REAL Orange Troll Man - Bad Unboxing Fan Mail

Birt 13 maí 2017
In this video youtuber user, ian carter, shows us how to dance, apply makeup, and chew bubble gum. If it isn't educational enough for you, make sure to subscribe to the second channel, iancarter2. where he posts videos of ferro fluid. Orange
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  • hahahahha

  • my ex girlfriend had that eating disorder book

  • 1:49 Me saying a joke to my friends

  • Can anyone tell what package 6 was?

  • The fact he offended 3 fanbases in less than a minute deserve a like

  • 3:40 Jhon Cena just pulled a you can't see me on us

  • Sooo... Fallout movie

  • also idubbstv he has me locked in his besment please help!!!!!

  • i Got scared when he ponted the gun

  • 3:03-3:06 make me you cunternity

  • Starting music?

  • The way he moves the hair and talks about it kills me every time

  • Has anyone ever said o I sent that in the comments

  • I don't ever remember laughing at these

  • 3yr gang

  • Every episode he changes in the best ways and it alway different.

  • Noice

  • Orange Man bad!

  • It's the Uchiha clan not Sasuke clan. And it's a leaf shinobi headband, I had a lot of free time

  • In the intro with the labored breathing he sounds a bit like Bill Clinton

  • Pen proportioned penisees.*

  • Wow that’s a great keemstar impression

  • The peble said fuck this shit im ou

  • Is it just me or can you not see the cardboard cutout either

  • Find Ur Core Kid You’ll Only Understand

  • He has the same blankey as me

  • what the fuck is smoking on his desk

  • dude "da bomb" hot sauce was his like 5th kickstarter crap. he should've done a where are the now on that lol.

  • I like how every episode turnes from this 0:40 to this 8:00 in like 10 mins

  • 4:56 there’s some land tuwtutls and some wata tuwtuls

  • 3:50 Das my shit...

  • Hes the real life Joker. He is the embodiment of a comedian's slow descent into madness

  • Intro song?

  • 15000th

  • 00:02:55

  • noone me just realizing he was dancing the cerals were falling

  • ∆ /|\ / \ |. | |. | | | |. | |. | |. | |. | |. | |. | |. | |. | |. | |. | |. | |. | |. | |. |


  • Mini cancer

  • I lost all my braincells watching this

  • I love how he’s the kind of guy who will never get laid and is proud of it

  • who is that in the outro?

  • When idubbz said da bomb is “not that bad” smh 😞

  • 5:55 nUmber *18*

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if he was in L Chapo

  • shit man i cant even dance that good

  • in the beginning you sounded like dieing goat

  • nicki minaj

  • The start of this video is me

  • 7:50 new Dwight schute

  • I E njoy her jokes A ssist her T reat her right A ctually love her S pend time with her S upport her

  • 7:30 *dead*

  • 1:55 when the quiet kid tells a joke and nobody laves

  • 2:20 IM DEAD

  • your gun has no orange tip

  • 3:50 Had me dead

  • 0:06 what song is this please tell

  • A dumbass finds himself watching idubbbz at 4 in the morning

  • This video is retarded so am i

  • H

  • I am dying over here holy shit this is so funny!!!🤣

  • Now he can say he kissed joji 3:24

  • the lorax really let himself go yall

  • what is the tune at 8:15?

  • 1:54 The last thing you see before Ian Shoots at you

  • This is the best one

  • Nobody : People with scat fetish’s: 3:51

  • Poop hahahhahahahahhahahaahahahahhahhahahahahahhahahahahayyahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaaha where the fuck am i


  • Me at 3:51 when i eat said school food

  • 3:43 me when i look at school food

  • I wonder if he’s clinically insane 😂

  • Song?

  • The intro: dancing Me: what the fuck did I walk into.... Oh wait it's ian

  • “Susuke-kun”

  • He's orange beast from X-Men

  • Stop using trump in the thumbnail for clickbait.

  • I rewatch them all cause I forgot them all

  • I binged watched these videos like two years ago and was sad when I realized I had watched all of them but now that I’m watching them for a second time I don’t remember anything and they feel new

  • There's actually 31. He said 17 twice. I'm disappointed because I've seen this video about 7 times and have never noticed that before.

  • He unboxed airsoft guns in this video but if search a call indie box or something like that the same guns he gets in this video he uses in the video for years ago

  • To think I’ve been subbed to this guy for 6 years

  • Now that looks like a guy who just got fucked

  • He looks like a dutch football fan

  • 6:25 lol imagine him saying that on hot ones

  • Box 12 is good

  • ads on an idubbbz video?? wtf

  • 1:50 joker 2019

  • How do I favorite

  • He oddly reminds me of Dwight Kurt Schrute from the office us.

  • 1:16 pretty funny wanted a timestamp

  • Who else is just watching old videos from ISchatsrs because you don’t have nothing to fucking do?

  • sasuku - kun from the hillbilly clan

  • I die when he gets angry about incest

  • Omg he said 17 two time 😈

  • very nice

  • Anyone else feel like he's the type of person to comment "this is not funny." On people's videos

  • If orange is the new black then idubbbz really can say the N-word

  • still waiting for the blue and red video :(

  • 2:22 dailey dose?!?!?!?!?!