dumb monopoly prizes ($1 OFF SALSA!!!!)

Birt 14 maí 2020

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  • What is the music?

  • stomp promoding gamblung eedoubles

  • Hello ian can we get a full season.

  • I did this one time and walked out with like a free 2 and a half dozen

  • this is one of my favourite videos i’ve seen in months i love it

  • For those curious, the binary at 5:01 decoded into ASCII is: "fuck this camera" Binary for copying: 01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100011 01100001 01101101 01100101 01110010 01100001

  • ok simp

  • En we both have a beerd and now shave yours and grow both

  • Man...I don't even like you anymore. I'm not even going to Google your naked girlfriend cause I really don't care. And I'm not giving you the satisfaction.

  • 75 cents off dude

  • Simp

    • @S0VIETJERRY its incredibly sad

    • Imagine just commenting simp on every video

  • I am w i n n n i n g, daaaad! - winning son

  • 1:09 You were on the verge of greatness

  • thanks for including AUD rates 🤙

  • This feels like a really sad version of Max's Coles mini items video

  • You're supposed to rip off the top and bottom. See how they have those little perforation dashes?

  • It hurts so much when he says 50 percent off instead of 50 cents

  • Yr too rich to do this. Yr channel get u money

  • Ian called Steve in smash

  • Still waiting for the next monopoly grocery coupon reveal

  • Just slap Monopoly brand name onto a promotion with no correlation to Monopoly whatsoever.

  • Say hello to your bull for me icuckkk

  • People still butthurt about the simp shit lol

  • don't give a fuck

    • @Martín. oh i was subscribed to this channel! good looking out though! byeeee

    • why are you here then

  • Glizzy for sale

  • You can probably get a cheap barcode scanner to enter them quicker oh ok I live in the UK and I made the comment before I saw the app screen

  • iSimpTv

  • I tried to buy an airconditioning unit cause it's really hot but the shop didn't have any acs, only fans.

  • Ah, yes, donut dollars

  • I spent hours on these..... I think I got like a $5 credit once....

  • Missing a reference to the children's slot machine.

  • I'm on acid and this is the funniest shit I've seen in a long time

  • Undertale music

  • This video gives me motivation to live

  • Ian, I play the monopoly as well. Next time you go to the grocery store make sure you ask for the monopoly board. Then you can stick the little pieces onto the board - last year I won $10 doing it.

  • i feel like his channel is going to die or he quits like filthy Frank, and I’m scared that that’s gonna happen

  • Literally don't give a fuck what you film, I'll watch.

  • I'm glad your channel is dying you S.I.M.P And I hope she leave you after being broke af

    • Why the fuck are you still on this channel?

  • I can say only one word adout it: *sans.*

  • i came a little when he got the triple mystery bonus

  • Cashier. Do you want a bagel or Doughnut sire? Dub. Yes

  • ian pees sitting down

  • Albertsons has this same thing, I work there and I had to hand these dumb tickets out to everyone every day lol.

  • When you run out of Video ideas

  • r u fuking kidding he got like 75 cents off that bs

  • He seems like a sad old man struggling with money

  • I want him to be offensive and say the n word and be mean again :(

  • 0:23 cause why not

  • This is the worst idubbbz vid

  • b

  • simp

  • remember the I want to die meme

  • I heard idubbz is a super simp. Is this true?

  • glizzy hat

  • I love the animal crossing background music

  • Max if he was a single mom

  • I like sugar too Ian, so relatable

  • Oh shit that’s Bobby Duke’s wire bonsai! So he didn’t just send a ball of scrap after all

  • ianmofoe opens monopoly tickets.mp4 he even has the door intro.

  • We want bad unboxing and content cops!

  • Simp.

  • Idubbz the boss

  • Spoiler: He doesn't get a charizard

    • But does he get a vantage krizskractk for crasmas

  • I work at Randall’s (Safeway) so yeah the game this year has more winners bc last year hardly anyone won shit. I remember this one lady had a 97$ order and she ended up spending 64 cents with all the damn coupons it took me 12 minutes to scan.

  • haha free bottle of vinegar. Delightful.

  • 01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100011 01100001 01101101 01100101 01110010 01100001 Fuck this camera

  • Very great. Really appreciate. Wish very good luck.

  • S I M P


  • Rip steve

  • no one’s gonna talk about the animal crossing music??

  • Tosser. You are weak and pathetic.

  • That sonic music was a *choice* selection for the slot machine.

  • Content

  • Omg salsa

  • your wife's boyfriend must be proud of you!

    • Imagine just being this pathetic

  • pls shave ur beard it's shitty


  • Omg, I cannot stop laughing @ 8:15 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bruh, 75 cents off a DVD rental? LMAOOOO

  • Love the Bobby Duke bonsai tree.

  • Simp

  • Yo what the fuck I wanted to see him go to the store and get the vinagre and doughnuts

  • Or you die as a hero Or you live enought to see yourself hated by leafy fanboys and become a unboxing channel.

  • I once got 7 percent off a European rental code

  • SIMP

    • Junillump wow fuck you calling idubbbz a simp just for attention fuck you 🖕

    • I’m kidding I really respect Idubbz I just want attention.

  • Ian.. what the fuck is this?

  • Poor Steven 1 like is one Diamond found for Steve 👇

  • You just don't have the same energy you used to have. Fuckin eh.

  • Was that the worlds largest popper!?

  • How gambling addictions start

  • This is actually a paid sponsorship to encourage IDUBBBZ's audience to shop at whatever place this is.

  • lowkey i really enjoyed this video lmao

  • wait, so steve was the simp king and we didnt know?

  • Are you ever going to another cotunt Cup

  • The binary at 5:00 = "fuck this camera" lolol

  • Poor man's "McMillions."

  • When does bad unboxing come back?

  • transition to screen was godly

  • this is an unbelievable waste of time. I'd rather work for one hour and make more money than these coupons would save me.