STARVING ARTIST - Bad Unboxing Fan Mail

Birt 11 jún 2017
Just a little scoop to tide you over. Itching to get some good content out soon. Pray for me. Keep me in your prayers. Pls pray for it all. pray.
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  • 4:33

  • Anyone else see his wrists?💀

  • why is my brother an amiibo

  • communist wallpaper/ thats pretty repulsive my dude. hope its a joke

  • Haha so many packages holy shit

  • what happened to your wrist


  • “This grumpy cat tattoo means he killed like 4 people”

  • Is idubbbz..? Calling for help

  • Idubbz at the end looking like a soundcloud rapper

  • Should painted red on his lips

  • god hes so hot i wanna die

  • 4:30 the burp killed me😂😂😂😂

  • 2:52 *ouch*

  • I can’t keep up but laugh so hard at the random stuff you used to get

  • I get a sword in the mail with the blade snapped (upsetting) but this nigga gets a wine glass in mint condition. And proceeds to use it as a god damn paint brush cleaner.

  • 4:33 I'm dead

  • hopefully you reply heehan, what happened to your wrist bro?

  • 0:15 what happened to your left hand?

  • 3:20 Well... it sounds better than 100 gecs at least

  • 3:19 gg

  • All tuff until the mouse trap

  • Who killed it?!!!!

  • That painting better be hanging in a museum somewhere

  • Minecraft witch laugh 😂: 1:45

  • Anybody gonna gonna question the amount of boxes there were

  • 1:44 idubbbz sounded like a Minecraft witch

  • 3:53

  • Still to this day bleach (clorox) is used againt corona virus. Trump said that.....

  • 2:53

  • Idubbzlooks like discount joker

  • The bib needs to be made from towel fabric. As a professional wife who gives her partner professional blowies, the slobber gets excessive and you’ll need to wipe your eyes and nose periodically because deep throating makes everything run. You’re welcome

  • 6:51 is Justin Bieber lol

  • anyone else here in 2020 reminiscing:(

  • Witches in Minecraft be like 1:45

  • Jotaro: *has a mother* Kakyoin: 2:34

  • Nice

  • Him: there’s no rules The communist wallpaper behind him: press x to doubt.

  • 3:17 actual footage of the making of Mike's Hard Lemonade. Believe me, i worked there when bush did 9/11

  • dragon ball shirt kinda wet tho

  • minecraft witches be like: 1:45

  • 2:51

  • Hes a psychopath (I'm joking around) and so am I. It's amazing.

  • It's 2020 and now I get the Bleach joke, it wasn't a joke, in the end fans wanna keep Ian safe and clean during this Covid-19 pandemia

  • “AW FUCK”-idubbbz

  • You went through two videos of pain with the yellow spots are mouse traps

  • Reads “artist” on the title Me: *AN ARTIST* yes

  • 4:22 This man really be out here referencing Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America!

  • Thanks for playing us that early joji demo track at the end

  • There are rules to art not painting. I won’t crucify you if you don’t know it. I’m learning the rules so I can break them but know what I’m doing

  • Why ?

  • I wanna see more painting bad unboxing. This was fun💀

  • 1:45 idubbbz is a witch from Mincerfat?? 😳

  • The fact that it said “big buff black guy - ROBLOX”

  • Idubbz I saw a rat in a mouse trap who was cut into 2

  • Mike's Hard Lemonade, proven to be made by pussies

  • 2:40

  • When he says paint a picture who is the dude on the canvas? Anybody know?

  • Anyone else get an anti idubbbz Johnni Street advert efore this?


  • Simp

  • 1:45 Minecraft witch

  • Idubbbz, are you communist?

  • SIMP

    • Shut the fuck up autistic child

    • yess i knew i would find this comment lmao

  • Joker: My life is nothing but a comedy. Ian: *COMEDY IS GAY*

  • Wow idubbbz bored mind blown

  • 4:33 literally the best thing ever

  • "today we're gonna be painting a spider, you know those 8 legged creatures" *paints 4 legs*

    • J0J0 like it’s not behind the spider it’s on the side so the other legs would be up behind the legs infront so like they’re like hiding be behind the front legs so yeah like I said it’s in a different angle

    • J0J0 yo the other legs are behind the spider think about the angle of the picture

  • 4:33

  • I am laughing so hard because of that pregnancy test he did and I dont know Why XD XD XD

  • That ending song is beautiful

  • 0:01 Heh, it's topical now


  • Me: failing art class Viewers: the council will decide your fate

  • me: *clicks video* idubbbz: HAY i’m bored me: relatable

  • When you stub your toe 2:53

  • If he didnt put the pictures and other shit on the painting it would look pretty damn good

  • No idubbbz art must couse emotion and inspire thought and your art makes me want to commit toaster in bathtub

  • i rlly want that painting....

  • Seeing all the shit going on in the world rn, then watching this just makes me miss the good ole days a few years ago. Watching Idubbbz, and filthy Frank was still a thing lol


  • minecraft witch intensifies 1:45

  • I would actually buy that

  • "It aynt no thang" he says as he puts his finger in a mouse trap

  • Millions of peaches. Peaches for me

  • is it bad i find ian attractive...? idk just something about it seems wrong-

  • I would, not even joking. I would buy that shit.

  • Actually, stepping on squeakers is how they make autism.

  • 🙏🏿 chocolate

  • What's scary is that I started laughing and the immediately said don't laugh right after.

  • peaches

  • 3:04

  • Idubbbz puts a poop in a mouse trap Jacksfilms fans disliked that

  • "I am a man, where's a man shirt." Was actually like the cutest thing I've ever seen

  • 3:20

  • That painting isn’t too bad, I’ve seen far worse sell for a lot

  • To be honest, painting art is all about expressing. Despite that he's ironically making it, he felt it looked "cool" or a need to do it. I actually can read something from this despite it being abunch of random shit. -The cavern being depression and uncertainty. - The things that surround him are the things he despises or feels anxiety from (I.E Trump, bugs, weed propaganda, Nazi supremacy "Ann Frank Page", death of mother earth "blooded leaf", unhealthy foods "ramen wrapper". Or just a way to express his overwhelming fear for the mail he receives from fans. - The giant spider is Idubbz, setting webs to trap him and his viewers to his content and channel while also being fully aware the bigger the net, the broader the type of audience he brings. - The bloodied spider beaten and battered to show how his content has effected him over the years - The googly eyes to show he is anxious from either fear of deciding to decend further into the depths of depression to avoid facing the content that surrounds him, or accept his fate and confront what surrounds him. That's my basic grasp of this painting. Or it could just be a fucking trash collecting spider that just got done eating a ramen hot sauce packet and he's just realizing that shit is waay to hot for him. I don't fucking know.

    • it’s inherently dadaist ur projecting

    • your observing is obviously absolutely wrong. what it really is = is a political comment. there is a black spider with black man's head looking giddy and happy, with blood in his mouth. while on the right side there is donald drumpf bleeding out of his neck, as his head is cut off. it is revenge of black people to white male president because of years of slavery and current racism. as well you can see part from anna frank's diary on the left side. it is there because there is still antisemitism in society, but ibubbbz believes it will be defeated. that is the real meaning of this deep and thoughtful art. * drops the mic *

    • Nah. While it’s a good interpretation and parallel to idubbbz, it really is just a bunch of random shit that he kept adding with no thought. He wanted to keep it symmetrical/kind of cool looking

    • Beautiful. Thank you for letting me read that autistic masterpiece

  • Hearing this depressed manlit of a balding human tell me *I* rule put a big ol' smile on my face. Thanks Ian, you rule too :)

  • Wait whats the cut on his wrist from

  • "I'm creating art, do not laugh."