Birt 8 mar 2016
By the look of jinx's channel he is falling in to crippling depression. 1 like = 1 flower on some random nigga's tombstone
Philadelphia vlog later in the week.
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  • idubbz actually put a hat on a random grave lol

  • Does that guy live there just to cheer on people climbing the steps in the movie? What a legend.

  • is it boxing or mma

  • I like minions

  • rip jonx

  • Jinx is a little bitch.

  • Watch out bro Jinx is a fitness “connoisseur” now

  • Who else scrolled all the way down just to see good content😔

  • Kinda wanna meet that guy and have him amp me up for working out

  • You may be a lanky bean pole, but you got moxie kid.

  • 1:31 i like how easy it is to see what he's saying

  • Thought that was Badlands chugs cheering

  • What a monster

  • So apparently he wanted to stage it and jinx didn't wanna stage nothin lol dunno how true it was but yeah

  • Ik this dumbass did not just say nigga!!!!fuck your channel

  • I love idubbz but you took a L for trying to fake a fight and making it this big back then😂 technology you were the pussy?

  • Back then, this was our Jake paul vs Ksi

  • Watching this now is fucking hilarious, I miss these days

  • Jinx pulling the uno reverse card

  • Hell yeah

  • That dude saying "hell yeah" grew to become the same person saying "let's go champ" in the ksi vs Logan matches

  • Just imagine dying and years later someone places a bucket hat on your grave. I'd feel blessed.

  • idubbbz, convince him to resume the fight

  • im still waiting for the fight

  • I feel bad for the random persons grave

  • RIP jinx

  • Hell yeah you doin it good buddy

  • Did some research and the nigga who now has a bucket hat on his grave is Jacob Steinmetz Thorn, a steel manufacturer who was born on August 3rd 1836 and died on March 3rd 1910. RIP lil nigga😔

  • Heyyyy march 4th is my birthday :")

  • It’s little Mac and Doc Louis

  • I guess you can say Jinx badly _unboxed_ this match.

  • Never forget the time when Ian actually pulled up

  • I think hes a cereal killer

  • I think he saw Ian training and was like “his power level... it’s oVER NINE THOUSAND

  • Bruh

  • He still needs it

  • The original ISchats boxing before KSI vs Logan Paul

  • Shannon Briggs

  • He’s used the word n*gga for jinx twice now and their not done cleverly so it seems as if iDubbbz actually doesn’t care if it’s racist

    • @Jett’s Dad Died Yes

    • Cuzz Nation And that makes it justified?

    • Jett’s Dad Died Idubbbz believes in freedom of speech so of course he doesn’t care. Whether you accept it or not, hate speech is still free speech

  • Instead of let’s go champ we got good job buddy

  • So was the title clickbait lol. It said jinx gets put to sleep. I assumed that meant jinx lost the fight but all well

  • Hell yeah. Your doing it good buddy. Great job!

  • Crazy how Idubbbz was doing ISchats boxing 3 years before it was mainstream. Even had a prototype Shannon Briggs shouting for him. Ahead of his time.

    • Babs ksi and logan paul are human garbage

    • Idubbbz and Jinx walked so that KSI and Logan Paul could run

  • Who the fuck pussies out of a fight with idubbz, hes got noodle arms

    • @No No naah I ain't saying anything he didn't show up I love I dubbz he did really work hard for the video but it all in good humor. But tbh the guy was in military so in real life he might have beat him up according to me. And also that guy's and all reaction channel's contents suck ass

    • @DewPieDie "dude literally didn't show up to a fight so the guy that did is the pussy" yeah that makes sense.

    • Well he was in military we all knew what was gonna happen if he went to the fight

  • before ksi vs logan paul there was idubbbz tv vs jinx

  • "HOOOOOOOOO! When you bite the peach, the peach bites back" "MGNHMNGMHNGMHNGMNHSADMGNHMNGHMNH" -iDubbbzTV 2016

  • The fact that idubbbz has been saying Nigga and faggot from the start and hasn't had a controversy is legendary it's like nobody gives a fuck , godbless you ian dubbbz

  • Did you go to some random grave yard and put that hat on some random grave?

  • Idubbbz is definitely the kind of guy who eats Nerd Ropes.

  • I wonder how the Hell Yeah guy is doing

  • Rocky Balboba tea

  • Please work on your technique because it hurts and you have potential.

  • *Jinx has entered the chat* *Admin - iDubbbzTV has entered the chat* *Jinx has been put to sleep* *Admin - iDubbbzTV changed Jinx's name to Jonx* *Jonx has left the chat*

  • Idubbbz is actually good at boxing not gonna lie

  • jinx back

  • Jonx is bitchmade

  • Rest in peices

  • Jinx is a pussssssssssyyyyyyyy

  • When ever I saw that guy cheering on Ian I just thought GREAT JOB MAC

  • Time and time again I come back to this video just to remember how much of a pussy jinx was.

  • I don’t know if I would be happy my grave was featured in an idubbbz video or mad that he put an emoji bucket head on my headstone

  • 0:57 he looks like black Shrek

  • that push-up form though...yuk

  • “Pan it back” the trainer is absolute gold.

  • The part where a random black man starts cheering on Ian training for his dumb boxing match with Jinx is one of my favorite moments in ISchats history

  • The black dude adds so much credibility to this.

  • He went full force. Never go full force, Ian.

  • Don’t do a skit at a fucking graveyard Mate

  • Idubbbz predicted the future

  • These niggas so pussy i get hard when i see them

  • just this guy called idubbzzz peter pan xD ? i died !

  • Totally thought the guy from 1:18 was the phony WRIF DJ that met Rob Welchek lol

  • Conformed idubz was the first to box

  • 1:13 "Point it back to me...."

  • BREAKING NEWS: Jinx has recently said that he would fight IDubbbz as long as both of them were paid for the fight.

  • LLJ

  • Had to rewatch to remember what happened.

  • Just came back to watch this video.. Imagine if some random guy came up to your grave and placed a bucket hat on it that would be epic

  • Imagine you see Idubzzz putting a bucket hat on your grandpappy’s headstone lol

  • this dumb bitch.. you actually trained.

  • August 2019? This god can destroy any channel

  • I just got recommended this shit

  • Method actor Dubbbz

  • hell yeah

  • This makes me sad since I had a cat named Jinx and we had to put him to sleep.

  • Ksi stole idubbbz idea

  • I’m mad at you! You shoulda beat the fuck outta keem bitch ass!

  • Jinx done Jinxed himself

  • Yo they got Doc Lewis in this

  • The original ISchatsr boxing match

  • Who?

  • good video

  • Some people say the old black man is still there.

  • Shits hella disrespectful to put that fucking hat on sombody grave

  • Jonks woz da poosi boi

  • That black dude he met is a legend

  • Niggas back in 2016 be like

  • Music?

  • epic movie

  • best time of yt