ODiN (Laser track-pad) - Where are they NOW?

Birt 26 jan 2018
extended gameeplay: ischats.info/fun/ZZanc56haniBmqI/v-deo
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  • He fights da trees my broda we will come for him in da night time my broda

  • I have a cavity

  • Its a cool idea but, you know, mouse exists

  • Nice to know how I am

    • Really glad you're a CASH IT

  • i hope your leukemia clears up soon

  • You gotta play this game like a coward lmao that was funny

  • After losing the game edubbz decided to hack the player using the track pad

  • Dat boy got jelly rolls

  • Do content cop jaystation please

  • ISchats won’t even let me call iDubbs a P us $ Y without deleting my comment.

  • like the tf2 solider hurt noises for lights breaking

  • Advice to 2018 idub..just end it here 2020 is awful

  • Disgusting simp

  • fuck the product, i want you to play more games like pubg or whatever

  • i really wish u reviewed this a bit more thoroughly, like trying it out on a rough surface, like a rock, and out in the sunlight.

  • 4:15 same

  • Let it snow

  • Wtf am I watching

  • Pickle rick

  • You look like a lesbian ❤️

  • Pubg battlegrounds

  • я диагностирую тебя с геем

  • I clicked this didnt realize it was a idubz vid XD

  • you said my name at the end ::)

  • 108k now :/

  • this just became dope or nope

  • The screams of the Christmas Tree are the screams of a dead man

  • A Hispanic ad come on I hate it.

  • Rip Rick May

  • Soldier Tree

  • Buy it or deny it

  • *Painful TF2 Soldier sounds*

  • 5:23

  • 0:51 soldier

  • U got the like just 4 destroying that pos fraud of an Xmas 🌳

  • 7.93 million ..... Damn son

  • Why is that a cash it

  • plz clean your room

  • There have been laser keyboards for a while now.

  • Fuck, Ian your kinda hot... ngl.

  • Bruh

  • Its been 2 years and ive just now realized Ian looks like a lesbian in this video.

  • just buy a mouse

  • Im actually interested in this product

  • I love how that guy recognized that he was idubbbz

  • I know that this shit is bloody useless! But I also think that it’s quite cool...

  • The lazer is tew stronge

  • 7:12 lies...

  • 4:29 when you lie and say you won't jizz inside her.

  • The rise and fall of idubbztv Reduced from his Chad self to a simp

  • Wait this is literally just a REVERSE MOUSE.

  • chip roles

  • You need to clean your smegma buildup man

  • So it's a good product but the experience is half baked.

  • Rip rick may

  • I have never been more turned on by an entro before

  • simp

  • Nice bod

  • His tummy looks so yummy! Dont his mid rift look like a womens.. Shcwing!

  • SIMP

  • Ma cock *Gluglu*

  • is that oblina wallpaper

  • 7:49 🤔🤔🤔

  • New year, new me. He is now a simp

  • Who's here after he became a simp

  • These videos make my life worse

  • Stupid sexy TF2 sound effects

  • I love how genuinely thankful he is

  • Didn’t unbox therapy review this too?

  • nice games channel content LOL

  • Ian its Summer

  • Dang that tree sene was graphic

  • that would of actually been so tight if the odin tracked in the milk

  • Idubbbz confirmed Scientologist.

  • The idea is cool but its basically that mouse pad on laptops but even more impractical

  • He got into an argument over the dishes before this video then was called a big lumbering dumbass by the person he was arguing with which is why he looked so hurt in the beginning then he took his anger out on the tree

  • anyone know what the cartoon clip at the end is from

  • honestly idubbz seems like the kind of guy to have an outie bellybutton

  • If they make one of these that is large for people who draw that may be kind of cool but stupid as a mouse

  • kind of late but trackpads om laptops are already ass; why would anyone with a brain use them to game on a desktop LMAO

  • nina simone remix x edups tree destruction got me feelin some typa way

  • Hii edubsss

  • Watching in 2020

  • Holy shit! It’s Kickstarter crap, Kickstarter cool, where are they now, and bad unboxing!

  • This is Kinda cool,but ultimately useless lol

  • Play with the laser keyboard and that

  • Doesn't work in milk. Well shit.

  • I'm sorry but if it doesn't work in milk it's not a buy

  • The way you sit looks like you have a six pack

  • PUBG is the best lmao

  • iDubbz: "How am I going to achieve this?" Me: Drugs!

    • bro i have same prof pic at ig on my old acc

  • You gotta play this game like a coward

  • LRH ??!!!!! Really?!

  • Tf2 screams in background

  • I have a morbid curiosity for this cartoon 7:40

  • 5:23

  • hope the tech gets better its cool concept

  • He looks like a rejected jojo chraracter

    • Jojo is shit you weaboo. Anime in general is garbage, grow up

  • No it's 2020