Bad Unboxing - Christmas *GIFT OPENING* Presents!!

Birt 24 des 2017
In this episode we finish off the year with Christmas presents. Got a lot of the large junk boxes out of the way. Seems like most of the contents were filler... I hope you enjoy christmas unwrapping ASMR. I'm going to try and get a squirrel video up before new years. (the giveaway is real. comment something about a fruit)
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  • 1980

  • My favorite fruit is James Charles

  • kiwi

  • I love iDubbbz ISchats channel but how is he not been canceled but to Jenna marbles has

  • Like I love items content and shit

  • Orange my favrut frute

  • My favorite fruit is bacon

  • Coming back to this. I really feel sorry for whoever has to clean the mess after each episode.

  • When You comment your favorite fruit thinking you get the ps4 but no one ends up getting it.

  • Alpaca box once he does the bad unboxing again.

  • Im gonna put that in the Alpaca fiber pile

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • My favorite fruit is the blood of those who don't believe In god

  • Cool gengar beanie

  • Cheese

  • My favorite fruit is it Apple

  • Mango

  • Pineapple

  • Brocolli

  • mine is watermellon

  • Your my favorite fruit

  • my favorite fruit is a mango

  • Nice ASMR

  • does anyone know if the ps4 thing is real and if it is who won it

  • 3:03 My new motto

  • Is the ps4 still up for grabs?

  • European teeth

  • apple

  • My favourite froot is froot

  • I’m late but my favorite is a ps4 :)

  • Orange

  • I'm not a simp bro

  • Your not a fucking simp

  • Your a simp idiot

  • Your not a simp idiot

  • Your a simp idiot

  • Your not a simp idiot

  • This guy pulled a Vinegar Doppio on us a full year before Part 5 released. Goddamn 0:41

  • Is that ps4 still available

  • 5:14 I thought u said penis 4

  • 1:12 He predicted Disrespect's Twitch Ban 3 years before.

  • My favorite fruit is a pear

  • Merry Chrysler

  • Banana

  • My favorite fruit is watermelon

  • Opa!! I had no idea Life Of Boris was working for Ian as the slave guy 😮 I'd recognize that gopnik's adidas tracksuit anywhere lmao

  • my favourite fruit is penis if it's not too late


    • Its been 2 years man

  • I like flesh lights

  • What happened to annual

  • Can I still enter the contest I like tomatos

  • 🚽is you

  • my favorite fruit is babies

  • Dick

  • pee

  • apple

  • Appls

  • But who won the ps4 tho? Ricegum is that you?

  • Watermelon

  • burbuger

  • Give us more bad unboxing so we can send you incest

  • i want the ps4 so my favorite fruit is the grape

  • I love bamamama fruit I dubs pls man I would change it hard and clean jr every day please man I love fruit I eat good and vegetable too I would very appreciate it ibubby I love your videos and content police

  • my favorite fruit is an apple, you can contact me at 780 345 8867

  • Sadly this is the last entertaining video Ian made

  • My favorite fruit is a roblox roblox fruit

  • 6:22

  • Lmao there’s people still commenting their favorite fruit

  • My favorite fruit is pussy

    • @Cancerous Nut bruh that's crazy

    • @Mikey Carbajal Bruh your comment makes me think you’ve never even seen a girl outside of your phone screen

    • @Cancerous Nut definitely yes

    • @Mikey Carbajal Definitely not

    • @Cancerous Nut found the autistic kid

  • bananananannana

  • strawberry

  • Idubbbz*

  • My favorite is idubzzz

  • A fruit

  • BananA

  • That poor corsair, probably took someone time to build and send it

  • Yo I know I’m late can I have the ps4 my favorite fruit Is melon

  • My favorites fruit is a pickle

  • WOW poop

  • My favorite fruit is the Coronavirus.

  • My favorite fruit is you, iDubbbz.

  • My favourite fruit is the mike hunt one

  • Bruh my friend literally sent him a ps4 that he was gunna give to me and idubbz gave it away...

  • 4:00 that would have taken the builder weeks to make, if they are watching this, you just lost a fan that sent you mail

  • Pineapple

  • Lmao there is still people saying their favorite fruit

  • Always rewatching Idubbz videos lol

  • 6:22

  • my favorite fruit is (Something else than fruit)

  • My favourite fruit is an apple. I hope I win the PS4 :D

  • ass

  • Why God...

  • Recommend

  • My favourite fruit is tomato

  • Same

  • My favorite fruit is idubbbz entertainment

  • Pineapple

  • I liking watching in the middle of july

  • Apple

  • did he predict doctor disrespect