Giant Panda Mating Season | Wildlife Documentary

Birt 2 apr 2016
it is a wildlife documentary.
Anything4Views: Anything4Views
Colossal Is Crazy (Narrator):
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  • Omfg I just watched this and realised that’s friendlyjordies at 2:06

  • Is that colassal is crazy?

  • 1:13

  • the only thing missing is brudda osas from da bushes

  • 3:13

  • Is it actuall nut

  • These Furry conventions are getting out of hand...

  • The past was awesome...

  • "Did."

  • Pp

  • 0:20

  • *haha panada*

  • my goal is to do what they did to keep the memories running through our mind

  • Gotta love the friendlyjordies video chad was watching.

  • 1:14 do they say "wheat thins and milk baby!" ??

  • Plot twist: they were both women

  • Nothing like a good nut channel hd

  • This was absolutely the first “Boys” group


  • I like how even when pretending to be a panda, George is still just Frank

  • Look at frank at 3:13 That’s a mood-

  • god how i miss this :/ golden times literally, crying will never ss staff again :/

  • Dude, Thats perfect

  • They can’t fuck each other but they’ll fuck you up

  • Why would somebody dislike this kind of video, this video is wholesome

  • It's the only video where you can legitimately listen to the laughing of how to basic.

  • Panda is pissed

  • Will He - Joji??

  • Instructions unclear, the pandas fucked me

  • Why is fake frank here

  • "There's nothing quite like a good nut"

  • Filthy frank

  • The way Chad says "of course i can" is magical and beautiful

  • This will forever be my favorite video

  • 0:25 general kenobi

  • i miss filthy pan

  • Chad is watching Friendlyjordies, while pandas beat up an America boy. Content

  • 2:05 the iconic voice of friendlyjordies

  • This cures my depression, for a little bit.

  • The good ol’ days.

  • "He's always trying to nut on my ass and shit" 🤣I'm dying 😆

  • I’ve never noticed how much a net gun looks like a fleshlight.

  • I think this is the best video on the internet

  • Miss this

  • I hope the team will be back frank max donkey kong and idubbz

  • That drone is a paid actor.

  • They pissed and shit offscreen

  • *Pandas aren't from Australia!, they're from Uranus*

  • What the heck. That panda suit, is that the reference from Will He music vi-de-o? So as the Gentlemen guide, whenever he slip, it reminds me of Can't get over you. Hmm.


  • Now I know that the narrator is actually CollosalIsCrazy lol

  • the cameraman laughing his ass of in the background

  • Lmao get felix to react to this

  • hey guys look its joji guys

  • imagine being a wild animal and walking in to a scene where two fake panda's undress a man while another man watches from behind

  • Ian’s first documentary:,)

  • freindlyjordies on the iphone lmao

  • 1:38 i love being a panda lmfao😂

  • dudes got a VB

  • ok recommended, this is cool

  • I'm glad to see Colossal in this

  • My boy Clown the narrator

  • Props to the guy who actually ate the bamboo

  • So basically, Its everybody when they see two pandas in mc

  • Fun fact: The song "Will he" is actually a continuation of this story from the male panda's perspective.

  • I like how Chad has a 9/11 conspiracy shirt

  • This is my favorite idubbbz video

  • 0:40 I lost my shit there

  • nothing like a good nut channel HD

  • I come back here from time to time to refresh my knowledge... I hope they die fast... absolutely no use for Vegan Bears

  • this is some prime archive content

  • Tuff to hear Jordies in here

  • will he origin story

  • Was Chad watching friendly jordies

  • I hate I hate it so much

  • U my f****** god det od filthy frank

  • este es mi estilo

  • Did he actually nut in that

  • *1:38* I love being a panda! *Later...* *Panda beatdown on a student researcher who's trying to repopulate pandas.* *(Formally IDubbz).*

  • Who would actually associate themselves with Anythingforviews anymore? Outside of his podcast for the exposure that is. Content like this is limited for him now to Max and the cold ones crew, because Max is loyal.

  • Australia Before: we will protect our land Australia now:

  • I think the textbooks have the facts wrong. Giant pandas speak English.

  • lol

  • I showed this to a friend and he was like: "Oh that's what people in fursuits look like" He is now six feet underground

  • I wonder who the camera man is

  • Anythingforviews dad’s name is Anythingforcigs

  • I wanna shit in Australia with them.

  • 3:16 Reincarnated Promethus

  • 2:42 gets me every time

  • "I love being a panda"

  • there is panda porn on ph

  • It's quite ironic cause now Joji only follows National Geographic on Instagram.

  • How the fuck did this not get demonitized

  • The fact that ColossalisCrazy is the narrator makes it 100% better

  • What a hidden a gem

  • 2020 anyone

  • Was he shitting on the grass at the end

  • Best national geographic episode ever


  • Fun fact: joji follows only national geographic channel on his Twitter account.