LEGIT FOOD REVIEW - Dumpster Chicken (Ft. H3H3)

Birt 7 sep 2016
Link to H3H3's video is below. Apologies for not doing a complete review. The wind picked up and ruined the audio quality. Next time I'll bring a wind sock.
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  • How is he still alive

  • Why am i watching this well having dinner and i had to have chicken for dinner

  • Michael has let himself go

  • Like fuzz

  • Sees grown man and his special needs son walking away from kindergarten with crowbars being filmed

  • The girl are pussys the boys eat chicken that was in the sewers

  • 2:09 like, you came to my fucking house and you said BLaAh

  • I’m concerned for idubbbz sometimes...

  • I want idubbbz's shirt so badly

  • Ian definitely has HIV after this video

  • "I just have a talented chicken-nose" lol

  • legit got hungry watching this

  • 4:37 he has the chicken container in his hands

  • I wonder how sick they get after these videos

  • Ian, you better be getting money for these adds I'm watching

  • Wtf!!!!! That’s edgy af!!!

  • 7:32 soundtrack?

  • porno

  • What am I watching.

  • Imagine being that guy and seeing two dudes carrieng crow bars and walking on the side of a school

  • Disgusting

  • Idubbbz: gags when people send him shit in the mail Also Idubbbz: Voluntarily eats pickles, chicken, and moldy strawberry out of storm drains, dumpsters and sewers

  • I love p I c c l e s :)* *eddited*

  • *piccles :0*

  • Imagine going to your car and seeing a bunch of fucking chicken splattered on it.

  • What the fuck did I just watch : l

  • corona virus after watching this video : aight imma gtfo

  • *"I'll take you there P A P A B E A R"*

  • Nowadays corona

  • you came to my house and said: BLÄÄÄÄÄHHH

  • bruh

  • Why girls live longer then boys

  • Ian:this is standard level shit Me:*vomits*

  • these vids are so 🤮🤮 that it is kinda funny XD

  • Wtf dude. That strawberry scene fucked me up...

  • I already had too many questions in my mind. Now there's even more!

  • I got a Gordon Ramsey ad.

  • How much is your medical bill?

  • These 2 guys are like the kids in the playground that do crazy shit like climb trees and eat the moldy fruits. We all had them.

  • This man has my respect

  • How come this video Gave me an urge to eat chicken?

  • THIS right here is how COVID started

  • Is it bad that this made me hungry that chicken sure looks delicious

  • i am not scared of many things, but, but this *thing* (ian) scares me

  • I don’t know why but I find Ian’s shirt hilarious. I really want to make a shirt like that one day

  • 2:13 sounds like spongebob tasting gary's food

  • And then Ethan's door broke

  • ohh my fuqing godd i cracked soo hardd 2:12

  • The day I see chicken rain out of sewers is the day I'm jumping in them.

  • H3h3 looks exactly like big z

  • I dont know how you don't get sick from this stuff especially after eating that damn strawberry i felt all light headed and like I was gonna puke

  • Just walks by and sees two men in the sewer eating chicken

  • That fucking strawberry man

  • Song In Ending Name Pls.

  • Holy shit 1:00 *look at the size of that dumper*

  • This shit is insane.....

  • I got a ad about sex on this vid 😂

  • One of my fav series of videos on ISchats😂 seen them all so many times!

  • 3:40 is when i realised what the fuck it is that im watching

  • Back when h3h3 wasn't cancer

  • You deserve more views on your channel your better than pewdiepie

  • I remember being 13 watching this shit and actually thinking they found a random rotisserie chicken in the sewer

  • And Salmonela2

  • Idubbz invented hepatitis D

  • I almost hurled watching this

  • This is one of the stupidest videos I have ever seen but god... It's beautiful

  • Lesson Learned: never ask Ian how edgy he is.

  • 1:31 the way he says is that shit water will never be said again

  • This whole time and I didn’t know his shirt said “please help me”

  • Title should instead be: “Grown Men Eat Chicken in a Sewer”

  • "There is a kindergarten in progress"

  • The rust on vsaouse miakels pants had me dying

  • I got futurama vibes haha

  • This is pretty much me and my freind when we were five

  • Ian has sewer fetish

  • Me and my stupid friend hanging out.

  • how many fucking diseases do you have

  • 4:03 imagine if it was you driving passed idubbz in a "please help me" shirt, and ethan just crawling out of a sewer pipe. The people who drove passed probably will never understand.

  • This made me vegan

  • You can already imagine how many diseases Ian has

  • This is a classic

  • Coronavirus is dangerous

  • i tried this and found a body!! so delicious

  • Just imagine being a kindergartener and seeing grown men in a gutter eating chicken

  • Imagine being chicken who was raised in a farm and then killed and shipped to america to be cooked and eaten in the sewers with virgins

  • No wonder he has cancer

  • Idubbbz definitely not a bitch

  • Imagine being that guy in the red shirt and seeing to guys holding crowbars

  • 0:06 they look like they want to die

  • U in car driving: Seeing chicken fly out of the sewer U: what in the hell

  • The beach episode

  • People ask how he got cancer

  • Back when you could eat that stuff without starting a pandemic

  • Almost made me throw up from seeing him eat the strawberry

  • Idubbz the fucking strawbeery

  • Careful in 2021 people say the sewer chicken tribes will arise to the surface and go back and free their brethren

  • Ya know I would be concerned about food waste, but after seeing Ian eating a rotten ass grody strawberry, my concern has shifted focus.

  • You guys remember when h3 used to be funny?

  • golden days of H3

  • How the fuck he still alive after eating a fucking chicken from a sewer and a strawberry from the garbage