My portion sizes are NOT your art project - idubbbz complains

Birt 26 júl 2018
Have YOU experienced dumb portion sizes? Tell me what restaurant chains have annoying/senseless practices
Starbucks and coldstone can soak my node
MORE POINTLESS RANTS ON THE WAY. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (dont say me, or any of my series) 'idubbbztv2 is open season tho) heh heh heh
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  • I think idubbbz is sexually attracted to airsoft fatty

  • 0:57 That joke aged very poorly.

  • He stopped all controversy by having Korean generated subtitles

  • Don't shot, I ain't black

  • I agree that it's annoying, but I think idubbz assumes that it in no way drives up profits, which is actually not true. It's subconscious, but it's there.

  • It wasn’t mentioned but: I think the reason a&w’s portion sizes work is because 1. They are not literally embarrassing for the customer to say (mama burger, papa burger, etc) 2. It isn’t just “can I get the mama”, it allows the customer to be grammatically correct and 3. There is no “small medium or large” burger. So, the way they do it allows you to basically chose how much hamburger you would like, which is very convenient.

  • His jokes are way ahead of it's time

  • I’ve waited 6 months for THIS?

  • I once went to this place and the small was a baby and the medium was a medium but the large was an adult so I had to say, “can I get a watermelon baby?”

  • Also friendly reminder that neither Pat's not Geno's are the best cheesesteaks in Philly

  • Starbucks is probably the worst of all because their size names actually don't correspond with the size in question. Grande means large, except there it means medium. Venti means 20, except the medium size is actually the 20oz option.

  • The best part is you can get back at the cold stone employees that have no control over the size names by tipping any amount and they have to sing you a song.

  • I refuse to use Cold Stone's lingo. I just say small-medium-large, and the employees don't put up a fuss and know exactly what I mean every time. They have to abide by their stupid company's naming rules, but customers don't.

  • What the hell does that woman say after she says "I have money in my hand"

  • 0:40 is this the first appearance of airsoftfatty in an iDubbbz video?

  • what's the song at 5:38

  • ive been waiting 2 years for this? what a scam

  • I did not know hot dog on a stick was real. That is a funny fucking joke. They have a menu and all! I'm sorry all you faithful customers, I have no culture.

  • Love your shirt

  • I hope idubbbz is feeling better he probably sneezed his brains out with all those tissues by his computer... oh wait

  • He said I’m not black joke before it was xtra popular, nice

  • In the UK we have that with bathrooms, especially in pubs, like don't ask me whether I'm a Mallard or a Drake because, believe it or not, I'm not a fucking duck.

  • man I would love a "large penis" of strawberry icecream

  • 3:13 KNOWLEDGE

  • I’m glad Ian actually considered social anxiety in this situation

  • I'd like a sabotaged gotta have it

  • 0:42 i just watched Full Force and then i see him again in this

  • You’re attempting Andy Rooney, but you failed. Horribly. Stick to what you know. Being a cukkk.

  • how come you look like that?

  • they are doing this to condition us to forget about healthy portion sizes and trick us grab the largest portion sizes to increase profit. Its one of the most nefarious things about the system

  • someone gets it. Fina-fucking-ly

  • A large penis of strawberry. Furries, you know what to do.

  • -Can I get a medium coffee, please? -Do you mean a goobyloober canatooner? -If that means medium, then yes. That other bullshit from Philadelphia, where you need a fucking instruction manual to order is just plain stupid.

  • I'd cocktail the fucking restaurant

  • This is an aziz ansari bit...

  • Amen brother

  • Anyone 3lse see the northern irish man

  • 5:13 these like 30 seconds are fucking gold

  • have u seen role models lol

  • it's just one of the symptoms of breathing too much freedom

  • I like how he has a knife right next to his mouse

  • Coldstone don’t hold a gun to ye our head and make you say there weird size names just say small, medium, and large

  • The “please don’t shoot officer I’m not black” aged really well 🤣🤣🤣

  • I like how every person he shows from philly sounds like they had a stroke

  • This was 2 years ago??

  • The 5k+ dislikes are all Starbucks employees.

  • can i get a Grande Armee pls

  • Life hack: dont. Just say S M L i didnt even realize half the chains do this cus i just say small everytime

  • 4:22 Even worse if it does actually work, loss aversion does lead to some of the dumbest, most counterintuitive shit. I wonder if it's actually profitable to incentivize buying the smallest version though? Sure, small items are relatively most overpriced, but this isn't the kinda business where people keep stocking up as soon as they run out like with cigarettes, am I missing the point of their 9999 IQ marketing here?

  • I only just remembered being like 7 and writing a bunch of swastikas in my homework etc. cause I thought it was such a cool design, I'm really curious what my teachers' reactions were now that I'm aware of the connotations, don't seem to remember noticing any.

  • I've never heard such a petty yet relatable complaint.

  • Normally I enjoy your content, but this sounds like you're just being a little bitch.

  • 4:18 The small size being picked less than medium and large sizes because this psychological bullshit is not actually a good thing?

  • Shower arguments with my shampoo bottles

  • there is no way its been 2 years i rember when it was like 5 weeks ago

  • i say small medium or large in any restaurant or fast food place. if they correct me i say "yeah sure, whatever." and i move on with my life

  • Holy fuck 2 years ago

  • I thot it was only me who felt this way

  • I'm now forever going to call KFC bathrooms "chicken buckets"

  • Ah yes, Its Always Sunny and Jersey Shore on your body😂😂

  • Ian's basically walmart Larry David

  • I just order sml med Lrg and it’s never failed me

  • just noticed the knife moving closer as the vid progress

  • The Starbucks thing happened to me. I was waiting in line with my friends and one of them turns around asking if I knew how to order. I said “Of course, I’ve ordered beverage items before.” They kinda gave me a look before continuing on to explain the ordering system as if I’m meeting a king and I could possibly offend him in some way.

  • I instantly thought of Starbucks and their stupid "tall, grande, venti, etc" bullshit. JUST GIVE ME A FUCKIN MEDIUM SIZE DRINK, YOU FUCKTARDS.

  • if you say small, medium, large at the coldstone near me they dont even care lmao

  • I hate the fact that when I go to Starbucks I have to ask “which one is the big one”

  • I came to this exact conclusion about 6 years ago and honestly it feels way too good to walk into some shitty place that does this and ignore it all. Like trying it once, start small and get big. Go to Starbucks and tell them "Medium coffee please." It feels incredible to say and the employees don't miss a beat. Then go to philly and make them tell you what the options are. Make them tell you what kind of cheese they have. Make them explain their shitty naming convention, nice and slow, and then ignore it completely. You'll never know freedom until you tell corporations to go fuck themselves, or until you tell some kitschy place that thrives on being rude that they suck.

  • You're already walking over to an ice cream shop. Own the idiotic slang that's comes with the equally shameful act of going there in the first place.

  • who are you gonna stab daddy doobz ?

  • "Please don't shoot me officer, i ain't black "

  • F in the chat for those who thought this was new

  • What happens to the other background ik it was the demon portal

  • Sweet Dinosaurs reference!

  • Lmao "Our's"

  • Do you mean 3 charmanders. Yes.

  • Shirt sizes should be "not large," "large," and "obese"

  • damn he must really hate gender neutrality then

  • idubbbz predicted police brutality and airsoft fatty...

  • Sorry idubbz really is a simp. Can’t let it go.

    • Nah he was just following the Gentleman's Club Guide.

  • Ian just perfectly explained why being legally forced to call people their pronouns is a bad idea

  • 0:51 Yeah this fool really seems to know a lot about cutting corners and ROUNDING OFF edges

  • Hearing the joke “Don’t shoot me officer, I ain’t black!” hits different during a BLM movement.

    • It's a joke that still hasn't lost relevance.

  • Everybody say “idubbz shouldn’t be condescending to his fans” that’s his entire personality and has been since bad unboxing

  • How has idubbz not ended yet no brutal feminist here hshs nice

  • What the fuck is a wiz wit

  • 0:57 George floyed last stand Try me I donrtt care about feeling's

  • Fuck Shitty Starbs

  • lol justhem you want a small serving of ice cream the shithead stoned 16 year old knows what youre talking about

  • “Don’t shoot me officer I ain’t black” that isn’t aging very well with this black lives matter stuff I wasnt offended but other may have been

    • Jackson Caswell that’s what I was implying but I didn’t word it like that so thx for clarifying

    • It ages fine unless you’re not a good idubbbz fan

  • *_0:43_**_ and _**_0:57_**_ this where foreshadowing_*

  • Me: "hi I'd like a philly cheesesteak" Philly fucktard: "hOlY fUcK mAn rEaD tHe sIgN dO ya wANniT wiZiT oR WiT?" Me: "Oh, please, go fuck yourself"

  • No one: Epitaph: 4:14

  • This is good

  • Wiz wiTT

  • Idubbbz bedroom looks like a hotel room

  • 0:57 aged like fine wine

  • Small: vomit cake Medium: hair cake Large: human cake

  • man said meat cylinder

  • thank you for calling me beautiful