rick & Morty, meaning his IQ is 200+

  • $399

  • Still a better fight scene than some movies