Content Cop - Tana Mongeau

Birt 6 feb 2017
THX 4 WATCHIN. The the standalone tana-encounter is on the second channel:


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  • I come back here for the comments as ISchats tradition every year. ♥️

  • this man is horrible

    • nah, youre just offended

  • Yeah my teacher said the n-word while reading to us. I think it was "How to Kill a Mockingbird" I could be wrong, but once he said it no one cared because it was just a book and he was just reading a sentence. Me and my friends joked about it but we didn't really have a problem with it.

  • she looks so different without all the filler bloating her face 😭

  • We need idubbz in 2020 . We need a good police force people

  • these are greeeeeaaaaaat

  • Before the simp fever caused a fall from grace...

  • I checked this comment section to see if anyone got offended that he said the n-word with a hard r and couldn't find any

  • why does the guy at the start looks like uncle dane's weird uncle

  • We need to remember this and show it as the furture.

    • I watch this video on a weekly basis lmao



  • i fucking hate life now. i wish what we could do here is go back :(

  • This video will never not be funny af

  • i need my smirnoff ice bc tana finna be chilled to her core

  • Sometimes I come back to these content cop videos just to say “man these guys are absolute morons.”

  • I love how iDubbbz is wearing her shirt the hole video

  • Ian is like the borat of Yourube

  • I loved huckleberry fin

  • He protecc, He attacc, But most importantly, What we do here is go baccc

  • 11:33

  • I like how when you look up Tana Mangeau the highest rated videos are the ones hating on her 😂

  • Normal people: Shoulder tanna: neck

  • One of the best things in the world, it really makes me sad that these broads with 20 IQ who couldn’t pass a 8th grade litmus test are someone famous in the realm of ISchats and make good money. Her brain is full of pop culture liberal buzz words and makeup and that Twinkie is as intelligent as my one year old niece. Just kidding she’s not as intelligent as that. If this medium for them wasn’t here packed full of little kids to watch and like, she would be working fast food, lord knows there’s zero chance she would make any mark on the actual Hollywood entertainment business, comparing ISchats “stars” and Hollywood is the same as the special Olympics vs the olympics. Wow I thought she was in her late 20s she is not going to age well my lads.

  • Wait so my school is wrong?

  • He so savage

  • Tbh tana mojong is kinda dumb for not realising it was the great ean idubbbz

  • I wont comment anymore but I do watch every content cop every day and I gotta say I need mongue content


  • “Not some average blonde bimbo” *blindly supports all activist movements and encourages her fans to sheep the same opinion* Sounds pretty much like a blonde bimbo to me


  • okay so you know what it means and the history behind the word and you still say it? that’s literally so disrespectful ! and I’m surprised your not cancelled.

    • @Bill Nye the russian spy Ohh

    • @TyAna Neco Tana tweeted at idubbbz and tolled him to oof himself And said things like "If he broke both his legs and lost all his subs I'd be happy"

    • @Bill Nye the russian spy huh?

    • Well tana shouldn't have poked the bear

    • I know! Idk how that was lost on him.

  • May be late but... Tana: hE hAd HiS aRm LoCkEd ArOuNd Me

  • Top 10 Anime Revenge Plots Of All Time

  • F u tana liyn pease of crap

  • Claim your here before it gets deleted for bullying card

    • @Marilyn15 yea okay I see what you mean.

    • @Jimmy 2xs but that wasn't anything to do with bullying. He probably took them down because they were humiliating more than anything.

    • @Marilyn15 they probably will still delete it. Just like The Cake Videos by FilthyFrank

    • Sir it's been 3 years

  • Idubbz you've Mcfuckin done it you bloody legend

  • Just go to 11:50

  • “Is he gonna hurt somebody that I love” tana. YOU aRE DuMB.

  • The best part was where you suplexed her through a wall and fed her to bears 🤣🤣🤣

  • The fact this video has 34k dislikes just proves how soft people are. Guess what sensitive people of 2020, "EITHER ALL OF THEM ARE OKAY OR NONE OF THEM ARE OKAY." Take notes. He's 100% right.

  • man a shame this was posted before tanacon

  • 12:56

  • Omg I just realized. She’s a Karen. Why did it take me so long to realize? Oh well. Now I have something better to call her then just bitch

  • "I don't want to make videos if you guys are gonna turn on me!" It's working! Let's keep going!

  • Ian does so many things that I will never have nearly enough confidence for

  • *N W O R D*

  • She almost canceled her tour because Ian said the N-word Probably more sensitive than Keemstar

  • 12:58

  • He may be a simp but hes based here

  • I don’t care if idubzz says the n word it’s funny🤣

  • does anyone know what platform shes broadcasting on? ive never seen it before

  • Facebook has turned so many normal people into this dumb bitch.

  • ew, you have the creepiest smile! (pls, don't stop doing this)

  • Yoooooo I just realized this dude idubbz looks like lex luthor from Batman vs Superman

  • If you love me leeet meeeee goooooooooo

  • has Mac Miller ever even said nigga? not from what I remember. could be wrong tho

  • Her reflection on all this in that stupid podcast was beautiful

  • Moral of the story is, don't fuck with people or you might get fucked with. Simple, sweet. I like it

  • Still awesome.

  • I'm surprised this video is even still up in 2020

  • The video worked, tana mongoose is no more

  • When this came out, I literally slept with an onion under my arm so I wouldn't have to go to school.

    • Wait.. How does that work?

  • Who here in 2020 getting chills from the “WHAT WE DO IS GO BACK” also just felt like coming back to this masterpiece

  • 3 years ago and she exxagerated so hard and be queit i cant spell

  • Actually the chesse joke makes me laugh and know i feel Bad lol.



  • I agree with everything you say. Tana möbius is a mess. But just don’t say the N word man it’s a horrible word and even if you choose not to say it it stops racism just a tiny bit 💪🏽

    • no it doesn't because it's not used as an insult

    • no it doesn't?

  • why are all of the comments white people trying to get validation from black people to be able to say a slur

    • @islaxm x maybe watch the video

    • @Tactics105 maybe read my previous comments 🙄

    • @islaxm x exclusivising a word to a race is kinda racist tbh Guys look Isla Rodger is a Racist!!

    • @Captain commie & the breadline boys yes. i am absolutely saying that you dont have the right to use the n slur because you aren’t black. think about why you want to be able to use it so bad. its used to dehumanise and seperate black people from white people both historically and today by racists, so when its reclaimed by black people and used between them its fine. if a non-black person uses it, it shows that you have no knowledge of the history of the word or other slurs and just want to be able to say it because its ‘cool’ or because your feelings are hurt that black people have something that they can say that you dont

    • @dumb ass no. taking a word that was previously used in a cruel way towards you and using it yourself is reclaiming it.

  • Tana mongoose?... no no no no, tana mongeese

  • Mac Miller never said the n word like that really. If he did he would have definitely had a nigga pass.

  • Still watch this video to come back to good ole times..

    • Ahh I miss The good old times Where people like idubbzz doesn't give a fu** about what others think

  • to the tune of bill nye: tana the the sleezy bitch. tana, tana, i love being a hypocrite tana the sleezy bitch wanna talk about racism towards black people with no regards to Muslims or Jewish people? tana the sleezy bitch.

  • Hol up, I thought they didn't have hoodies...

  • how do people like idubbz???? he’s fully saying the n word i’m so confused man

  • 2:56 The Carrot Eating Pufferfish stole Ian’s line

  • Now that iDubbz hates the content cop in two years he should make a video called “Content Cop reserection”


  • “Terrified of idubbbz” ... imagine

  • jimandsam jasonnash dragonball logan speedpaint megalovania newrockstars

  • Watching this while doing homework is actually a really good idea

  • Fucking savage, you are a hero.

  • Bring back content cop back

  • When idubbbz makes a video about you: Well my career has officially ended good bye I hated it here

  • Lumpy muffin mama. Saggy tity grandma

  • It’s funny how Tana is for BLM when she being saying the N word, like how does that work

  • I'm waiting for pathetic blm people getting ready to cancel him for this vid

  • kinda feel like ur a pussy anyone that calls out a girl LMAO UR A NERD BRUH

    • He made this 3yrs ago

    • Beeig opposate chromosone doesn't make you imune to critisism

    • ? Wtf are you even saying?

  • "Sellout, average, blond, bimbo." And here we are in 2020 where she has an OnlyFans. The jokes write themselves.

  • This is already 3 years old damn

  • Surprised this is still up... with everything going on haha ill always come back to watch this gem.


  • Please make a part two of this

  • Theres also this one part where iDubbbz started WW2.

  • Idubbz is like Phoenix Wright giving valid points

  • It's still homophobic

  • The best content cop

  • Amen

  • I just wish Liberals could watch the part of this video about racism.