Birt 6 jan 2016
This time, idubbbz deals with the kids. Mess with the cops, you gonna get busted. Thanks for watching. Got links to outtakes below.
Behind the Scenes and outtakes:
Radjor(playing mom): RadJor64

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Content cop is a satirical series that has memes and jokes. I'm like 75% serious most of the time. I'm just trying to clean up the streets.



  • I thought kinder eggs were banned in most of the U.S

  • I miss 2016 ISchats. Fuck you, Susan.

  • What the fuck did I watch

  • Jesus fucking Christ what are they doing to those videos why are their voice is so annoying specially when they play with toys on kids ISchats I’m 10 even on think that’s garbage oh sorry shit

  • If Content Cop didn’t get Ryan, COPPA did.


  • These channels should be restricted to ISchats kids

  • Kinder should make a box and not a egg.

  • I wonder how far that skit would've gone if the employee didnt step in...

  • I wont comment anymore but I do watch every content cop evrey day and I want to actually go back no not to the surprise eggs no I DIDNT MEAN TO THAT

  • Enjoy and download this in case ISchats deletes it

  • You should see kids content now Its awful

  • 5:55 what is this, i dont get it this is dumb

  • Wow 4 years ago now I feel old

  • Only russian men shall toy but if you not Russian you will be dedad

  • "Zooms in intensively" "GIANT BARBIE EGG"

  • Yes

  • 2:24 that's not an egg it's a cacoon

  • They are reason that cameras aren’t allowed in Walmarts anymore

  • seeing Hobby Kids TV on here hits different cause it used to be the only good kids channel but they fell into the same rabbit hole

  • I like the part when he said egg

    • @ethan sid me too ethan sid

    • Bruh you forgot to change account

    • me too

  • That's when you say mmmMMMMMMBITCHHHHHH

  • I got an ad for afk arena staring discount jacksepticeye

  • gay :D

  • 4:31

  • 7:30

  • 0:22 Enter Sandman

  • Lmao I love how Ian is more excited to open the shitty ISchats content egg then the kids are to open the actual surprise eggs

  • Egg.

  • Dude who watching this in 2020

  • I was told to make vids like these with my lil sis, and I really wanted to commit murder then suicide

  • What is that intro song? 0:05

  • I'm gAAAYQ

  • Get your "Here before ISchats deletes this video" ticket

  • "If you give kids a box, they're gonna die"

  • 6:36 they had to mute the swear words so its not too loud

  • hobbykidstv

  • Is it just me or is idubbz jackass

  • If this seems like cancer you should see FGTeev or whatever

  • Ian: calls stormtrooper han solo *several people are typing*

    • Flying Cowmeow it’s obviously Han Solo in a stormtrooper suit from a new hope

  • Why was jelly in it

  • 4:31

  • Do one on Shiitake Mushrooms

  • S P I N I N G 3 6 0 º


  • rayn the only toy channel i respect.

  • I almost died when he started smacking the box with a dildo

  • Amazing video, too bad toy r us Karen ruined it with "WaTcH YoUr MoUtH ArOuNd ThE cHiLdReN" at the end

  • 6:02 when i said send pics but she sends a video

  • I had that lightning McQueen bed

  • Even Tho My Favorite ISchatsr is CookieSwirlC- (5:46)

  • This is my favorite youtube video I’ve watched it like 50 times

  • All Idubbbz "Child" Clips: 1:22 4:00 6:22

  • 1:50

  • Simp


  • I like content cop.

  • Kill me

  • I feel bad bad for Ryan :(

    • Bill Nye the russian spy he finna get bullied in school

    • @S0VIETJERRY it's genuinely sad to know that poor kid doesn't have a say in that I feel bad for when he's an adult

    • Ikr

    • Fucking parents

    • I type too fast :/

  • 3:19 i died, i laughed so hard just for this

  • 5:59 wtf does that even mean

  • 5:57 sounds like RADAL

  • i cry from laughing every episode i watch

  • Me who used to watch HobbyKidsTV I don't agree with this Content Cop but I don't like them anymore. Those videos were for 6 year olds or something. But yes it will make the children spoiled.

  • Buchito Baby BOi

  • .--.

  • You forgot a little guy named jobby the hong.

    • @12 21 jobby isn't exactly that similar to the people in this content cop

    • But he is not a kid XD

    • You like him I don't

    • 12 21 why jobby?

  • 0:21

  • why did that music catch me off so hard

  • This is probably going to get deleted because he has an opinion

  • Some eggs are actually perfectly round and spherical.. But I don’t know what type of animal lays those eggs

  • You know, Ryan Toys Review’s mom is a TWICE CONVICTED FELON

  • When he slaps the box with the dildo 😂😂

  • Actual title - also giant surprise egg because ISchats algorithm

  • It’s 2020 this year

  • I can’t with the dildo 😂

  • Anyone going to mention the 18 inch dildo

  • as a toy review channel fuck you

  • heyhey woah woah woah woah woah woah woah woah

  • 5:42 just a one single look at the kid says it all.

  • 5:59 I’m sorry but that voice makes me laugh

  • When ISchats was funny

  • 6:40 We are really sorry about that mam... but believe me In a weird, fucked up-twisted way we are doing it for the kids.

  • He unboxed an m1911. Funniest fucking shit. Also 18 inch dildo

  • 6:41 looks like we have a concerned mother

  • rumor has it iidubs girlfriend is currently using that dildo in her only fans

  • Dear idubbbz, How dare you BITE ice cream?! You make me angry!

  • 1:08 I didn't know iDubbbz had a son.

  • The people at that Walmart store probably thought you we're some gay couple with a fetish for acting like a child or someshit.

  • Toy Review Channels, also known as Turn your child into a soulless consumer of products.

  • This a box

  • I want kinder egg

  • Who thinks idubbbz stopped making content cops ‘cause of the defunds

  • Pt 3?

  • I kind of came here to read because Ryan's world turned off their mother f****** comment section and thre are should I f****** hate my the world because I always get their ads there is s*** ads but at least idubbbz is not a hunk of junk in the trunk

  • I hate these surprize eggs and its dumb when u sê it

  • You did it wrong. You're supposed to slice down on your wrist not sideways. It cuts more arteries, sideways is for attention.

  • He has an actual fucking didlo lol

  • Watching in 2020 like