Birt 16 mar 2019
Thanks for watching guys. I love you all. From the bottom of my heart. WOOOT WOOOOTTTTT
We look at three topics: guys who love their dogs too much, kissing your parents, and retailers not making me smile ear-to-ear.
Let me know what you guys think of the Editing. Should I keep the editor? Or throw them off a tall object?
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  • When they ask for your phone number just say for what. And when they tell you why say it’s not necessary, or say it’s not necessary to begin with. They won’t protest much if they want the sale.

  • I always just give the phone number from my old house. And yes it's weird to kiss your parents on the lips. If you must, maybe a peck on the cheek for mom, but that's all. No kiss for dad at all, a hug will suffice. That Tom Brady thing is messed up. I'm not going to even get into those kids lined up for the pervert abuse firing squad thing...

  • paying before you eat at restaurants already lowers the bar. HOWEVER. how about when a restaurant also flips the screen around that asks you for a tip before you have even seen your food in addition to paying before you eat.

  • its over compensation and gay furry

  • You watch the dog hold down a little three year old kid. I will Not! I will cut the dogs balls off. "Right there" I am the MASTER.

  • My parents don’t kiss me on my lips, but my uncle does

  • "Do you like demonitized videos? Their some of my favorite types of videos!" -Idubbbz

  • So this is what my physics qualification has brought me to

  • Keep goatee and soul patch - shave the mustache

  • White people are more likely to take freedom seriously, which is why they're the ones who cut holes in masks. I am ashamed to be white too

  • With the mustache thing, do whatever you want. It's your decision.

  • This is idubbz most soul sucking video.

  • 4:28 straight facts

  • Maybe other races think their kids are ugly, wtf do I know...

  • I have a friend from high school who kisses his son on the lips and I cringe every. Damn. Time. It's totally innocent, it's just frikin' awkward for everyone...

  • Your still funny but you used to be soooooo funny I literally laughed at everything you said . Please be like that again 😂😂

    • When people aren’t allowed to change...

  • Dude I worked in customer service and I hated asking for social security numbers and phone numbers, that shits weird, it made me feel awkward. good money, but I hated the job

  • Your talk is so incredible You taste like surfing videos

  • I mean personally I wouldn't neuter or spade any animals i have. Because I wouldn't do anything to an animal that i wouldn't do to myself.

  • Gay

  • I mean I am going to bread both of my dogs together so uhhhh no

  • I just don’t cut my dogs nuts cuz I know I don’t want my nuts cut

  • Love the whole Bill Burr vibe going on idubbbz

  • When the guy said “GLORIOUS BALLS”, I was reminded of the guy in Austin Powers where he said “I LOVE GOLD”.

  • 👎 no masatch like ;(

  • Gloryhole surprise! 🤮hahaha

  • that dad kiss triggered my ptsd

  • Ask your vet to explain the health risks vs. any benefit to "neutering" or "spaying" your dog. The good veterinarian will tell you spaying or neutering has only one health benefit. He can't get testicular cancer and she can't get uterine or ovarian cancer. Very few dogs get either one so that's like saying cut off your leg so you can never break it.

  • Why was god over here putting the most fragile organs in you body externally exposed. That is the #1 weakness of any Male and you just let it be exposed like that.

    • To regulate temperature so your swimmers don’t die immediately from your body heat.

  • Whole video out of sync

  • Little Tommy your going to drive mommy, she's had a little too much.

  • Measured the speed relative to his height and the pixels and how fast the frame rate and all that. He’s running at 11 mph

  • Can we get a balls counter

  • at first I thought that was dr boogie in the thumbnail

  • God the dog nuts part just described my uncle to a T LMFAO He chugs mountain dew and is EXTREMELY against neutering(and even spaying) dogs and gets very upset if you try to tell him to neuter his dog and even reads up laws about it??? He's also a rude and abusive manchild so is it really any surprise

  • whatever you like best idubbbz i think whatever looks fine it’s your face man

  • I'm a dude that owns a boxer. Nigga swinging his knuts around is disgusting.

  • I feel bad for my dog, when I chop off his nuts. I put myself in his perspective, and I wouldn't want my balls chopped off.

  • Is it just me or did he look exactly like Ian Hecox is the thumbnail?

  • Simp

  • Ah, yes *strong* SIMP energy here in this one - we should have seen it coming.

  • "I was watching Dr. Oz....He had a moronic take." Yep that sums up that "doctor" pretty well.

  • That school is actually in my city and when we vs them in football we always say “you kiss your mother with that mouth”?

  • How many times did he say "nuts"

  • If you’re against neutering but don’t breed, aren’t you just making your dog sexually frustrated? I’ll admit I don’t know much about canine sex drive tho.

  • Mustache no

  • No mustache

  • 'I love the ovarie skin sack'

  • "I know a lot of other people who are, socially, a little bit fucky and gay" -This is exactly how I would describe my social life

  • I’ve seen black people kiss their kids on the lips

  • 8:26 fucking Alabama.

  • i don't neuter dog but i don't hold my dog nuts or none of this stuff that all i have to say.

  • I like the facial hair

  • After the moustache came in was his downfall. That moustache is possessed by Ricegum's salty spirit trying to ruin his career

  • 7:36 this is what makes kids shoot up their school.

  • 1:34 my mum watching me come last in the 100m sprint in 5th grade

  • Nay

  • Nae

  • That dog nuts shit is hilarious

  • They sell ur phone number to their partners. So yea they benefit 1000 phone numbers is a cool 6k

  • This is the most self explanatory title for a video I’ve ever seen on my recommended...

  • yay

  • MUSTACHE!!!!

  • you know its a good video when iDubbz says to do CBT

  • OK but my pets are actually the best though

  • Hey idubbbz this is a cry for help, I need you to help me, this is not a joke, please I need you

  • They sometimes ask my email for the receipt. I just say no thanks lol

  • It’s not a prank, it’s incest

  • Why are my people so incestuous?

  • 6:41 they look like ridgebacks, mine is a year old, fucking huge and has his balls still

  • At ease in my retail job? No, no I don't think so...


  • Yes yay

  • Oh god. Never record with that again

  • Objectively my dog is the best in the park

  • If I had to choose between cutting my dogs nuts off or are tying the tubes of my other dog so she wont go into heat and bleed everywhere I think I'll choose the second one

  • I dont nuder dogs because I like ot when they fuck in the muck

    • K

  • how many time did he say "dog balls?" lol

  • There's one woman who let's her German Shepard fuck her. Sooo

  • What if it's your mom not your mom but like my mom

  • I hate asking people for their phone number or rewards card. I could give a shit if they get points or not.

  • Ummm mr idubbz when stores collect phone numbers the will sell them to 3rd party advertisers

  • You know its bad when the guy that looks the part educates people about how parents kissing thier kids on their lips is bad

  • Neutered man enviously complains about unneutered dogs.

  • Balls stay on the dog, not because they are beautiful or some stupid shit like that. Just I want to keep mine so I figure they want to keep theirs lol. Kissing a parent or child is wrong don't care if it's even just a peck. But the reason it's a white people thing probably has to do with the whole kissing to greet someone culture in some European countries. Still wrong. Yah I hate the phone number is required bullshit. I was gonna order some Chinese food, and it said phone number is required, not only was it required they said they will send a confirmation number to my moms phone(I don't have one and was house watching my aunt's house and dog) and I'd have to respond for the order to go through. I was like if I'm going through all that I should have just called y'all. In the end I was like fuck it Emos pizza it is, they don't require a phone number.

  • 11:19 hits hard

  • Back hear because of the viral tiktok feat the parent make out sesh

  • Hmmm maybe just dont kiss

  • when my father is asked for a phone num in stores he says he has no phone and after he buys styff hd pulls out his phone on perpus

  • seems like some people have a slight bit of pedo in them, Banjo music any one?

  • i never understood parents kissing their kids like wtf! u psycho!

    • Good Name except with men (unless you’re a gay), you shake their hand

    • on the cheek we cool, not on de mouth

  • I don't know to be honest if I spent 20 grand on a specific bloodline I would probably keep its nuts just in case somebody wanted to pay me to pay me fees for a sire then I would probably do it

  • me when i see potatod:glorious balls

  • I'm literally walking down the streets and have people just comment "wow that's a beautiful dog". She's a rare breed (Lapponian herder border collie mix), but yeah I'd love if people would just leave me alone, I don't want to talk to you, I just want to chill with my dog.

    • ultimate respect

  • Who else noticed the squirrel trap in the background

  • I think until you have a kid there dubzy you can't really say too much, if you have a newborn baby, there is nothing wrong with giving your baby a kiss on the lips, the way you make it sound it repulsive but in most cases its not even close to what you made it sound like. Question is where do you draw the line, when they are 3, 4 or 5? give me a break.

  • The only women that love dogs nuts are beasties

  • You might be able to grow out a real moustache if you let it grow out

  • my girl is like this

  • I want to hear iDubbbz opinion on people kissing their dogs on the mouth. I feel like this is another white people specific problem. Also what's even stranger than wanting to keep your dog intact is the amount of people who feel the need to come up to you and tell you "You NEED to neuter your dog" while their neutered dog is trying to fuck mine because it's been emasculated by its owner. It would happen almost every time we took my pup to the park.