Kickstarter Crap - Roomba Pong, Breweries, & Artix Cooler

Birt 15 júl 2016
This vid is awful. I'm traveling and editing is quite horrible. I'm filled with so much hate right now.
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Kickstarter Crap / Indiegogo Excrement is a series where I look at failed projects or projects that I have a bad opinion about. Some of the kickstarter projects are from /r/shittykickstarters . Some people request terrible kickstarter projects. Most of the time, I will filter projects by 'newest' and look through them. All the opinions expressed in this video should be taken with a grain of salt.


  • anyone else notice he has hops on the computer screen?

  • 5:04 "Dangit thats one good *gets notifacation*"

  • Хуйня

  • 3:02 2 gay 1 cup

  • WTF was the Kickstarter Brewery guy talking about, "break into a market that everyones ignoring". Ya, the alcohol market is TOTALLY something that is ignored........🤣😂🤣😂

    • Independent Beer brewing, perhaps.

  • Plot twist: the kickstarter craps are made by a fetus

  • 1:43

  • Fucking douche pong

  • Who’s watching also rn?

  • Trump is better than Killary or "where am i at" biden...

  • I would say the hard R but ISchats will eat me out

  • $50 says that the dude talking in the moto-pong video was some ugly college bro creep that only got those chicks at his house because he promised them free booze and drugs

  • Boy am I excited for cyberspunk 2077 to come out!

  • Murica

  • Why do Americans play this shit just to drink light beer. Do what Australians do and just fucking drink, stop wasting time

  • Imagine a chick gaping her butthole open over her head and then you take a shit into her ass and she takes your shit into her body, is that the same as making out?

  • I wonder if anyones every farted into another person's ass while that person had a fart forming in their gut, and then the two farts became one inside that person and they farted both into another person who has gas and then person number three held it til his fart joined the two and they farted those three farts into the air tank of a rebreather mask that a fourth person was made to wear.

  • Trump 2020


  • P O O S S Y E N T U S I A S S

  • We’re those hops on his monitors lol

  • -ey, that's a spicy pusi-

  • 2 bots 12 cups More like 2 girls 1 cup

  • That dude got some hot bitches tho.

  • I was taking a dab when you said "5th street hooker" my brain is in my nostrils and I blame you

  • Mexican skateboarders smh my head

  • See you next time when I manipulate a malnourished Managuan mijcro biologists mandible to masticate Mandingos massive Manscaped mangina

  • It's not just a water bottle, it's a lifestyle 😎

  • I feel like this shouldn't need to be brought up, but the beer market is absolutely NOT a "neglected industry."

    • What about independent breweries?

  • I live in Arkansas and I don’t think there’s a KillaKid

  • what if there was a coptent con where people who make bad shitty *con*tent are on the lamb from the law making videos about how theyre goona this is the stupidiest shit ive ever said

  • Stupid fucking cavemen obsessing over beer and brewing. Feeble minded neaderthals.

  • that artix cooler guy's accent just pisses me off for some reason lol

  • Are we not gonna talk about the artichoke desktop background

  • m o t o - p o n k

  • 3:49 aaaaand that's when I subscribed 😆😀😆 no kidding- forrealz bruh

  • "HOOOOOOOOO! You bite the peach, the peach bites back" "MGNHalpMeMNGMHNGMHNGMNHMGNHMNGHMNH" -iDubbbzTV 2016

  • F in the chat

  • God it took my years to realise your bg image is hops and not brussel sprouts. I never understood. I'm a fucking dumbass.

  • Mumford and suns is litty titty

  • Mightypong just reeks of some dumbass thinking he’s good at voice acting or someshit

  • The guy who lost at mighty pong was missing half his upper teeth, and i don't trust toothless mf's with my money

  • Harambe did 911

  • yeah beer ,girls,smell of manliness nd merica reminds me of a movie .u stole the starter idea from a dumb flop movie .nice

  • No one actually puts beer in and drinks it out of the cups cause that's fucking gross

  • Fund my Kickstarter. The Poosie, the turd shaped Fleshlight. Patent pending.

  • That artix cooler looks like an IED from Afghanistan.. gonna give thoee alcoholic vets something to think about lol

  • Im from Arkansas and Im honored he even said our state In a video.

  • It can store and keep cool normal drinks and beer, and you can even SHAKE it and it has a key chain ring! That's just describing ANY NORMAL THERMOS.

  • I liked the world better when everyone couldn't afford a

  • 4th of july 2019

  • Dude! I'm actually from Kill-a-kid Arkansas.

  • Idubbbz depression era

  • Trump my dude ✊🏼

  • What about roomba bong?

  • American beer LOL, funniest meme ever

  • I got a grinder ad on this video. I'm 14. My mom took away my phone.

  • Do you hate it when your trying to shoot someone for money and your thirsty HAVE NO FEAR how theres a water bottle cooler shaker bottle opener attatched to it

  • On an idubbbz binge again, jst can’t get enough

  • ayyyyye thats a spicy puss...

  • One word: weeaboo

  • I can’t killAkid Arkansas 🤣🤣

  • 6:54 i like to drink my veer slow, and enjoy my veer

  • 1:55. Low budget George Clooney?

  • Fuck i got a kickstarter ad before this btw who here in 2019

  • Hot *sout* Florida day

  • I wonder if idubbz smokes loud or does acid

  • I saw an ad for Kickstarter after the end of this video.

  • There's jizz on your sleeve

  • eyy that's a spicy poosi

  • My laptop is charging

  • I live in Arkansas 😅😅😅

  • Himan cholo

  • "We're tapping into a market... That everyone is kinda ignoring." ..D.. Did you like ask 5 people you know if they wanted to own a brewery and NEVER visted a Grocery Store? There's so many fucking beer brands and breweries that you can hardly keep track. And YOUR ass thinks its... "Ignored"? The fuck are you on my guy?

  • there is nothing skate culture values more than expensive and superfluous pieces of shit. I remember the early 2000s, skaters were the flex gods of their era, and that tradition continues to this day.

  • When I saw the brewery guy named "Chris Chandler" I had a fucking fit.

  • He’s so cute I don’t care

  • cant wait for Cyber Spunk 2077

  • 3:44 Tink

  • You can have my juicy 😼

  • why hasnt anyone said how the mighty pong nerd looks exactly like seth mcfarlane?

  • Poosy Entusiest

  • I love how whenever Ian says "however" he goes, "However, comma,"

  • Anyone else finding the pussy power lady kinda hot?

  • Beer pong! Yes! You hold a bottle of vodka, unscrew the bottle and drink! it goes on all night until the bottle is empty! Dang! I love beer pong!🍻

  • what was the the tune near the end

  • Lmao beer pong is stupid, and girls tend to be just as good or bad as guya

  • Just tape cup onto a roomba

  • ggg

  • 1million beer 2:17

  • But IDUBBBZ you forgot the semi colon before however

  • “Kill a kid Arkansas” huh well I’m an Arkansan and I’m offended in the awesomest way possible cuz I love idubbbz and I hate arkansas

  • somebody explain artichokes on his screen

  • Who else saw the reversed drinking part😑😑

  • Chris Candler missed his true calling, which is making....candles. Ye

  • i like puusy to

    • Dimitri The soviet bagel you like puusy to what?

  • "I ah like a, to enjoy my veer"

  • "Killakid, Arkansas"

  • A poosy entoosisiust

  • kevin spacey invented presidential pong?