Hypebeasts can (and should) SUCK my left nut - idubbbz complains

Birt 14 des 2018
I really hope t-series beats pewdiepie.
Also, if you are a youtube 'manual reviewer'. "nut" is short for 'pecan/walnut/peanut/etc'
P.S.: to those who are Keeping it #TIGHT. I just want you to know, you are da real ones.
P.S.S. If you are a long-time viewer. My sincere thanks goes out to you for sticking it out with me. 2019 will not disappoint.
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P.S.S.S. hypebeasts rest in peace, i will torch your expensive clothing. forget fashion all I need is a good gaming headset.


  • Imagine just seeing some man with a hammer and some junk around them with a camera in a thunderstorm while in a helicopter as they point the camera towards you

  • 4:38 we not gonna talk about the n bomb he casually dropped?

    • N-bomb? You mean the word nigger?

  • you should eat soup in the rain btw: nice vid

  • Their outfits look like the LGBTQ flag (Nothing wrong with being gay or bi)

  • They prob would

  • Nooo not fuckig Chumly

  • This was some funny shit

  • Why is no one saying something about how hawt iDubbbz looks? Especially in the rain... hmm~

  • Did you really have to say the n word tho ?

  • watching idubbbz rip on that European kid was the funniest shit i’ve seen in a while

  • 4:38?????????????

  • Really appreciate this being filmed in rain just cuz you don't care lol. I own a fursuit and I've only worn her in public twice after getting her like a week ago. I went out in public withe her to see other people's reactions. With the coronavirus, all meetups and cons are closed, so I can't really show her off to the people who would really want to check her out, and I needed a second opinion of her. People were asking for pictures and complimented her tho, and it was enough for me to bond with her even more.

  • its not really cool if you still bought it with your parents money lmao. damn why am i here again

  • I wear expensive clothing but it’s because I follow the designers and watch their runways. I like fashion. I want to be a designer and have my own clothing line one day. Make it affordable but still high end. But my point is I’m not a pussy and I wear my shoes n shit and if they got dirty..oh well. Most expensive shoe I own rn is the OW converse and I wear them almost every day. I have a beat pair of Yeezys that I run and work out in. Not the best for running but still comfortable lol

  • What the hell I thought I liked this video.

  • 3:31 is that rice gum? 😂

  • that title is cool

  • idubbbz is joining us nerds of the world, he sees the light

  • I bet u regret making that corona joke now huh

    • It’s actually krona I kno


  • Sal and Buddy Pranky

  • Thanks for shouting out the norwegian currency

  • I feel like every video I have to think this, but this video is so iconic.

  • Shaq is going to fuckey

  • 8:20 this man predicted corona

  • 4:38 *I kinda forgot Ian says the n-word there.*

  • My buddy once told me he wanted to wear his hat since it was bright out but said he couldn’t because it would fade it

  • 5:15 ikr, Gods only wear togas and you know it.

  • this hama ? no... its ma hama niga

  • I love u u will ask me to marry u im manifesting the shit rn what r u up to

  • Who still here 2020

  • Even the most durable clothing is only a 100 buck or so. And I'm not talking about stupid north face or Patagonia. Carhart and dickies! And if you need clothing to be better then normal durability is about the only reason to pay more. Still if you pay 25-35 bucks for a t cuz it's your fav band that's cool cuz its support. But yea.

  • Idk the fart sound got me... lol

  • Nothing wrong with buying designer brands, but you shouldn’t buy something just because it’s designer brand. Buy what actually looks good

    • But what looks good isn’t worth the absurd amount these hype beast brands cost, they’re literally laughing while people drop £100+ on a t shirt they probably payed £3 max to make

  • How much is that Norman Bates fit though Ian

  • He said "so you can get robbed" how tf he know what I was thinking. I would really rob them kids.👺

  • Goes rock climbing “damn I have my 36080 Nike Kanye fuck 3908 we have to for back to my mansion sorry guys”

  • If I buy my 12 year old kid a 1200$ T-shirt he will have to go on hormonal therapy so little bastard won't growout of his clothes in 5 months.

  • Why is it looked down on when men actually take an interest in clothes. Leave them alone.

    • -Interest in clothes -Spending insane amounts of money on overpriced clothes for the point of them being overpriced Pick one

  • Anyone else realize that this video has changed like five times

  • Hey Ian, was wondering if your stance on helicopters still stands?

  • i love the little smirk when he says we should use "fucky" more. "its kinda funny. **smirk** its kinda fucky"

  • This is mahh hammer nigga

  • you are very sexy

  • this is Idubbbz, don't pretend your better than air soft fatty or Ice cream man, (Dax Flame). That stuff sucks. this is funny. Making a 50 min video with the conclusion Dax Flame is an enigma is LAME AF. just saying ian, before you yourself are in Dax's position.

  • Since I play basketball it’s kind of impossible to avoid buying shoes so I’ve grown into liking sneakers but I’ve never gotten people bragging about how much money it is. I’m in college btw so I buy all my shit and I only buy expensive clothes that I legitimately love

  • Love the norse in the 9th ward reference

  • Dont forget People Who use their hats over their ears

  • 8:14 Ian was warning us all along...

  • “Yeez its” I fucking lost it

  • So idubbz just has the n word pass and pewdiepie loses his career over it cool

  • 4:37 is that a sick animation reference!?

  • Omg iDubbz said Nigga!!! I’m sooo enraged!!! Cancel him nowwwww!!!! Attaaaaaaaaaaackkkkk!!!!!

  • Nigga

  • Hov hov kroner!!!! *når man hører lidt dansk et eller andet sted*

  • mob mentality, they all just want to fit in

  • this are kindy fucky

  • Hi, simp

    • Hehehaha he said the funny word, give this man reddit gold.

    • No one cares anynmore hahahahah

    • Imad it's getting kind of sad now.

  • What about joji doing sneaker shopping

  • 1 pair of yeezits are worth like 8 pairs of sketchers

  • No one ask why there was a man hanging on for his life on the “helicopter overhead”

  • i would buy that wet log off of you just because you held it in your hands while using that accent

  • Not wanting a rain jacket to get wet vs not wanting a nice pair of shoes to get dirty is an incorrect comparison.

  • Shoes are shoes, clothes are clothes. Why the fuck is this a thing. Kids these days.

  • Kanye: ain’t gone happ... Now running for president. Nice.

  • Joe and sal pranky. Lolll.

  • THIS IS SUCH A GOOD VIDEO, YOUr movements are really good

  • 4:36

  • i like the part when he says something then slams something twice in a repeated pattern

  • I hope Ian revisits this topic, he didn’t go hard enough on those stupid little virgins

  • “Using objects counter to their intended purpose” there is a word for that. It’s not ascension. It’s regression. It’s like air pods with the safety cord

  • 2:14 Cool transformers reference

  • Yooooo idubbbz got the down syndrome shoes

  • Mustafa Elsokari would be proud of that reference, Ian.

  • i liked the hammer joke.

  • Micro Penis 7eruo

  • Knocked Loose made a great song on this very subject: D.T.A.H.

  • You know what really grinds my gears?...

  • 0:47 I think there was a dog’s soul in that plastic bottle.

  • 4:37

  • This video made me SHIT

  • I been saying fukky for ages now

  • The sickanimation reference gets me every time.

  • Eeeesh Sushi trash does that his mate 😬

  • the only white man with an n-word pass at birth

  • He sed n wurd

  • Simp

    • @Alex Gautreaux imagine your only argument and rebuttal being "simp"

    • @Alex Gautreaux looks like your learned the word simp last week. Expect you dont know what it means.

    • @Rat Boy you one too

    • Stfu

  • Some retard payed 250 for a jacket with my middle school Myspace background on it

  • 4:38

  • The ending he was just sayin corona man

  • newYoRk

  • Why did he look so thic at the begining

  • 5:01 "Gucci pants 1,150 pounds" *Proceed to put 1,150 dollars*

  • Sneaker shopping is the male equivalent of a lady buying high heels.

    • No because women don’t drop £500 on some high heels 😂

  • Is this video part of a manifesto?

  • 2:20 *when JoJi goes on it* damn the betrayal

  • Can I have the right one?

  • Idubbz will be a savage grandpa giving his grandchildren mango Juul pods

  • i've dipped all my clothes in molten gold, therefore, i should be the coolest kid on the block. hopefully i won't die from hyperthermia before i can show my friends how much money i've wasted on clothes that don't matter.

  • Imagine knowing you are a total failure of a parent giving your kids £5000 clothing. I would straight up kill myself there and then