The Joke Police TICK me off!!! - idubbbz complains

Birt 21 ágú 2018
My apologies for the incessant sound of my sweater-cord hitting the plastic w/ the mic on it. It ended up fucking the audio for this whole gig. I aint re-recording it!! I AINT DOIN' IT!!!! SUE ME IF YOU HAVE TO!!!!
Thanks for watching, keep up the great jokes
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  • you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian

  • It kinda irks me that people think actual comedians would in 100% seriousness, instead of as a joke, that the shower felt like a three year olds piss.

  • Your mom~jk8ezssss s

  • 😶🤫😶🤫😔😘😜😘😘😊😘😛😘😏🤫🧐😵🧐😵👾💩🤖💩👾💩💩👽💩💦🖤💦🖤👏🦴🦴👏👩‍🔧👨‍⚖️👨‍⚕️👨‍⚖️👨‍⚕️👩‍⚖️🍆😘🍆👨‍⚖️🐯🐮🐅🐯🐪🦁🦨🐓🦏🐻🐭🐧🐠🐉🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦋🕷🕷🐌🕸🐌🕷🍂💮🍂💮🍁💮🍂🌵🍃🌵🌵🍂🌵🍈🍑🍆🍅🥒🍄🥒🍅🥥🥒🥥🥒🍅🥒🍄🥞🥜🥒🥥🥒🍊🥒🍉🥒🍅🥒🍄🥒🥘🍱🥣🍟🍱🍟🥩🥩🍱🍜🍱🍝🍪🦐🍪🍤☕🍜🦀🍩🥟🦀🎂🥡🍰🍰🍾☕🦐☕🍯🍫🧉🍸🧉🍺🥢🍸🍽🍹🏺🔪🥄🍴🗻🌎🏢🏡🏛🏕🏞🗻🏛💒🏪🌃🔞🔞⛔🚳🔞📵🚳📵🚳🛃🚫➡️🔞🇦🇬🇧🇦🇦🇷🇧🇶🇦🇷🇧🇦🎆🎍🎃🎍🧨🧨⚾️🏅⚽️🏅🏸🥊🥋🥇⚾️🏏🏏⚽️🏸🕹🎮🕹🥌🎰🪁🎿🎿🤿🤿♠️🎨🎨♣️🖼🎭🧸🎮🎭🎲🎮🎨🧵🧸🧶🧸🐌🦈🐌🦈🐌🦈🐌🦈🐌🦈🐌🦈🐌🦈🐌🦈🦈🐌🦈🐌🦈🐌🦈🐌🦈🦂🐝🦂🐝🦂🐝🦂🦗🐛🦗🐛🦗🐛🦠🐙🦠🐙

  • Dog fog

  • Rog fog

  • Dctvtvftftf

  • The virgin joke police vs. The chad Content Cop

  • It's ironic because he's listing joke rules but doing a video on joke police.

  • That first tweet by james gunn you read got me laughing so hard.

  • why does the guy in the thumbnail look like somebody who kinda looks like iDubbbz

  • Haahahhahaa simp xddddd guys I get bullied at school... simpp hahahahaj

  • Holy crap this is 2 years old I feel like it’s from 7 months ago

  • Im sorry what? It feels like this was posted yesterday. Why does time go so fast?

  • “It’s not funny, I don’t wanna try” Me trying to talk to my father law.

  • I hate joke police and grammar cops the most

    • You forgot a full stop at the end of your sentence.

  • I just dnt tryn be funny. Works for me.

  • Listen, love, if you were not so self absorbed, you could have had a reasonable argument..

  • thank you

  • this wos funy

  • I'm a little late to the party and I'm binging back catologe. But the Spastic twiter comment has me laughing hard

  • 2:38 go bills.

  • Is it just me or did this thumbnail make Ian look more freakish overtime

  • Funny how comedians get called pedos for making jokes, but actual pedos can just openly post about being paedophiles and nobody bats an eyelid.

  • *normalizing* pedos is the problem, lad.

    • those words have completly lost their original meanings at this point istfg.

    • y'all heard the words "sexualize" and "fetishize" and "normalize" and ain't shut the fuck up since

  • i rewatched this just so i could hear "when i heard this, my dick retracted into my body"

  • The joke police can eat a fat chode


  • This is a great statement

  • I feel like the only person who’s not a middle schooler that genuinely enjoys shock humor. I know it’s not “hard” or “witty” to do shock humor, but what I can’t laugh now?

  • Something I hate more than these people is the "r/woosh" fucks. They go to every joke, find someone who didn't get it, and go "R/WOOOOSH!!!! R/WOOOSH!!!! YOU FUCKING DUMBASS!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!".

  • Ben Shapiro facts does not care about your feelings not jokes but kinda funny not gonna lie

  • My sixteen-year-old sister is actually a joke please

  • Judging by the sound your mic picked up from you punching and me taking a big guess because I cant calculate the force behind an object just from air noises.... I would say about 30N or about 6 PSI

  • I'm BLACK 👩🏿‍🦲

  • Is it wrong that im black and love him

    • @fresh swamp water I didn't think it was offensive, nor did I state that I did. And I thought you said it was a joke, not just a stupid reply.

    • @fresh swamp water No, because what you said wasn't a joke. And if it was, you can't expect someone to tell because there's a lack of tone on the internet. However I can tell that you were clearly upset by something because you want to be passive-aggressive for no apparent fucking reason. You're not funny.

    • @fresh swamp water Clearly you're the one who's being passive aggressive. I just asked you to explain, but you responded with some small attitude and anger... Sad.

    • what

    • @fresh swamp water Explain.

  • IDubbbzTV is really one punch man when he was punching half of the building blew up

  • Xavier: Renegade Angel

  • This was my 5,000th liked video

  • Well, this aged like a steaming pile of shit

    • @nik What do you mean? He literally said that on the Create Unknown podcast.

    • @The Greek Hijacker that didn’t make a lick of sense

    • @Eli J Because now that Leafy got banned for saying some Twitch thot is a 2/10 and that she has a boyfriend, he's just like "well, if you wanna make edgy content just move to another platform".

    • Why?

  • Lol, if someone makes dozens of weird pedo tweets, they're probably not right in the head. it means they're thinking about that subject a lot. But, cool, muh freedom of speech and all that

    • Bruh. As idubbbz said, if you think it's anything BUT a joke, you are either the dumbest person on Earth, or you are being purposefully ignorant.

  • On the rhumbnail my mans looked like Michael Reeves

  • That man failed nnn

  • I hope you get cancelled.

  • The giant cock going through the joke polices ear and into their Brian is fucking massive and I wished it’d reach full penetration and completely disable them already.

  • Man iDubbbz lookin fresh in that thumbnail

  • We need this today

  • Idubbz been saying ACAB since Jesus.

  • this says alot about society

  • Somebody should show h3 this video

  • 1:13 Ashton Birdie (whitty)

  • Wait... is idups pregnant????

  • This guy literally predicted cancel culture, Alt TikTok, and no❤️ girls a few years before. Gen z is soft.

    • Yeah, well, every gen sucks at least some ass.

    • Were u born yesterday? Act like cancel culture is a new phenomenon lmao

  • "where's the punchline?" "there is no punchline"

  • I didn't get any of the jokes he mentioned

  • it's funny cause karen saw this and was like: he read my script???

  • If you think a joke is a statement you are a joke

  • I have the solution to avoid being insulted or triggered by things like jokes online: Get off the Internet. Just, don't expose yourself to it.

  • I like a good joke, but the whole pedo shit happening in Hollywood is concerning no?

    • It’s not only happening in Hollywood bro

  • I find YOU funny :)

  • What is skin color and pink Idubbzes penis

  • I get what he is saying because you can know something is a joke and dont criticize that joke. But it's not your personal type of humor. Think idubbbz has a really good point

  • Isnt that a cyberpower keyboard that comes with the pc

  • we have a saying here when something is bitter... "this is more bitter than an old woman's fart"....and this people are even bitterrerrr whatever...

  • If iDubbbz is still in contact with George Miller maybe he can convince him to go back to filthy frank... maybe.

    • I'd rather George do what he likes doing.

  • Ngl idubbbz looks kinda hot In this video (im a man No homo)

  • אחי הוא שם פאודהההה

  • Idubbbz punches faster than my stepfather. He punches at Mach 7

  • 4:31 idubbbz predicted karen

  • Are those people stupid? He's talking about the North American Marlon Brando Look Alikes

  • yes

  • Black white and red all over is it a bloody penguin

  • ┗(•ˇ_ˇ•)―→ ┌(・。・)┘♪

  • Content cop is the real joke policeman... and he's not welcome anymore by the joke police. :(

  • The joke police are mainly the liberals

  • 2020: *James Gunn is revealed to be one of the many big Hollywood names on Jeffrey Epstein's frequent flier list* *Curb Your Enthusiasm theme slowly starts to play*

  • I see all the videos in your end screens and I'm sad that all of them were taken down. I wanted to watch them.

  • Dude the thumbnail looks like a completely different person

  • who is that lesbian in the thumbnail

  • I miss this Ian.

  • Joke Police is just pre-cancel culture

  • I’m holding in a huge shit

    • I haven’t nutted in so long . There is cum molding in my testicles.

  • this video is very relevant nowadays

  • whos that guy in the thumb nail?

  • Could this be considered as a content serpico

  • One of my friends was a joke officer and because of him our group is currently having a mini civil war

  • This is why we have the Internet Historian.

  • these sickos need sent to be deleted from social platforms sarah sliverMAN patton oswalt, chrissy teigen, james gun podestas clintons

  • The joke police would soon be known as cancel culture.

  • He looks like Michael Reeves and Anthony Padilla at the same time

  • prepare your asses gen z is just getting more hysterical and dumb the older they get.

  • James Gunn is on Epstein’s flight logs that’s why I think his tweets actually mean something you don’t go to his pleasure island for nothing you fucking twat

  • The Nambla One Was a Bit Scetchy, Considering Most of Us Hadn't a Clue What It Was Then❌❌❌

  • Ben Shakiro do be spitting fax tho

  • Heres a rule of thumb to keep in mind about jokes. Is it punching up or is it punching down? What's the context? There's no such thing as a joke that isn't political on some level or has some kind of political valence to it. People from all sides of the political spectrum will over-react or under-react or whatever depending on your politics

  • This video is not a joke it's just statements

  • I have the same mic on his desk :)

  • Spittin facts

  • The James Gunn tweets made me like guardians of the galaxy even more

  • This video is yet more relevant then ever before. Cancel culture needs to be canceled!