Strange man opens a lot of boxes - Bad Unboxing Fan Mail

Birt 8 apr 2017
In this episode We unbox a few packages. We got a lot more waiting in the queue. I'll try to get to them ASAP! Thanks for all the love, support, and generally good vibes. Peace love and apple sauce.
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  • Sup lil nigga

  • 4:15 *you didn't have to say that*

  • Wtf you sed n world

  • Me watching in 2020

  • I sent the clone-a-willy and I’m still waiting...

  • Did he just spell roblox RAW blocks

  • Rawblox

  • Rawblocks

  • anyone have the vid of the guy with glue in his beard?

  • 2:00 lmao

  • Is vagicaine corporal punishment in a girl's school?

  • Gey

  • 5:29

  • the smell of potpourri overpowers the disgusting scent of the coyote urine

  • The weird kid next door: 7:49

  • Did he say nigga

  • Rawblock 😭

  • My man literally ate glue

  • When idubbz said put a pixy stick down my thing I got jelly cuz I once put a hard noodle down my thing


  • how the fuck is thus monotized? proud to see idubbz making more than about 2p

  • 6:47 Look at his shirt if you have a dirty mind

  • the thing that craped my pats when he ate glue but man damn your tougher holy moley man

  • Is being depressed all the time a natural part being a human?

  • 7:19 viva México cabrones

  • "miranda sings shot"

  • You fucking drank goud😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rob locks

  • he said the n word and I approve I give ian the ultimate n word pass

  • my highschool senior quote 4:14 - 4:17

  • What is that song played in background

  • Also who's watchin in 2020?

  • In 2020 he would have been canceled for the n word but at least no hard r

  • This was the best idubbbs

  • I miss bad undoxing. (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

  • 6:05 Is the reason I come back to this video so much

  • OMG his joker impression was class 😂

  • rawblox

  • Loompa loompa doop- made me subscribe

  • I am a new fan and can someone fucking stop him people were afraid of the dumbster strawberry but i think that glue shot was worse

  • Idubbz: “These chicken things are to sticky” He says after drinking glue

  • When I see my friend walk by me 4:14

  • idubbz why the fuck would you say the n word you racist piece of shit

  • The way he says roblox infuriates me greatly

  • so hot

  • We say nothing about him says ng nigga

  • Anime else hear lunkeys instead of monkeys

  • B is for disleksik

  • rablox

  • Did anyone else start dying of laughter at the clone a willy part

  • I've had 1:41 stuck in my head all day.

  • "rawblocks"

  • After 3 years I have only just realised that the thumbnail doesnt say 'Modern Warfare 3 or bust'



  • 3:20 “if you dislike songs from Africa I dislike you”-idubbbz

  • Anytime he goes ugh 8 laugh

  • I did what you said and Put a pixie stick down my Urethra Update: the bottom opened up and the sugar went down my Urethra and clogged it, I am incapable of pissing

  • robb blox

  • 2:43 idbubbz gay confirmed

  • “Aromatic”

  • I deadass think that Idubbbz could make a good ass Joker

  • Roblox toys are collectors items btw

  • 9:09 not gonna lie it looks like strawberry’s with candy flavored cream

  • e

  • My father liked roblox

  • Ian: Don't send me anything sticky and gross Ian 5 minutes earlier: Eats glue*

  • 4:15 when saying the n-word was mildly ok😂

  • rawblocks

  • The way he says roblox 😂

  • Rahblox

  • Every video of his is a fever dream

  • Ian, it’s “Rohblocks” not “Rahblahcks”. Are you fucking acoustic?


  • Surprised he got ads

  • Idubbz: Don't send me anything sticky and gross! Also Idubbz: Slurps glue

  • rob-lox

  • "🎶Coyote Uuurriine🎶" choking and gagging ensuez

  • I love Ian because he remind me that even though I’m a failure, there are always people even more disappointing than me

  • Why would you eat glue

  • 8:48

  • that movie “flowers in the attic” is literally about a brother and a sister basically falling in love and having children I’m pretty sure

  • 6:35 is what got me "wHaT aRE yOu dOINg

  • I don’t like incest

  • nobody: IDubbbz: Eats FuCkInG GlUe

  • Rahblacks

  • you say rawbolx its ro blox

  • Raw-blocks

  • He just said the n word

    • Ok nigga?

    • Ok

    • Its racist if you say it with a hard r

  • did you just said the N word

  • Idubbbz: "i hate things that are sticky" also idubbbz: Eats a glob of glue

  • 9:26 we got a shout out boys

  • I’m new is he autistic

  • raw-blocks lol its roe-blocks

  • 8:16 I need to get his gf's onlyfans so I can finally see that bad boy in action

  • 3:55 My sister had to write this down cuz im dead, she probs spitting on me for watching this video too...

  • How did he get away with saying nigga so much

  • I love how happy he starts

  • RAHblox

  • Imagine if the urine was mailed to the wrong address Who's reading this in 2021? I'm not

    • @Goof nooo, they arent being sarcastic.

    • @Till All Are Fun Can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not

    • Wow man you're really fuckin funny